Monster Integration - Chapter 1642 - Seed

Chapter 1642 - Seed

Chapter 1642 - Seed

I checked my storage once again, and seeing everything is ready, I walked out of the brownstone before taking up the air toward the air.

A few minutes later, I reached the gates, and after a small inspection, I walked out of it.

I really don't want to accept this mission, but that's not really a choice. To criminals, the city did not give any choice; we had to kill the certain numbers of the Grimm Monsters every week.

The rest of the week already surprising; usually, they only gave a rest three days after one came out of any ruin or Treasure Palace, the longer rest due to the difficulty the partic.i.p.ants had faced and the progress they have made.

The progress of the people is amazing, I had memorized some auras before entering the treasured palace, and only six people of hundred auras I had memorized had come out of a final challenge, and their aura possessed big change.

The change in their strength could be shocking; one even able to awakened his Bloodline further, which is a very hard thing to accomplish.

I would have liked to spend this day reading the book but still, I am not much irritated going out since I could finally test my move, the last I had been forest, I had been excited to read the book to do that, but now my mind had calmed sufficiently, I could give it a sufficient time.

The move I want to try is 'Seed'; it is part of my vines, but I had cla.s.sified it as a different move due to its variations.

I had already used one of its variations called 'Tracker,' it will help me track the host of the seed; once the host entered a certain range of me, it will inform me of its position.

That was the first variation, the one I am going to use is a second variation called 'Trap.' I want to test.

To do that, I will have to go quite deeper, where the powerful Grimm Monster exists; I am plan on going toward the middle boundary of the forest, a place where the Grimm Monsters are thickest.

I continued with my regular speed, but when I was deeper enough, I tapped on my head, and my face begins to change as I move, and a few minutes later, the face I had never worn since I came here appeared in my place.

I had prepared many faces and their respective Inheritances; I never knew when I would need these faces; I liked to be prepared for them always.

With my face changed, I increased my speed immediately and begin to run with the speed that had surpa.s.sed the speed I could have in Sam Duffy's form, and that speed already amazing, seeing how the strength of Sam Duffy had increased after coming out final challenge.

'Chew Chew'

I was moving toward my destination when Ashlyn had informed me of prey. There is one High Emperor of average power. Hearing that, I moved toward it, and soon, I spotted the turtle man.

I finished it before it knew what happened and turned into essence rose before continuing; I would need another Grimm Monster before I could finish my weekly quota.

Before coming out of Treasure Palace, the quota was one Emperor Stage Grimm Monster per week, but now they had increased to two, and few quick searches told me that the quota had changed only for those who came out last, which means those who were able to reach the final challenge.

It is good because for the normal Emperor, killing one Emperor Stage Grimm Monster is already a monumental task where they had to fight Grimm Monster in life and death battle before they could beat it.

Five hours later, I reached my destination and had already killed the four Grimm Monsters on the way, double of my quota. With it, I could go back, but I have no intention to go back this early.

As I reached the area, I looked around before stopping on place; the place nothing special, but I felt that it would be a great place to plant the seel.

As I decided on the place, I closed my eyes, and I kept them close for nearly five minutes before I opened them, and when I did, there was the bright green color seed in the size of a bean which is densely packed with runes.

The seed may seem small, but it takes three hours for me to make it and require an immense amount of energy, and the worse thing is, I could only take one seed at a time and could not store them in me.

It is a big problem, but its uses are so good that the problem seemed negligible in front of it.

This seed is called 'Trap'; it could trap any Grimm Monster that entered its one-kilometer range. Not only could it trap the Grimm Monster, but it could also refine it into the Essense Rose.

And that's not the best part, the best part is it could trap the Grimm Monter with Bloodline, and it would not kill them but keep them trapped, till I came and refine their Bloodline.

Due to the heavy use of Rule bending power, even Tyrants will not be able to discover it unless they search inch by inch with concentrated soul sense; even when they trapped the Grimm Monster, the Tyrants will have a problem in finding it without looking at specifically.

This seed is one of the moves which I had worked very hard on for a long time; I had this idea when I was at Duke Stage, but at that time, I did not have the expertise or energy to create something like it.

Still, I started working on it from that moment, and as my knowledge deepened, I continued to perfect my design until it reached this stage.

Taking a deep breath, I released the seed, and it gently fell toward the ground like a feather, and when it touched the ground, it simply seeped inside it like water.