Monster Integration - Chapter 1646 - Three Months

Chapter 1646 - Three Months

Chapter 1646 - Three Months

Days pa.s.sed by, and soon it had been three months since I had returned from the Treasure Palace and nearly six months since I had come to this place.

My original plan was to spent only six month here, but I had changed that goal month ago; I am going to stay here for another six month.

It was quite a hard choice to make, seeing how I miss my family, especially my sister. Though I spoke to them weekly through the secure server of the academy, it is still a distant talking.

My sister's birthday was a week ago, and she had cried, saying she wanted me to be there. After I returned, I will surely spend at least a month with my family.

Shaking my head of melancholic thoughts, I finished the last bite of my food before I went to my room and laid on the bed.

Next moment, I was in my Inheritance where there are two humanoids. One of which had hundreds of thousands of runes while the other had only a few thousand and barely for a sh.e.l.l with it.

About a month ago, I had finished reading the book, and I have to say, there a huge lot of mistakes I had made. The mistakes are too many that even if I had made all the adjustments, I would still not be able to fix it properly as it should be.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost; it would have been lost; I will just need to work a little harder, more than a little harder.

Reading the book, I know I had created a great Inheritance, but this Inheritance did not follow the rules as it should be, and due to this, it was not able to take advantages that Clear Heart Inheritance offered.

It should be said that other than creating Inheritance in the Clear Heart s.p.a.ce, I did not take any advantage of it.

My current Inheritance is beyond saving; I could not make any big changes in the small upgrades of Emperor Stage; that does not mean there won't be any big changes in my Inheritance.

I say there will be super big changes.

I will continue to do that till I had reached the Peak of Emperor Stage; as for reaching the Tyrant Stage, for it, I will be designing whole new Inheritance which will be made according to the rules and methods that will help me the full advantage of the Clear Heart Inheritance.

This new Inheritance will be made from completely different rules and methods, but elements that it will have will be from my current Inheritance; I will keep most of my moves, its just that they will be a lot more powerful and will have huge applications.

This is why there are two humanoids in front of me; one is of my current Inheritance, and the other is of Tyrant version in which I had just begin.

Designing the Tyrant Inheritance is no easy task; unlike all the levels, the Tyrant level is different. Normal powerhouses have to cross many hurdles during the level-up. I will not face the same hurdles as them, but leveling up to Tyrant Stage will be difficult for me.

I chose my current Inheritance and tapped on it few times; I did, it separated into tens of pieces. I picked one piece containing several formations and begin to inspect it.

It is my latest upgrade and in which only a few pieces had remained to be inspected before I leveled up into the mid-level of the Emperor Stage; it is tiring work but necessary, in case there are some mistakes have remained.

I wanted to level for quite a while; I had reached my limit quite a while ago, and since then, my seeds have caught quite a few Grimm Monsters with Bloodline, and I had harvested them but did not get to enjoy any bloodline essence.

All of it went to Nero, Ashlyn, and Hidden being, which is quite regrettable. Though it is quite regrettable, the wait will worth it; designing these upgrades, I had used some methods I have learned from the book, and they seemed quite promising.

Time pa.s.sed, and nearly twenty hours had pa.s.sed inside the Inheritance s.p.a.ce when I had finally stopped; the upgrade is finally ready, I could now level up.

Its stealth functions, which I had got in the Emperor Stage, are quite good; even Tyrant will have a problem in finding it unless it is specifically looking for it in a specific s.p.a.ce, and since it is a s.p.a.ce abode, no other energy, including worldly energy, would come inside means, it will be even harder to detect my breakthrough.

Though it is regrettable that I could not use the worldly energy, I did not have any other choice.

I could not make a breakthrough into the city since I am already peak Emperor to them, and seeing how many powerful formations they laid on the city, they will instantly know when I was about to break through, and my ident.i.ty would be revealed.

I do not want that to happen; I want to make a breakthrough without anyone knowing, and even if I have to make a breakthrough in such a dangerous environment and spent a s.h.i.+t load of mana crystal, I will do it.

As I reach the arena, I begin to draw the formation, which took me two hours total. The formation is necessary to feed the resources to my runes correctly.

With the formation done, I begin to place the resources in their places in the formation before sitting in the center of the formation.

Now that everything is ready, it is time to make a breakthrough; with that thought, I went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.