Monster Integration - Chapter 1641 - The Book

Chapter 1641 - The Book

Chapter 1641 - The Book

"Finally," I said to myself as I laid on the bed and opened the book; I had arrived in the city twelve hours ago but did not open the book as I wanted to; instead, I showered, ate, and slept.

The battle with the Abomination and the intrusive soul sense of more than ten Tyrant powerhouses had made me quite tired, and I had not wanted to open the book with a tired mind.

So, after waking up, I freshened up and cooked myself breakfast before I finally took out the book.

'I hope it would not disappoint me,' I said in my mind as I looked at the first page, which had a book and author's name and some info about the author, mentioning a realm that Ive never heard in my life.


As I turned the second page, the table of content appeared in front of me, not on the book but in front of me; the projection appeared from the book, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

I knew the book is not normal; if it had been a normal book, it would not have been present in the top 100 of the rewards, and not to forget, this book contains information about the Celestial Inheritance.

I read the table of content, and as I read, my eyes continued to go round and round, and shock had spread through my mind and body.

It took me a while to come out of my shock, and when I did, I moved the page with shaking hands.

'Introduction To Clear Heart Inheritance' appeared in front of me in big, bold letters and below it, long theoretical text, which I begin to absorb liked like a parched lake that hadn't seen the rain in decades.

The theoretical text explains what truly Clear Heart Inheritance is and how it is different from the other Celestial Inheritance.

Just reading few paragraphs of the text, I understood the mistakes Ive made in my Inheritance, how I had not used the advantage of Clear Heart Inheritance at all; well, in my defense, I did not know anything about it.

I only got the Inheritance; there was no literature on how to use the Inheritance; I am lucky that I had gotten this book; I just wish it is not been too late for me to make things about my Inheritance.

The first page contains hundreds of times more information than it should have been, which is great as these paltry five hundred pages would have finished by me in an hour.

Times pa.s.sed by, and I continue to change one page after another; the introduction was too long and had only five pages allotted to it, but it had taken me nearly six hours to finished.

This is good as it had given me a clear idea of what my Inheritance is; the author had seemed to have written this book in mind that it would be read by those who had no idea what Clear Heart Inheritance is.

As the introduction is finished, the part I am waiting for, 'Creation,' begins. In the creation, there is the first sub-chapter called 'Sh.e.l.l.'

As I opened that Subchapter, a Runic Humonoid appeared in front of me. It seemed to be made of just ten thousand runes, and most of it is hollow, which is why it is called a sh.e.l.l.

The huge text below it says sh.e.l.l is one of the most important parts of the whole Inheritance as it is what kept the whole Inheritance together.

The text explains how to create an ideal sh.e.l.l that would help harness everything that Clear Heart Inheritance has to offer. There were multiple examples and multiple formulas.

Most of them from the author and some of them from others too, including the fabled Celestials, whom authors seemed to suggest are the creators of the Celestial Inheritances, and whenever the author mentions them, his words sound full of reverence.

We know about the Celestials, and anyone in our world with a little bit of power knows about them.

They are said to be the strongest beings in the universe, but most think they don't exist at all; they think Celestials are myths like many other things; I used to think that too until I found Celestial inside me.

Once the Hidden Being inside me had called itself a Celestial, I don't know whether its true or not; being a Celestial is a pretty big thing and if its truth is, then whatever reduced it to such state that it had to hide in such sorry state must be crazily powerful.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I continue to read one page after another, and as such, ten hours had pa.s.sed, and If not for Ashlyn telling me it is time to eat and not stopping till I got out of the bed, I would have continued reading.

The book is more amazing than I thought; the more I read about it, the more I understood how the Inheritance created through the Clear Heart Inheritance should be.

So, I used my vines or, in this case, energy strings since someone might intrude when I was cooking and finished an elaborate meal that Ashlyn demanded within fifty minutes and ate with her.

As soon as I finished eating, I went back to bed and continued reading. That night, I did not sleep, nor in the next night; I only slept on the third night because the top of the book was getting hard, and I needed a fresh mind to understand them.

After I woke up from an eight-hour sleep, showered, and ate, I again begin reading, and this time in a balanced state.

Eating, sleeping, showering regularly, though I gate those things far less time than I had used to since I am trying to use the maximum time to read.

This continued for a week before I had to stop forcefully; the city had sent me mail, it is time for me to do my required mission, and the city will not hear anything about it; I have to do it.