Monster Integration - Chapter 1648 - Collecting

Chapter 1648 - Collecting

Chapter 1648 - Collecting

In the past month, with the problem of killing Grimm Monster solved by my seed, I had spent that time exploring this forest, or I might say trying my hand in a Central Region.

With my strength, the Middle Region of the forest is no problem for me, but Central Region is a completely different thing.

A week ago, I understood why it is called the region only for the Tyrants despite them not able to enter the Sun Dome, which is in the center of the central region; though it is said that those below Tyrants might able to enter that region; it is said no Emperor was able to reach that layer.

They could not say something like that without reason; there must be a reason for them to say that not to forget rumors of some Emperors reaching that place, but the city always decided to not say anything about it whenever it was asked.

Well, their silence could be understood; I know how difficult the central region is, and if somebody able to reach there the center of the Central Region, especially the Emperor, they would not reveal the ident.i.ty of that person if they know about it.

When I had tried a week ago, my strength was equal to the top Emperors; there would be very few Emperors who had the power to beat me, and even with such strength, I was not able to walk further into the central region.

Maybe, the rumors are just the rumors, and there is no one that is able to reach that spot, and these rumors are just rumors spread by the city to motivate humans to try and push through their limits.

With the breakthrough, I want to try to go there again, but before I do that, I should check on my seeds.

It is my first day after five days in the city, and I am sure my thirty-one seeds would have caught something. If earlier precedent goes by, then I would at least get three Essence Roses.

As for living Grimm Monster with Bloodline, it totally depends on the luck. The Grimm Monster with Bloodlines is quite rare, catching them akin to catching the golden carp in a sea of normal carps.

With that thought in my mind, I walked out of my abode after cleaning the arena and taking a quick shower and bite.

A few minutes later, I was above with my abode in my store; I looked around, enjoying the beautiful suns.h.i.+ne before I took the jump toward the tree branch closest to me.

I could fly in this suppression, but it would be too noticeable, and I could move fast quite fast with my strength.

As I took the jump, I found myself feeling light as a feather even when suppression bearing down on me. This feeling of lightness is not all due to an increase in strength; I could feel there are other factors are involved, too, and I will find them in time, but first, I will check on my seeds.

I moved through the blurring speed; my speed is so fast that even powerful Grimm Monsters won't be able to catch the silhouette of mine.


It took me about twenty minutes to land above my seed, and just as I did, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I extended my hand, and a few seconds later, a wormy creepy essence rose appeared in my hand.

The Grimm Monster, which is this Essence Rose is made from, is obviously a Worm Master of sufficient power. It could not be said strong, but it should not be said weakling either.

That Grimm Monster should be considered more powerful than its aura since it was a special profession Grimm Monster who is very hard to deal with.

I took out the seed that had perfectly wrapped itself around the Essence Rose and charged it with Rule Bending power, and unlike before, I only need little more than a minute instead of nearly ten minutes.

I had improved many things in this upgrade, and methods from the book helped me a lot; I just wished I would have got it sooner.

With the seed charged, I moved few kilometers away before throwing down a seed and continue toward the other seed with as much speed I could muster; with such speed, I had become a phantom that even someone as powerful as Chimpman would have a problem tracking me.

I would like if I could go a little slower, but there are too many seeds that I had to be fast if I want to go through all the seeds.

There are a total of thirty-two seeds spread all around the forest; the number may seem small, but seeing at a distance, I had placed them in the number becomes big.

The seventh seed had had something, and when I reached above it, I had found a great surprise as there was not one Essence Rose but two Essence Roses bound in beautiful vibrant green strings.

I had never gotten two Essence Roses from the one seed before, though my seeds have enough power that they could trap and harness three powerful Emperors if they walking side by side.

Usually, the grouped Grimm Monsters are quite rare; The Emperor Stage powerhouses possess the power of the armies, they rarely hunt in the groups.

I checked the aura of two Essence Roses which told me they are from two average Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters whom I could defeat without even summoning my armor.

While the Grimm Monster itself is not much power, they are still Emperors, and their Essence Roses are very valuable. Teacher had told me that the Supremes and other organizations are ready to pay a high price for each of my Emperor Grade Essence Roses.