Monster Integration - Chapter 1650 - Supression Wave

Chapter 1650 - Supression Wave

Chapter 1650 - Supression Wave

The suppression wave is coming, and this one kind of powerful, more powerful than the one I had faced two weeks ago.

The Suppression waves are common, every month, three to five came out, and in my time here, I had faced many of them, but the suppression wave of today is different as I am not in the outer part of the forest, and this suppressive wave is not a normal one.

Nearly all the suppressive waves I had faced were in the outer part of the forest; there are very few I had faced in the middle part, and those were just average powered but still able to bring me to my knees.

I am now very far in the middle part of the forest, the central part of it is just two hours away, and such a close distance from the central part, the suppressive wave is especially strong.

The closer one is to the central part, the stronger the suppressive wave would be, and I am quite closer to the central part of the forest.

The Suppressive wave is fast, and it would reach me within few minutes, so there is no use in running away. I would have to bear this wave, and it would not be easy; if it is too strong, it might even injure me or kill me.

Seeing there is no time to waste, I found a nice open ground and placed a prayer mat on it before sitting cross-legged.

It is proven that the meditative position helped to bear the suppressive waves, and I had used this position during the suppressive waves and know how helpful it is.

Seeing the suppressive waves is just minutes away, I begin to take a calming breath to calm my mind and relax my body, and by the time I had reached my calmest state, I could sense the suppressive wave close to me; it is just a few seconds away.

I was right; a few seconds later, the suppressive wave hit me like a tsunami, and the only thought that came to my mind was 'Understatement.'

It is a great understatement on her part to rate this suppression wave just strong; h.e.l.l, it is stronger than 'Just strong.'

It had hit me like a sledgehammer, and if not for my recent increase in strength, I would have been on the floor like a dead dog, but even now, my condition is not that great.

As the suppression wave hit me, it had suppressed nearly 95% of my strength within a second.

Getting such an amount of strength suppressed in a moment is quite a shock to the body, and if I was prepared and had great willpower, I would have unloaded all I ate today on the floor.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and the suppressive wave got stronger by a second that it begins to suppress me further that now even circulating energy seemed like a monumental task, but that did not stop circulating it inside me.

The energy circulation is the only thing I could control in this uncontrollable situation, and I would not let the suppressive wave do anything to it, no matter how much it suppresses me.

95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, ten seconds had just pa.s.sed, and 98% of my strength had been suppressed that even moving a hand became quite difficult for me.

Though, this immovability is more due to the shock of suppressive wave suppressing nearly all my strength in a short time of seconds. If I got used to such suppression, I would not only move my body in just 2% but also run.

Another three seconds had pa.s.sed, and the suppressing wave's power had increased enough that it had suppressed 99% of my power, making me incapable of twitching my own fingers.

This is just a beginning; since it is a powerful suppressing wave, it is going to last more than a minute, and its peak would come later in a minute, and till now, barely a minute fifteen seconds have pa.s.sed.

With such a long time in reaching the peak, this wave is going to injure me and injure me hard, and the worst thing is, I could do nothing against this suppressive wave other than bear it.


As the suppressive wave got stronger, it begins to suppress me further when suddenly a strange thing happened.

This diamond energy is something akin to a bloodline that my runes have created after consuming a bunch of bloodlines, and this pseudo Bloodline will get stronger with every Bloodline my runes would consume.

As the diamond energy spread through my body, it had stopped the suppressing energy suppressing me further; it had kept it firmly at the 99%, not letting it go any further.

I could feel the suppressive wave cras.h.i.+ng against the diamond energy, wanting to suppress it further, but diamond energy help on to its place, no matter how powerful the suppressive wave would become with each second.

Twenty seconds, thirty seconds, forty seconds, fifty seconds. Seconds have pa.s.sed, and with each second, the suppression became stronger, but the diamond energy held on even when suppressive energy reached near its peak.

Few more seconds later pa.s.sed, and finally, at the end of the minute, the suppressive wave had reached its peak and begin to pressure diamond energy even more heavily that for the first time, I felt the diamond energy tensing a little.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and it held on, and it held on till the suppressive wave begin weakening, seeing that faint smile couldn't help but appear on my strained face.

I would have smiled brighter if my lips could move further; unfortunately, they could not; it will take me a while before I get full control over my body again.