Monster Integration - Chapter 1663 - Tyrants Vs Tyrants III

Chapter 1663 - Tyrants Vs Tyrants III

Chapter 1663 - Tyrants Vs Tyrants III

The appearance of Black Manmbam had shocked everybody; even Grimm Monsters did not seem to know it was hiding there and what shocked people even more is a mark of circle and ax on the armor of Black Mambaman.

The Razing Legion.

Just like the Black Moon Corps, The Razing Legion is one Elite force of Grimm Race, in control of Grimm High Council; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are very powerful, and they are equal to Black Moon Corps in power or slightly more seeing they have higher numbers.

'What the h.e.l.l is going on?' I ask myself. The members of Black Moon Corps and Razing Legion rarely appear in the open, and whenever they do, they never reveal themselves, but now they are openly showing themselves.

As the Black Mambaman appeared, a smile appeared on the Black Moon lady's face, and a longbow appeared in her hand. It seemed to be made of some king delicate white wood; it looked very beautiful.

The bow just appeared in her hand; she did not pull a string or aim it; she just took it out to make a statement; of course, she is going to use it, with all these powerful Tyrants gathered, there will be a battle.

Both sides continue to stare at each other before Mamabaman said something which drew out an angry response from the Black Moon lady, and she said something pointing at Black Mambaman, which drew out angry response from it, but it was not directed at the Black Moon lady but at the three Grimm Monster who was placed Engin thing in the ground yesterday.

It is likely angry due to them being discovered; I could think him say, 'You all have one thing to do, and you can even do that right,' The Black Mamabaman looked at them for a few seconds before again looked at Black Moon lady and said something.

This time, the Black Moon Lady did not waste time responding to it; a beautiful blue, green armor appeared on my body which had covered her to her, and her longbow began to s.h.i.+ne faintly as she lifted it aimed.

As she pulled the string, the arrow a green arrow formed in the strings which left the bow as she released the string.

The arrow was so fast that I was only able to catch a glimpse of it when it was released from the bow before it disappeared and appeared right before the Black Mambaman and pierced through its c.h.e.s.t.

No Blood came out of its wound as it did not pierce through it; what I saw is an arrow piercing the after image, the Mambaman had dodged the attack.

Mambaman appeared behind the Black Moon lady and swing its glowing green sword against her. I saw it decapitating her neck, which again turned out to be phantom as the Black Moon lady appeared a hundred meters back and she shot back to back to two arrows

One arrow had gone toward the Snow Werewolf while the other went toward the Black Mambaman.

The horror couldn't help but appear on its face as it moved to dodge the attack. Its a good thing; it had the presence of mind to activate its s.h.i.+elds when two top dogs begin to fights, but whether it will able to help it or not remains to be seen.

The Black Mambaman did not think the Snow Werewolf will able to dodge the attack as it moved to help it but stopped immediately as it found the Black Moon lady shooting one arrow after another in its direction.

It seemed to immediately discard the thought of saving the Snow Werewolf and focused on saving itself, and while it happened, the arrow had pierced through Snow Werewolf.

Its defensive method had torn apart like paper before the arrow pierced through its body, creating a huge hole.

The injury is extremely serious, but it was not able to kill it on the spot. It had moved enough that instead of piercing through its c.h.e.s.t, it had pierced through the right side of it, saving the heart by inches.

Still, the arrow had created a huge hole in its c.h.e.s.t which is double the size of an a.d.u.l.t palm; not to forget the injury is not healing; it seemed to be expanding.

It is a quite shocking scene, seeing the vitality Grimm Monster has; all the injuries they received healed very quickly, but this attack by Black Moon Lady, doing the opposite, so one can imagine the power behind it.

It seemed to make the Black Mambaman very angry, and it leaped at Black Moon lady in ferociousness. Its movements became invisible that fight from then on became near invisible to me.

I could only catch the snipped now and then when they stayed on the one spot for too long, but one thing is clear, the Black Moon lady is dealing with Mambaman just fine.

While her attack may not be able to touch it, its attack also was not able to do anything to it; she seemed completely fine.

Though they might able to deal with any attack that came from each other, any attack from monsters from above will give them a deal or take them very close to death like the Snow Werewolf.

As time pa.s.sed, the destruction begins to spread around; each arrow that missed would destroy hundreds of trees; in just a minute of starting the battle, the kilometers area of the fight had been destroyed.

Even Tyrants below who are watching like the headless chickens had drawn back from the immediate area of the fight, fearing they might get targeting by the other party as the Snow Werewolf did.

That was a wise decision on their part.

The only area that wasn't destroyed by the Tyrants is where the Engine this is; both parties consciously avoided targeting that area.