Monster Integration - Chapter 1645 - Kill

Chapter 1645 - Kill

Chapter 1645 - Kill


My spear hit its body and got repelled with three times the force, "Hahaha, human, you can forget about killing me!" It said and ran again.

I was not discouraged by my attack; I know it would happen. I had dealt with such a bunch too many times to know what would happen.

I am just very happy that the talisman it had is not teleporting types; those are the worst; they just make one disappear.

These protection-type amulets can be dealt with; the protection is not going to last forever, and till then, I just have to keep it under my eyes; once it is gone, I will have that delicious Bloodline of it.

"Really, how long does that protection of yours will last, five minutes, ten minutes, an hour?" I asked it tauntingly, which wiped out that smug smile on its face and made it increase its speed.

It is clearly aware how much time it has, and in that time, it has to run away from me. Well, it will need a stroke of huge luck for that to happen; I grossly overpowered it that even if it burns its blood, it will not be able to get away from me.

I am also very thankful for this suppression, which had suppressed a huge amount of its power that even when it tried to run away, it couldn't muster much speed, even after having such powerful protection.

This piece of ruin seemed to have a great origin; I am saying that not because of my experiences in the ruin but also because of the way it suppresses the Bloodlines and the power of protections.

The Bloodline originated from powerful beings, and it is very hard to suppress their host, especially if their Bloodline is powerful, but in this piece of ruin, all the bloodlines are getting suppressed.

Only those powerful ones get relief of 20% to 30%, but it is an exception to the powerful Bloodlines; normal Bloodline did not get even 10% of the relief against the suppression.

Time pa.s.sed by, and its been ten minutes since I had begun chasing after it, but its protection had still active, and no dimming could be seein it, which had surprised me quite greatly.

Most of the protections last for five minutes, some of the rare ones last for ten minutes, there are very few that last over ten minutes, and the one that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had is one of the very rare ones.

It is not a good thing, though the closest fort Grimm Monsters is quite distanced away that with its current speed, it would need more than ten hours to reach there; still, I did not like this uncertainty.

It would have been nice if its protection had lasted for ten minutes, then by now, I would finish harvesting its bloodlines and would have been on my way to the city.

Boom Boom Boom

Another ten minutes have pa.s.sed, and the protection of the talisman is still active; it is still running like crazy, and I am still attacking while chasing it despite knowing my attack would get repelled at me with three times more force.

The plain old chasing is too boring; it needed to be interesting even if it is useless. It might not be completely useless; each of my attacks may be taking power from the protection.

Twenty more minutes pa.s.sed, and I am still chasing it, and till now, I have seen no change in the protection, which is beginning to frustrate me.


I was just letting out my frustration on attacking the Rhinoman uselessly when I finally saw the change appeared in the protective s.h.i.+eld, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face finally, while horror appeared on the face of the Rhinoman.

The change is not big, but it is noticeable, and seeing that the Rhinoman did not waste any time and started to burn its blood to increase the speed.

The blood-colored fire covered the covered the Vermilion Rhinoman as it shot through the air; burning its blood has given it enough power that now it could fly in the air at such speed, so close to the middle boundary of the forest.


Another attack landed on it and got repelled, and this time the repelling force was slightly lesser than that of the earlier. The blue protective layer that is covering getting paler by a minute; it won't be long before it disappears, and I have it in my claws.

Minutes pa.s.sed by as the protective layer covering it got paler and paler that after five minutes, it became so pale that it barely could be seen.


My spear pierced through its stomach, bringing it down on the ground.

"Little Rhino, it is game over for you!" I said with a laugh, and soon, a green barrier came out of me and covered both of us.

"Human, its would not be easy for you to kill me; I will fig" Puch Puch Puch

It stopped short as tens of green strings pierce through it; it watched in horror as they begin to st.i.tch through it, and soon, its eight-meter-long huge body had got completely wrapped up in strings.

As that happened, I had begun the harvesting process that I had been waiting for for so long.

I felt the familiar resistance from Bloodline as I begin the harvesting process, but I continued despite that, and I had to continue for a few seconds before blue and green runes came out of me and covered Grimm Monster and me.

Soon, the thick purified bloodline essence came at me, and my runes begin to suck them greedily. The Bloodline is quite powerful; it is stronger than Lionman but weaker than Chimpman's; still, the enhancements it will able to give me will be amazing.

The harvesting lasting little more than a minute before it stopped; the runes had harvested it for everything it has, leaving nothing but a husk that collapsed under the weight of the artifacts it was wearing.