Monster Integration - Chapter 1658 - Chased By A Squirrel

Chapter 1658 - Chased By A Squirrel

Chapter 1658 - Chased By A Squirrel

I have seen what they did, and I have to tell somebody. The first person that came to my mind is a teacher, but I immediately discarded that throught.

Though the secure network that I use to contact the teacher is safe, there is still a chance some people might monitoring it, and if someone who is monitoring it turned out to be a spy, then the first thing it would do is to kill me.

Though it might not happen, I still don't want to take the risk, and there are other ways, some of which are provided by the teacher herself for such scenarios.

I thought through the multiple options before choosing one; it is the best I could think. It is an old way to alert the Tyrants and transmit the information to them without getting discovered, and the amazing thing is that the traitorous b.a.s.t.a.r.d would not be able to do anything.

As I had made the decision, my tense body had relaxed; I had been on edge for quite a while, now I felt slightly relaxed.

Though I had made the decision, I am not in a hurry to inform the others. I am sure the traitor b.a.s.t.a.r.d is keeping on things; if the truth came out, I did not want to be on a suspect list.

It had been barely fifteen minutes since the Grimm Monsters and humans left, and Ashlyn is not leaving her place; soon in came someone is still watching, so I have to continue on my own, without her guidance.

Looks like I will have to be careful from now on; the monsters of the central region are not easy to deal with. Many people had got killed by them, and they are the biggest danger after the suppression.

Till now, Ashlyn had dealt with all the monsters; she had either killed them or shoo them away; with her around, I did not have to face any of the monsters but now, I might have to.

Its a good thing; I am in an area where there are huge trees. As long as I walked under their shadow, I should not get discovered by them as here Tyrants are also suppressed, and their soul sense is not super powerful as before, my rules bending power should be able to help me bypa.s.s their casual soul sense.

I begin to walk again toward the Sunlit Dome, but this time, my walk is not as relaxed as before. This time, I am very careful, not only about the Monsters and Grimm Monster but also about the humans.

Nearly two hours had pa.s.sed by when I had finally stopped; the diamond energy had reached its limit. It had become extremely tense and tight that it feels like the slightest pressure on it will make it crack.

Seeing that, I had finally stopped and ended my journey into a central part of the forest.

I had hope that I would be able to see the Sunlit Dome with the increase in my strength, but it looked like I had underestimated the suppression of the central region too much.

It is right when they say that only Tyrants could make their eyes fall on the Sunlit Dome; others had to satisfy their curiosity with the paintings; there are no real photos available as electronic devices did not work here properly, especially advanced ones.

The most function of my holowatched had turned off here, aside from simple distance tracking and time, the holowatch could not do anything else here.

Since those four left, only two hours had pa.s.sed, and Ashlyn going to stay there for another hour before she moves.

I have two options for me now, I could stop here and wait for her, or I could walk back on my own. Waiting had a lot less risk but is utterly boring, but I decided to walk back; there is a chance that I might come across the monsters or Grimm Monsters; it is a risk I decided to take.

The past two hours, my luck had been good; I think it will hold on for another hour. When Ashlyn came back, I won't have to worry about other things here.

As such, I begin my return journey.


Nothing had happened for nearly an hour when suddenly a cold sensation felt on my neck. I immediately stopped as I felt it and slowly crane my neck back.

'I should have waited for Ashlyn,' I said to myself when I saw a small cute monster looking at me with its curious and gold and grey irises, the same color as its fur.

About a hundred meters behind me is a monster, a squirrel monster, and it is quite small, just about one meter long. Compare to giants at its stage, it is considered a tiny monster.

It has grey fur with golden streaks just like its eyes and has sharp claws, which I am pretty sure will able to tear through my flesh like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

Currently, I see no menace in its eyes, just a pure curiosity which I am sure could turn into pure hostility if I dared to make the slightest move. Now, the only thing I have to do is stay in place and not make a sudden movement, and soon Ashlyn will be here.

She had left her place a second ago, seeing me coming across the monster. Unlike the monsters at outer range and middle range, which I could crush barehandedly, monsters of the central region are not easy to deal with, especially the ones that reside so deep.

I remained frozen on my spot and watched the squirrel, and as such, seconds had pa.s.sed. I thought I would dodge this tribulation when suddenly its eyes turned hostile, and it leaped at me with a speed that I am barely able to track.

'F.u.c.k!' I cursed and begin to run while activating all my strength; there is no way in h.e.l.l I am going to fight this squirrel; I will run and doge its attack till Ashlyn arrive and save me from this dammed monster.