Monster Integration - Chapter 1649 - To The Central Region

Chapter 1649 - To The Central Region

Chapter 1649 - To The Central Region

Eight hours have pa.s.sed, and I had already checked through the twenty-eight seeds and gotten seven Essence Roses; the haul could be said to be pretty good.

The only thing that would have made this haul even greater than if they had caught the Bloodline Grimm Monster. With the level up, new potential had opened, I could again consume some Bloodlines.


Soon, I reached the place of the twenty-ninth seed, and a disappointed expression couldn't help but flash in my eyes.

I am not disappointed because of the seed not getting any Grimm Monsters but because a seed has been destroyed.

The one that had destroyed the seed is not the Grimm Monster or the monster of the forest but the seed itself. I had created pretty powerful fail-safes into the seed so that Grimm Monsters would never get their hands on it or even know about it.

One of the fail-safes is about the soul sense; if the soul sense of Tyrant moved over it, the seed would destroy itself fast before Tyrant could even reach it.

If the seed is holding Grimm Monster with Bloodline and tyrants soul sense discovered it somehow, then the seed will explode in Grimm Monsters' heart before the Tyrant could rescue it and know about its existence this will happen if the seed is holding the Essence Rose.

Though I know my fail-safes are good, they will get discovered, nothing remained undiscovered for long, but I want to extend that time as much as possible, probably till I became Tyrant, at that time, I will not care even if my secrete is discovered.

I moved away after a second of looking, and few kilometers later, I threw down the seed. It is a new seed I had created.

With the new upgrade, I could now create a new seed within two hours, and I could store it in me for as long as I want. Regretfully, I could only store only one; I will be rectifying that in the next upgrade.

Twenty minutes later, I reached the place of the 29th seed and found it empty; the same was the case for the 30th seed, but when I reached the last 31st seed, I got a nice surprise.

There was an Essence Rose, and it is good quality; it could be said that of all the Essence Roses I had found, this is from the one more powerful Grimm Monster; thus, the quality of it is higher.

Unfurling the strings of seed, I charge the seed and put it back on the ground, collected the deal Grimm Monsters stiff before, I moved toward my next destination, the central region.

I am currently in the middle region, and the central region is quite far, even with my top speed. I would need little more than ten hours to reach there, which is considerably less compared to eighteen hours and a half, I had needed last time.

Without wasting any time, I moved toward the Central Region, the place where I was not able to make much progress despite all my strength; I hope this time will be different; I planned to go much deeper this time.

As I traveled through the region, I once again think about planting the seed, and this time, the compulsion is stronger.

If I wanted to, I could have planted much more seeds than just twenty-one, but more seed means more distance to cover.

Though planting the seed in high suppression region will give me a high-grade Essence Roses but the times I would need to collect them would be greater, not to forget the risk of getting discovered will be higher.

In the high suppression area, the patrols of Tyrants are higher; there are at least ten Tyrants on each side patrolling around the forest, and it would be great not to get discovered by them.

It is due to a guide like Ashlyn I am moving such fearlessly with such speed. The suppression did not affect her, and due to it, she could use the soul sense at full power.

Ashlyn's soul sense is very powerful, but it is also very hard to discover, even for a tyrant.

Since we had leveled up to the Emperor, Ashlyn seemed to have learned new tricks, and one of these tricks is extremely faint waves of soul sense she could release far and wide.

The soul sense of her has become so faint that even I could not discover it; only when she thicked it, little big did I able to discover it.

At every breakthrough, a change occurred in Ashlyn, and the higher we go, the greater change occurs in it.

At king stage, she was already as Intelligent as me, her intelligence was that of a genius level, and now I fear it had come very close to the superintelligence; that only a few people in our world able to possess throughout history, and it is a trait usually found in Bloodline holders.

I would not have made this absurd deduction if I had not observed her very carefully in the past few months, and the more I observe her, the more sure I would become.

If her intelligence kept improving in such a way that when Ashlyn reached the Tyrant Stage, she will definitely gain superintelligence.

Superintelligence is an ability or trait that could make even a below-average powerhouse a terror to deal with. There are more than enough records of superintelligent Grimm Monsters and humans out there to know what kind of things they could do.

Chew Chew

I was busy thinking about many changes in Ashlyn when Ashlyn chirped with the news that made me stopped in my tracks, putting very serious expressions on my face.