Monster Integration - Chapter 1651 - Central Region I

Chapter 1651 - Central Region I

Chapter 1651 - Central Region I

Ten minutes pa.s.sed since the Supression Wave pa.s.sed through me, and now I am performing basic physical exercises and circulating supreme combat exercises to gain control over my body and energy.

The Supression Wave was too strong that even after its gone, I had needed nearly ten minutes to shake off its effect.

I was quite lucky to get out with only this much of the effect; if not for the diamond energy and faint rainbow light inside it, I would be currently lying on the floor spasming hard as my body, soul, and energy all would in disarray.

'It's time to continue,' I said, and Grenn Armor appeared on my body, and the next moment, I disappeared from my place.

The distance toward the central region is not far, just a few hundred kilometers away, but due to the suppression, it would need me about two hours to reach.

I am just excited to go there and try again, and this time, I have Diamond Energy; I am sure with its help, I will be able to go further.


Time pa.s.sed by, and finally, after a little more than one and half hour, I landed and on the ground and stare ahead into the central region; one could see the clear boundary of the Central Region and the middle region.

In front of me, the sunlight is extra bright and golden; not only that, but the energy in that area is also very dense, and the suppression is back-breaking; last time, I will not be able to go much deeper inside it, but this time, it will be different.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside the central region; as I did, I stopped in my tracks as the suppression on me had doubled instantly, reaching nearly 65%, suppressing more than half of my strength.

Still, it is lesser than the last time, which was nearly ninety percent; I had nearly stumbled when all that suppression came cras.h.i.+ng down on me.

I did not take another step immediately; instead, I took a deep breath and felt the energy-rich environment that was rarely found outside. If it not for the huge suppression here, I am sure people would have built cities here; such dense energy is too beneficial for the Emperors, even for Tyrants.

The most special thing about the Central Region is this faint golden energy sunlight; the other two regions did not have this energy which is quite regrettable as the benefits of it are quite good.

Everything found in the Central Region filled with this energy, and due to it, the price of the things that are found here is quite high.

The last time I was here, I had harvested quite a lot of things from this forest, and they had put a quite different taste to my dishes when I had finally able to use it in my food without spoiling its energy balance.

A minute later, I begin to was, my steps are gentle but fast. I walked while feeling the suppression and basking in the golden energy which seemed to nourish my body and soul.

With each step, the suppression would increase faintly. One could feel a clear change in the suppression every hundred meters.

In ten minutes, I had already walked tens of kilometers, but this distance is nothing. The Central Region may be smaller than the other two regions, it is still huge compared to the normal forest, and I would have to walk for quite long before I could see the famed Sunlight Dome or the golden barrier as some people referred to it.

An hour pa.s.sed by and I had nearly walked a hundred kilometers when I finally stopped by a huge olive tree that had beautiful golden olives on it.

This is the furthest I could reach the last time; I was nearly at my end when I had reached this olive tree. If I had gone further, I would have injured myself.

I picked up the golden olive in my hand begin to walk; at the olive tree, the suppression of the Central Region had suppressed my strength 89%, which is huge suppression, but I could still maintain my speed of walking even with that suppression.

Half an hour later, the suppression reached 96%, and the suppression strain became unbearable that I just wanted to stop, but I did not stop and continue walking while enriching myself with paradise around me.

The scenery around me is really beautiful; it looked like a garden of G.o.d which had been left untouched by the hand of man.

There many rare herbs and fruits around me, but I did not touch any of them. With Ashlyn having internal storage, I had given the responsibility of the collection to her.

She much better at it than me; last time when we were here, she was even able to find miracle fruit whose energy merged with my runes even when my body was at the absolute limit.

Miracle fruits are made from the laws of the universe, and their mysteries are far greater than the all-powerful bloodlines.

Now and then, I feed my Bloodline some miracle fruits; it brings some sort of balance to them. They are like vegetables compare to the meat that Bloodlines are, both of which should be involved in one's diet to keep one healthy.

Ashlyn in front of me, acting as a perfect scout, even the heavy suppression of Central Region did not affect her even a bit.

If she wanted, she could fly to the Sunlight Dome; I had many times asked her to go there so I could take a look at what it looks like, but she refused me.

Whenever she is scouting ahead, she always maintains the curtain distance with me; she never goes beyond that distance.