Monster Integration - Chapter 1640 - Back In The City

Chapter 1640 - Back In The City

Chapter 1640 - Back In The City

'This should be it,' I said after some time; I could sense no soul sense tracking me and no one around me.

'You can come out now, Ashlyn,' I said, and just as I did, a tiny silver blur flew out of me with a speed that even my eyes are unable to track.

Ashlyn had been cooped up inside me for more than a month, and ever since I had got out of the gate, she wanted to come out. I had pacified her to wait for some time; I don't want all the hard work I had put into coming down with the appearance of Ashlyn.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn let out a loud chirp as she flew high in the sky; I wanted to stop and not to make any noise, but I stopped myself from saying that.

She had been cooped up for quite long, and now she had come out, she is going to enjoy it, and I have no right to disturb her, so I had let her be and continue my journey toward the city.

On the way, she had fought against many Grimm Monsters and monsters, delivering fresh meat for the food, which is good. There is high-quality meat in my storage, but I always liked to have more; you never know when you might get stuck inside the s.p.a.ce for years.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon I got out of the Middle range of the forest, and has suppression has fallen down considerably, which made me increase my speed even further.


I was just moving when suddenly, I sensed an attack coming toward me from the unusual weapon. It is a swift and powerful attack that only very Emperors have such power.

I had noticed this c.o.c.kroach following me for some while and seeing its strength, I thought it would appear in front of me and threaten to break my bones and whatnot that usual robber do my treasure, but no, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d sneak attacked me with intentions to kill me.

I could clearly feel its killing intent and know it wants to kill me, not threaten to maim if I did not do what it said.

I let the attack came close to me, and when it was just half a meter away from piercing my head, I abruptly turned around and picked that chained dagger and pulled hard.

The hidden b.a.s.t.a.r.d in a black suit came at me like a cannonball, it tried to stop himself, but my pull was too hard for it's any resistance to work.

Soon, it appeared in front of me, and I gripped its neck and forcefully drilled my energy inside for it to do anything.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I do not like to kill any human, but you have forced me," I said and lighted up the energy which I drilled inside him with my fire.

A sheer horror appeared on its face before he became the human torch. I had not removed my hand from its neck, I do not like killing humans, but when I do, I face what I do head-on, no matter how much I want to look away.

In a minute, it had turned to ashes; I collected its artifacts and storage before moving away.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d's energy signature is familiar; he is was in the final challenge, though not part of the final fifty; I had their energy signature completely memorized despite some of them want to hide it.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" I cursed when I looked at its chained dagger. I had expecting to find the reward in its storage, but when I looked at weapons and sensed the unique aura, I know I will not find it.

It had chosen an 'Enhancer' as a reward, an enhancer used in making totem artifacts powerful, and the enhancer it chose made its weapon quite powerful if it not for his weapon, the attack would not be that powerful.

The Totem Artifact is powerful but useless to me, but some people might find useful, and I had kept it inside my storage with the rest of its staff.

Few more hours had pa.s.sed, and when suppressed lessened significantly, I took the air, and few more hours later, I saw the outline of the city in front of me.

There are many things I had to try in the forest, experiment with my enchanting 'Seed,' but the allure of the book is so great that I shelf it for few days. Until I did not read that book to my satisfaction, I am not going anywhere else.


A few minutes later, I landed in front of the city gates and walked in; as I did, the aura of the Tyrant scanned through me, it is not inquisitive as before, but it still lingered few seconds longer than it used to.

Every person coming inside the gate is scanned, but that scan only lasted for a second this time; it had lasted for five seconds.

A few minutes later, I reached my brownstone, and the first thing I did was removed a bunch of artifacts and placed them around my home; these artifacts will warn me if foreign soul sense entered my home, including of Tyrant, if their soul sense did not have enough finesse.

Before, I could not place such powerful artifacts around my home since I had come from an academy, and prisoners should not have such powerful artifacts in their possession.

But now, I have come back from the Treasure Palace; no one would suspect anything if I place such artifact around my home.

These kinds of artifacts are quite common in the city; nearly everyone who could afford or acquire used it and reason for it, snooping of Tyrants.

Due to being a place for prisoners, the Tyrants here have less restriction than other places on the Grimm Battlefield. They could snoop on anyone and at any time, and they would not face any action; h.e.l.l, they have explicit orders to do that.

No one wants to keep powerful criminals unsupervised; it would be a great mistake if they do that; they had already paid the price for such mistake.