Monster Integration - Chapter 1639 - In The Forest

Chapter 1639 - In The Forest

Chapter 1639 - In The Forest

The suppression had bored down on me, but it did not affect me as it used to. Before this suppression has made me incapable of running, much less hover in the air, and now, I could fly in the air like a rocket.

Reaching the final challenge means Sam Duffy's strength had also increased enough that he could also fly in the air, though only for a small distance.

As I got out, I felt familiar beautiful suns.h.i.+ne on my face; it should be a night, but in this place, there is never a night, always sunny days of the golden suns.h.i.+ne.

I had just taken a step outside when I felt more than ten powerful soul senses on me, drilling inside me rudely, and it is not only Tyrants from Grimm Monsters are doing but also from a human.

What they are doing is very invasive and rude, and outside humans, Tyrants would not have been able to do it; there are certain rules that even Tyrants have to follow, which is why, until now, they have only used the faint soul sense on me and only on the surface.

This time they have crossed all the boundaries, and they have the perfect excuse since Grimm Monsters are doing, they are just fighting against their soul sense which they are doing on the surface while scanning my body deeply.

Unfortunately for these invasive b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they are not going to find anything odd. Even if my body and soul are super strong, they will not be going to realize through their soul sense; the soul senses are these tyrants not powerful enough.

In the Emperor Stage, I had created a very powerful formation that let me hide my real strength from the Tyrants. This runic formation is very big and elaborate, had taken a s.p.a.ce that a powerful move would have taken.

There was quite a struggle in my heart about this formation as the earlier smaller formation worked just fine in tricking the Tyrants, and designing this formation would take a s.p.a.ce for a powerful move; I was going to place here.

After much struggle, I decided to focus on my safety and choose to create this tricking formation instead of a powerful attacking move.

I put up a painful expression on my face as soul senses of Tyrants moved around my body, seeing that humans Tyrants did what they ought to do from the beginning and turn on the soul senses of Grimm Tyrants and expel from my body, and they also left with them.

Seeing that, my expression relaxed as I muttered thanks toward Tyrants and moved toward human's sides.

Both sides have a few hundred people, humans have about a hundred, and Grimm Monsters have about two hundred, and some of these people are quite familiar, which is not surprising seeing all of them had been in the part of the final challenge.

I took place by the tree and waited like everyone else; it is clear that we are not allowed to; we will have to wait till all the partic.i.p.ants came out and the gates of Treasure Palace close.

Time pa.s.sed by, and every few minutes, someone would come out of the gates, and as such more than an hour had pa.s.sed when suddenly, change begin to appear on the gate.

The runes on it brightened up like stars that even Tyrants have to look away from it. The Gates disappeared under the brightness of the runes, and this brightness lasted for little more than a minute before suddenly disappearing.

When I could look back at the gates, I found the gate to Treasure Palace had disappeared; there is no sign of it.

The Tyrants do not seem surprised; instead, their focus is on the other side with their faces serious alert, ready to counter if the other side dared to attack.

"Leave!" Sir George said to us after a minute of staring contest. Hearing the order, n.o.body wasted any time and left; some took the air while moved on the land like me.

There are only one hundred twenty of us, but more than that had survived the final challenge; They had likely come out of the other gate.

It is good there is another gate; otherwise, there would have been a lot more scrutiny. The Tyrants have interrogated one of the first people that came out of the gates earlier and come to know about the 'Mummy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.'

Seeing the power 'Mummy' displayed, there is no doubt that Tyrants would be searching for that person high and low.

It is one reason why the Tyrants were searching so heavily; the treatment I got earlier was not special to me; the Tyrants are doing that to everyone in search of the 'Mummy' powerhouse.

Unfortunately, they will not find him; it will be quite a while before I use the 'Mummy' face again.

I moved through the forest with rapid speed; four times more speed when I journeyed toward the middle part of the forest; that time running at such speed under such suppression had been impossible for me.

I could go faster, much faster, h.e.l.l I could fly like a rocket in the forest, but I did not. I have to maintain the façade of Sam Duffy and act in its limitations which is quite irritating in times like this when I just want to reach the city as soon as possible and opened that enchanting book.

I had wanted to read it as soon as I had got it, and if its not for these stupid restrictions of this persona, I would have flown from this forest at my most top speed.

Unfortunately, I could not do that; still, this speed is pretty good. If everything went alright, then I should be able to reach the city within twelve hours and read that wonderful book.

Two hours pa.s.sed by since I had left the gate when I suddenly stopped and looked around, not only in myself for a very faint soul sense but also around me for any Grimm Monsters or humans; I don't want anyone to see what happen next.