Monster Integration - Chapter 1627 - Cutting Legs II

Chapter 1627 - Cutting Legs II

Chapter 1627 - Cutting Legs II

"Second Boost!"

I said, and immense power begins to course through me. 'The Second Boost' of the Emperor Stage is different from the 'Second Boost' of King Stage; in the current second boost, no blood burning is involved.

This boost involves nothing but the pure power generated by my Inheritance Runes.

The current second boost offers more power, as for why I had created a second boost for more strength which I should have kept in the first boost like before.

The reason I had created the second boost because keeping all the strength in the first boost is not efficient; it wastes energy when one uses a big move to finish off the small job, it is better stacking moves which offers more and more power, it is very efficient that way.

As the power of the second boost coursed through me, I moved toward the leg while powering up the enchantment of sharpness and weight further.

It took me a fraction of a second to appear beside the leg of the Abomination, which had just come back to its place when I swung my sword at it with great power.


With such great power behind the attack, my sword sliced through its knee without feeling the slightest resistance. My sword did not feel any resistance until it reached twenty-five meters, and even them, a sword had great power in it and continued to cut further.

The blade continued to tear through the knee of the Abomination before finally stopping as it had lost all its power at the thirty-five meters.

This time, I was able to cut more than half of its knees and would only need to cut about meters to finished off its knees.


Sup Sup Sup

I had just removed my sword from its knee and about to launch another attack when I found tens of columns of energy coming toward me. These columns did not follow the straight momentum; instead, they curved at coming at me, who is standing below the body of Abomination.

That's not the only surprising thing that had happened; the huge column that came at me divided themselves into the hundred small energy missiles; when tense of energy columns did that, thousands of energy missiles had downed.

The curving of its attack to a splitting of energy missile, it is the first time the Abomination had shown such moves, and it had put horror on the faces of some people who were attacking the legs as they had activated one defensive method after another.

I did not move away from my spot. If it had been huge columns of energy, I would have dodged the attack but these missiles, even if thousands of them attacked me together.

Soon, hundreds of missions approached me, drawing the view in front of me with their numbers.

Ting Ting Ting

I smiled, seeing them before I swung my sword at blurring speed. The Khopesh crashed against one energy missile after another, destroying every missile that crashed against it into the dust.

In few seconds, nearly three hundred missiles had been crushed under my Khopesh; while I was easily able to deal with the attack, some people were not so lucky.

Some unlucky ones had their head blown, while some had their limbs and other parts. There are very few people that died; most of them had serious injury will need to drink regeneration potion as soon as possible and recuperate.

I saw few live people disappearing with dead ones as they shouted leave while those who were not extremely injured quickly chugged out the healing potion before went back on the attack.

I did not waste any time either; right after the missile attack ended, I harnessed all the power from the 'Second Boost,' which is huge, and moved toward the leg of the Abomination while powering up the enchantment with as much energy I could.

This time my target is not a usual leg; the Abomination is prepared for my attack on that leg; I could sense something nasty being prepared for me. Instead, I choose the third leg on the right.

Though, I still acted like I am targeting the second leg before abruptly moving toward the third leg.

Soon, I appeared beside the third leg and swing my Khopesh at the great power; the half-moon blade moved with a great ferocity that anyone would shudder if they saw it coming toward them.


The sword touched the knee of the third leg; the defensive skin is a power that had stopped my first attack, but this time, my Khopesh had cut right through it and begin to cut through the knee.

My sword begins to cut through the flesh and bone smoothly, and for a while, there was no resistance. Only when my sword had cut through more than half of the knee did I begin to feel the resistance.

While I felt the resistance, I did not feel much stress on it. There is huge momentum remaining in my sword, and its enchantments are blazing with power; this time, I will definitely going to cut its leg into two.

A moment later, my Khopesh came out of another side, cutting its let into two pieces.

Though the cut is not smooth as I would have gotten through the other sword, it is still a complete cut, and that what matters the most.

After cutting the leg, I had not to waste any moment. I know I have a precious few moments before it goes crazy on me, and I have to do the maximum damage in those moments.

Powering up its swords and enchantments again, I disappeared from my spot and appeared at the middle and swung my sword, harnessing all the strength I had.


My sword sliced through that leg even faster than before, cutting it even more cleanly despite the size of the Khopesh.


Right after I finished cutting, I had disappeared from my spot. I could hear its soul-shaking scream and tails that are coming toward me, but I did not choose to focus on them; there is one more leg before I will deal with coming attacks.

I appeared in front of the first leg I had targeted. It is still not healed completely; there is quite a huge cut remained, and it is a good thing for me.


I swing my sword, and it sliced through it, and this time, I did not feel the resistance when my sword was cutting through its leg.

I had wanted to go for another attack, but five tails had come at me, and like energy, pillars before they also split into tense of parts, making more than hundreds of powerful tails coming toward me.

This attack is going to be very powerful, and unlike the missiles earlier, I could not destroy them. I will have to cut through them, which is easy enough but also not, seeing they are connected to the Abomination.

So, I decided to dodge the tails and disappeared from my spot, but it looks like these tails are h.e.l.l-bent on having me as a powerful aura rose through them like a tsunami, and their speed increased immensely that my eyes have finally become serious.