Monster Integration - Chapter 1647 - Mid Emperor

Chapter 1647 - Mid Emperor

Chapter 1647 - Mid Emperor


I activated the formation in the arena right after I initiated the level up in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

As the formation activated, a large number of mana crystals turned to smoke instantly, and vibrant essence also flew out of bottles; smoke also begins to come out of many herbs and plants within the formation.

In just a couple of seconds, I was covered in the thick coc.o.o.n of energy. Inside me, the runes are ravenously taking the energy; some are staying in their place while others are moves, some are turning into dust before forming the new runes.


The usual process was happening when suddenly, something very usual had happened.

My inheritance Core has started s.h.i.+ning in faint rainbow light; something like this happened in the first since I had created Inheritance, and it is extremely good news for me.

I had not throught that I had made enough changes according to the rule of the Clear Heart Inheritance that even faint rainbow light will come out of my Inheritance Core; This rainbow light is not just for the show; it has huge benefits.

As the rainbow light released from my Inheritance Rose, it had spread across all the runes, be it stable runes, moving runes, or the runes dust; rainbow light had covered them all as they did, something amazing happened.

My runes begin to absorb the energy three times more speed than before, which immediately increased the speed of my leveling up, but that is not the amazing thing.

The amazing thing is this new type of energy is worldly energy; it is far more powerful than the normal worldly energy; it is quite familiar as I had many times seen teachers and professors use it.

This is the worldly energy only Tyrants could utilize, and sensing it is one of the conditions one needed to become a Tyrant.

Teacher had said that when I reached the Peak Emperor Stage, she will help me in getting familiar with this worldly energy, but now this rainbow light drawing out this energy, and my runes are s.u.c.k.i.n.g it like crazy.

I am experiencing this energy so closely that even the teacher could not help me with and I am not going to waste this chance.

While I would love to see what this rainbow light could do further, I decided to focus on this Tyrant exclusive worldly energy as sensing it would help me reach the Tyrant and if I am able to control while still being an Emperor that very few people throughout the history were able to do.

I will get the ability to fight the Tyrant while still being an Emperor; it would be amazing if I am able to do that.

I calmed my mind of those thoughts and focused on this new world energy which is coming to me like trickly but a single drop of it more powerful than the load of the regular worldly energy.

Like all the energies, it also had a flavor that is hard to distinguish, and one forgets it very easily.

It is likely due to this trait, many Peak Emperors find it very difficult to sense this energy. Without the help of Tyrant, it is nigh impossible for them to sense this-worldly energy.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I felt the new worldly energy declining till it had completely disappeared from my sense.


A sigh couldn't help but escape from my lips; I had gleamed so much much from the energy, and if it had continued for a few more minutes, I would have been able to sense this energy even when it has gone.

Still, I am very close, closer than I had thought I would be, and I just need to continue work on what I had sensed, and I am sure I would be able to sense that worldly energy on my own.

The rainbow light had disappeared, and so are most of the resources in front of me. The only resource that had left was a pile of mana crystals; only half of them had been spent while the rest of the energy needs to be fulfilled by the worldly energy.


When I looked inside me, I couldn't help but get surprised. The rainbow light had gone, but it had brought changes to my runes.


I was sensing the aura of the runes when the runes buzzed and shone up as they did, a flood of energy released from my runes, and this diamond energy is s.h.i.+ning faintly with rainbow light.

This rainbow light is very hard to notice, but when I concentrated the flood of energy hard, I was able to notice it.

As the energy begins to merge with me, I did not notice any change. Like any other time, the energy released from the runes is strengthening every part of my body and soul.

Not noticing a change is normal; not all changes are visible. Some revealed themselves slowly, and I am very excited to find out what they will be; the book had raised my expectations quite a bit.

The energy continued coming from the runes for about four minutes before it had stopped, and when it did, I felt strong, very strong, like I could do anything, like flying through that place that had brought me to my knees last week.

With such strength, I could go further, much further, and I am quite excited to see how much further I could go.

Now that I had leveled and my strength had increased immensely, I could go there one more time, and this time, I will do better than the last time.