Monster Integration - Chapter 1626 - Cutting Legs I

Chapter 1626 - Cutting Legs I

Chapter 1626 - Cutting Legs I

In less than thirty seconds, I had fully refined the ratman and stored the essence rose I had got from it in my storage.

I barely have to do a thing; with just a few intentions, the runic formation I had created had done its job.

The vermin did not have a bloodline, and not it had taken it during the harvesting; it would have been great if it had done that.

Sup Sup Sup

Shaking my head in disappointment and disappeared from the spot, avoiding the column-size energy missile that abomination released.

It is attacking with every second, and they are pretty destructive that if an Emperor got struct by it, they would become simply vaporized. Even I will have to put all my defenses together to barely defend against the huge column of energy.

After dodging the attack, I again begin to observe the abomination, looking for a great place to begin an attack, and soon I decided on one.

"First Boost!"

I activated and disappeared from my spot; I had decided to target its abdomen and legs. I would have liked to go after the head, but some of the most powerful people have chosen it as their target, and I don't want to join to make the crowd even bigger.

Not to forget, I feel little gummy about the head; it is likely because of my fear of eyes. The last abomination I had fought had thousands of eyes all over it, just like hundreds of eyes it had all over its face.

Soon, I was under its legs; there are hundreds of people attacking its legs and abdomen, now and then some got crushed under these heavenly pillars.

Seeing their huge size and one might expect them an easy target, but they are not. They are one of the most defensive parts of abomination and are extremely swift, that if one is not fast enough, they will crush you instantly.

Familiar strength of the 'First Boost' filled me, giving strength that very few people here I had.

This time, I was not shocked to see the great power of the first boost filling me. I had practiced with such great strength for two days and got very familiar with it and could launch the perfect attack.

Pouring the strength into sharpness and weight enchantment, I moved toward its left leg in front. I am going to cut that b.a.s.t.a.r.d apart, no matter how much time it takes.

The head might be a good choice to attack but is too well protected even when it did not look much.

There is a thin but very defensive layer covering the outer parts of its flower mouth; as for attacking inside the mouth, it is quite harder than it looked.

From what I had observed, its petal-like mouth moved too quickly that all the attack struck across its long sharp teeth, which looked like they are made of the strongest metals as people that are fighting them, barely able to damage them.

It is one of the reasons why I chose the lower part of the abomination to attack, and I am not the only one who had done that; some smart, powerful people are doing the same.


My sword clashed against its extremely defensive leg; the huge forty meters long sword of mine was not even able to do lesser damage than before as my sword was not even able to go even half meter deep into its skin.

For normal people, the damage Ive done may seem laughable, but some very observant people would be shocked seeing the damage, seeing I had attacked the knee of the abomination, the most protected part, which is covered in extra few layers of protection.


I let out a laugh as I removed my sword from its knee before attacking again at the same spot with much more strength.


A slicing sound rang out as my sword sliced through it through its knee, going deeper good six meters before coming out.

'This abomination is really strong.' I said as I looked at the cut I had made. The six-meter-long cut may look big, but when one considers how thick its legs are, they will consider it a small wound.

Fifty meters is no small joke.


The abomination, scremed again and this time, its leg came at me like a rocket speed kick. It is very fast, and with its leg, it will crush mostly anything that is below the Tyrants.

I easily avoided and waited for its leg to come back to its place, and when it did, I harnessed all the strgeth first boost could give and attacked.

This attack of mine is very fast and powerful, and its not just because I had harvested all the power of the first boost, which is quite much but also because I had poured huge mana in sharpness and weight enchantment.


My sword sliced through its let again, and this time, it went deeper and deeper before finally stopping at nearly twenty meters deep, which is lesser than I had expected but still not at the disappointing range.


Another soul-shaking roar came out of its mouth, and I saw three of its legs coming toward me. I glanced at them before I disappeared from my spot and appeared a few meters away from my position.

The abomination is powerful without a doubt but with those having the same level of power as it is not much of a threat as long as we are careful.

What difficult about this abomination is killing it; its defense is too powerful, and not to forget, it heals very quickly.

It is healing a meter by the second, it's been two seconds since I had launched the attack, and two meters of its wound have already been healed, but that is enough; I didn't plan to give it any more time.

I will have its leg, if I could not cut it with the power of the first boost, I will use an even more powerful attack, and I have many powerful attacks in my a.r.s.enal.