Monster Integration - Chapter 1657 - Something Fishy II

Chapter 1657 - Something Fishy II

Chapter 1657 - Something Fishy II

One Human and Three Grimm Monster discussed things for nearly an hour, and they did in a most relaxed fas.h.i.+on that they were sure that n.o.body would come there.

While they looked completely relax, they had not let their guard down even a bit. I could see how their eyes move around now and then. Tyrant's eyes are sharp; if it had been somebody else hiding behind the leaves of thick trees other than Ashlyn, they would have been discovered by now.

As they finished their conversation, The Tyrant Grimm Monster from the Rawstone Crockmen tribe gripped its hand before releasing them. As it did, the earth begins to separate into a deep bowl-shaped hole.

Such simple earth manipulation would have been easy as breathing outside, but here such actions are visibly sweating. One could tell how much strain Rawstone Crockman doing such an easy task.

It took more than five minutes to create a big bowl-shaped hole. As the hope create, it took out a huge circular disk filled with dense Grimm Runes and placed it on the circular hole it had created.

It had then turned toward other Grimm Monsters and humans and begin to discuss something again, and this time the discussion lasted for nearly ten minutes before all of them moved toward the engine like thingy.

They carefully lifted it together and entered the hole; as they did, they very carefully placed it on the disc before getting out of the hole.

The Rawstone Crockman again manipulated earth and covered the disk and engine thing with earth again, and when it is finished, there was not a single sign of the earth manipulation.

The Crockman is really good; its control over the earth is phenomenal. I have many Tyrants revealing their abilities, and very few had such control over their abilities.

I thought after they covered the engine thing with the earth, they would be finished, but it did not seem to be the case as raw stone crockman took the bundle of big staffs and begin to fix them into the ground, around the engine thing which they had just buried.

There is a total of twelve staff, and they are perfectly fixed around the engine thing. As they did, they took position behind the circle of staff, each one having the perfect quarter distance from another.

The Rawastone Crockman suddenly said something to the Bluegale Craneman, and it immediately flapped its hand-wings and bring blue wind came out of it and moved so fast that I wasn't able to track it with my eyes.

In a moment, the gale reached Ashlyn, and it did, I know it wasn't attacked but the sensory type to discover if anyone is present.

It is a d.a.m.n good move as the wind is not of a pure element; there is thick soul energy hidden inside it that could immediately discover anyone who is hiding.

Forget Emperors; even Tyrants who are using special stealth ability would be discovered by the Bluegale Cranemans recognizance move.

It was a good thing I was not there, as all the Rule Bending power I have would not have been able to save me from being discovered; as for Ashlyn, the blue wind-wave pa.s.sed through her without anything reaction.

It is likely telling the crockman that n.o.body is present; if its wave had caught somebody, they would have been acted immediately and finished off that person.

After getting confirmation from the Bluewind Craneman, the Rawstone Crockman tapped on the staff in front of it several times; as it did, all the Grimm Runes on it had lit up, and a beam of energy released from.

This beam of energy connecting it to the other staff beside it, which had also lit up and leased the energy toward the other staff.

One after another, staff begin to connect to each other through thick red energy till all the staff connected through it as they, all three Grimm Monsters and humans, had reacted.

They placed their hands on the staff ad pour their energy inside it, and as they did, the staff lits brighter and brighter.

The Grimm Monsters and human had their hands on the staff for a minute before removing them, and a few seconds later, they did that; the staffs had submerged in the ground slowly.

The staffs had been completely submerged into th ground; no sign of them could be seen on the surface. If I had not seen it happening, I had never guessed something like that are hidden in the ground.

After the staff submerged into the ground, the Grimm Monsters and a human talked for a minute before all of them dispersed from their spot; I heaved a sigh of relief knowing n.o.body is coming in my direction.

After Grimm Monsters and human left, Ashlyn did not move from her spot, nor I had asked her to.

While Ashlyn stayed on her spot, I moved from mine and found a well-hidden spot, and sat down. The thing I had seen just now made me sweat all over my body.

Even now, my heart is pounding loudly, that I took deep, calming breaths for more than five minutes before I was able to control my heartbeat and have a calm mind to think about what I have seen.

I have seen something that I shouldn't have seen; that engine thing is something very important. Something that needs the attention of four Tyrants ought to be important and not to forget the involvement of humans.

There must be a reason for what they have called the human. Human a.s.sets are very important to Grimm Race, and they did not call out unless it is very necessary; the human came out for this task taking the risk of being discovered, which means whatever they did is extremely important.