Monster Integration - Chapter 1659 - Rescue

Chapter 1659 - Rescue

Chapter 1659 - Rescue


I moved my sword and defended against its claw and used that sledgehammer like a force to cover more distance between it and myself.

It had been ten seconds since it became hostile, and in those ten seconds, it had already taken six swipes at me, which I fortunately able to defend against.

I am completely fine thanks to my armor which was able to suck the majority of the force of the attack and make me safe inside. If it had been my old armor, there would have been fountains of blood on every corner of my body.

Due to the perfect defense, I can have a little breathing s.p.a.ce in dealing with the Squirrel, but I still have to defend each of its moves with my sword and not let its claws reach my body; if that happened, then I would be flung like a ragdoll.


It let out a strange scream which is very different from normal Squirrel monsters and came at me like a blur and I moved my blade instinctively.

All I could do is trust my instinct honed through the numerous battles and swung the sword at the left, which had again clashed against the claws.

I once again used the momentum of its attack to create a distance between us, and like always, it had followed me immediately with its blurring speed.

I wish I had not to be suppressed to such a degree that I could not even fight back against a squirrel monster. If I had even 10% of my strength, I could have been able to deal with it easily.

Still, it is an undeniable fact that this small squirrel monster is more powerful than me.

It may be the life of this forest and got used to the suppression, but it is a fact that it is under same amount of suppression as me. If it went to the middle region or the outer region of the forest, it would be even more powerful.

It is said that more than a thousand year ago, the numbers of monsters in the forest huge; they could found in all three regions in great numbers, but due to the strength they had and the danger they possess to people of both sides, Tyrants have killed a lot of them that only 1% of the original number had remained.

Still, that 1% is highly dangerous, especially in the central region in which they are responsible for more than 50% occurred here.

Bang Bang Bang

Attack after attack came, and I defended against each of them and moved closer and closer toward the exit with the help of its momentum; still, I was not able to cross enough distance to lessen the suppression, my strength is still suppressed at 99%.

I only have to defend against its attack for a couple of more seconds as Ashlyn is close, and she will arrive within twenty seconds; once she does, this f.u.c.k.i.n.g Squirrel would be no problem.

I begin to dance on the edge of the knife with its super-fast attack, barely defending against them.

Chew Chew

So, when I heard the familiar chirp, I stopped and put away my sword and looked at the Squirrel calmly, which was ready to attack me but stopped when it heard the chirp from the tiny little bird.

Ashlyn is her tiny little size and now staring at Squirrel, who looked at the Ashlyn defiantly before its expressions changed that of the fear, and it began to take a step back before right out bolting at blurring speed.


Ashlyn chirped gently and flapped her wings, two silvery faints of arcs of fire released from her wings and struck the Squirrel before it could do before it could do anything.


For a moment, nothing had happened before suddenly a 'Dhub' sound rang and it exploded into the ashes. There was nothing remaining of the Squirrel, not a skin or bone or anything, just grey ashes.

The attack might not seem powerful enough to even sing its fur had directly turned the Squirrel into the ashes, not giving such a powerful monster even chance to scream.

Eversince we had leveled up to the Emperor Stage, the strength of Ashlyn had risen sharply. She had become very powerful, so powerful that even I don't know how powerful she had become.

She won against all the Grimm Monsters and monsters she had fought. These battles would be finished within a second or take a couple of minutes according to the mood she is in, but she always won overwhelmingly in all her battles.

Chew Chew Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirped at me haughtily before she flew away; I couldn't help but shake my head with a smile before following her.

She is as arrogant as she had been when she was a month old; there is barely any change in her personality despite becoming extremely intelligent.

With her resuming being my scout, I begin to follow her without hesitation, and this time, there was no fear in my heart as I know, whatever happens, Ashlyn will help me.

I ran through the central region, and soon, the suppression on me before to lesson as I got closer and closer to the exit. With more of my strength returning, my speed begins to increase, but still, it took me nearly five hours to get out of the central region.

With me entering the middle region, I became a blur; half of my strength had returned, and with such power, I moved with blurring speed, much faster than before when I was in this area earlier.

Still, it took me seven hours to cross through the middle region and entered the outer region.

I wanted to check on my seeds but decided to do that later as there is a very important thing that I have to do.