Monster Integration - Chapter 1666 - Thirty-Seven Days

Chapter 1666 - Thirty-Seven Days

Chapter 1666 - Thirty-Seven Days

It had been thirty-seven days since the Engine incident, more than a month since the curfew had been imposed. It was the longest curfew ever invoked in the Devil's Gate in the past hundred years.

The feed is filled with complaints from the people, and there have been few incidents. It is not easy to cage thousands of emperors in a house for a long period, especially the criminals who could not be contained in one place.

Many exploded, but tyrants have suppressed them within minutes; though they did kill not people, what they did was quite scary; they streamed it live as a warning.

Seeing the punishments of people, even the craziest Emperors became sober, and no huge incidents have occurred.

While the city may be silent, the forest is not; Ashlyn had been in the forest for all this while, and in the past month, she had seen more than a hundred Tyrant battles; they were happening in every corner of the forest.

Ashlyn had seen nearly fifty Tyrants from both sides, and few of them had even died. It is hard to kill the Tyrants, but they can be killed; I had seen them got killed and know how much strength I would be needed if I wanted to kill one.

Something strange had happened in the forest two days ago; all the Tyrants, be it humans or Grimm Monsters, have disappeared. Not a single one of them remained, and it is likely related to the missive I had received a few hours ago.

The curfew had finally ended; correctly, it will end tomorrow morning. All the residents have been asked to be present at the Adventure Plaza in the morning.

While this past month had been prison to the other people, I was quite happy to get such a long break. It had given me huge time to study and work on my Inheritance.

The Tyrant upgrade is not easy; the knowledge requires for it is immense that even now, I do not have a full idea about creating a complete Tyrant upgrade, but as I study more, I get closer to my goal.

The seven books that Hidden Being has provided me are a treasure; there is so much knowledge filled in them that one could feel hundreds of libraries with them; they contain concepts that are wonderous and out of the world and very difficult to understand.

It is good I have Inheritance s.p.a.ce where I could read them, where time flows much slower. If it It not for that, then I would have needed near a year to study what I had studied.

It is not the seven books I had studied; I also studied the book on celestial Inheritance, the example of Inheritance it has int. Those Inheritances are extremely good, very polished.

I felt regretful to say that my current Inheritance is below their standards. Compare to their powerful, efficient, and clean design, my is an absolute mess.

While now it is a mess, a less mess than before since I am following the rules. The Tyrant upgrade will be powerful, efficient, and clean, far more than the design shown in the book; I will make sure of it and continue working on it, no matter how much time it took me.

As I finished with my dinner, I clean the dishes before going toward the training room.

I summoned my sword, not an original sword but a sword that Sam used, but I made it even heavier than my sword's weight for the training.

I had seen how one's combat skills matters when the battle between equally powerful opponents played out.

The first real Tyrant battle I saw between Black Moon lady and Black Mamabaman; both of them had about the similar level of strength, but if the Black Mambaman is not such skilled with its sword, it would have not able to stop the arrows that appeared inches away from its heart.

Real skill requires experience, hard work, and consistency; I have experience, and I am working hard consistently, and as long as I continued to do that, I will have the skills I need.

I practiced with a sword for two hours till every article of clothing I am wearing had drenched in sweat.

I put my sword back in me and walked to the shower, where icy cold water cascade on my body. After such intense practice, the bath of the icy cold water felt extremely good.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked into my room wearing new clothes and laid on my bed before closing my eyes which had remained closed for little more than two hours before they opened again with obvious tiredness in them.

My mind felt sleepy, but I resisted as I always did and took out a tome, and a few seconds later, my consciousness had seeped inside me.

The tome is a rare treasure of learning energy manipulation and soul manipulation, which I had recently after I had mastered a seven-hundredths recipe. Now the cooking is not all about energy manipulation but also soul manipulation.

The dishes will not only satiate the body but also the soul; only the teacher had reached this far, and even she was not able to get much far in it, and I could understand why.

The being inside the tome had said that I need a crucial understanding of the soul, and until I understood it, I would not be able to master the recipe.

"Another failure," I said an hour later; I sighed and closed the tome before putting it into my storage. It looks like I would not get that crucial understanding of the soul by practicing madly; I will need to do something different, and I have no idea what.