Monster Integration - Chapter 1628 - Overdrive I

Chapter 1628 - Overdrive I

Chapter 1628 - Overdrive I

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is surely h.e.l.l-bent on killing me," I said as I saw hundreds of magic missiles coming toward me from above while the extra fast tails coming from behind, packing me from both sides.

A twinkle of a smile couldn't help but appear in my eyes; while the attacks of Abomination are powerful, they will not be able to trap me, especially when the strength of 'Second Boost'' raging inside me.

I did not dodge the attack from the Abomination; instead, I flew toward it. I do not fear these missiles; even if hundreds of crashed against me, my armor would protect me; on the other hand, I do not wish to be caught by the tails.

I may have the strength to cut through those tails, but if I am mistakenly caught by them, and they behaved like my vines, and then I would be in serious trouble, so it is better, I stayed away from the tails.

Ting Ting Ting

I reached the missiles and begin to crush them as I flew through them. Tens of missiles attacked me every moment, but my sword tore them through the pieces before they could approach me.

By the time I pierce through the tide of missiles, not a single missile was able to touch me.

I hoped one of them would, so I could test the defense of my new armor but no such luck.

Well, I should feel grateful; the attack that would be able to circ.u.mvent my sword would be a truly powerful attack that my armor would have to try its all to defend against it.

The tails are still chasing me, but no energy attack came. I am not the only one who is launching the powerful attack on the Abomination; there are several others too, not to forget hundreds of small ants which are throwing powerful attacks at it every moment.

It could not focus on me alone; it has to attack hundreds of people every moment. It sparing, five of its thirteen tails at me show, how much of the threat the Abomination considers me.


I was flying away from the tails when I noticed something north of me. Seeing that, my eyes couldn't help, but twinkle and I too abrupt turn toward the north.

Four seconds later, the ribbon hanging by my hand moved toward the Greystone Oxman.

The Greystone Oxman noticed my ribbon coming toward it and begin to put its defenses, but before it could much, my ribbon wrapped around it and dragged it through the air toward me.

As ribbon brought it closer to me, ribbons on my stomach begin to split apart and formed a maw, through which only darkness could be seen.

Sheer horror appeared on the face of Greystone Oxman as it tried to struggle from my ribbon, but ribbon had bound it fully that it could not much. A moment later, the ribbon had dropped it into the maw, and soon the ribbons connected and became good as new.

As for the Greystone Oxman, its gone; there is no sign of even bulge on the stomach as if Grimm Monster is just a light snack that I digested instantly.

I could feel the gazes of people at me, both Grimm Monsters and humans looking at horror and even intentionally put distance between them and me; even those people who did not fear me have become cautious.

I had expected to get attacked by some powerful Grimm Monsters, but no attack came. I am sure the seven Grimm Monsters whose soul sense is covering a huge amount area saw me taking out two Grimm Monsters but still did not react.

It should not be surprising; my current strength is nothing to scoff at; if they dare to attack me, I might just eat them up and not to forget, I am not indiscriminately ma.s.sacring them; I just take a few of them out now and then.

It had been ten seconds since I had captured and begun harvesting it, and the change I was waiting for finally happened.

The Green and Silvery runes came out of me and covered the Grimm Monster; yes, this Greystone Oxman had Bloodline; it is the reason why I had gone out of my way to capture it.

I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief, seeing the runes did not cover all the ribbons and covered those only attached to the Grimm Monsters.

If the runes had shown outside, it would have created quite a ruckus, and some even might have attacked me. The ancient runes are no simple thing, those who have it or control strength related to them considered dangerous.

This Greystone Oxman is quite powerful, only a little weaker than the Black Bearman I had faced in the previous challenge. So, I was not surprised when the relatively thick Bloodline essence begins to merge with my runes.

The harvesting lasted for about thirty-five seconds before the Grimm Monsters had turned husk completely.


After harvesting and merging are finished, my runes released a thick strengthening energy which begins to flow through my body.

As the energy flows through me, I found myself getting stronger by it. Even with my current strength, the Bloodline essence is very useful to me.

It had only increased my strength but also helped in strengthening my runes and not forget to help me reach the absolute limit of my stage, which is extremely helpful.

The energy lasted for only twenty seconds, but it had given me a substantial increase in strength.

With strengthening finished, I once again took the sudden turn and moved toward the legs with increased speed and leaving hundreds of tails behind.

I harvested the full power of 'Second Boost,' including the recent boot I got after I had consumed the Bloodline. With such huge power, it took a b.a.r.e second to arrive near the middle leg of Abomination, and I swung my sword at it.


With my increased strength, I had cut through the leg of the Abomination and ran away with full speed as the tails had at me with a vengeance.

I am not the only one who landed the powerful blow; a group of three Grimm Monsters and Two humans had launched earthshaking at Grimm Monsters head, which had destroyed, one of nine petals of its mouth.

Not only powerful Emperors but normal Emperors too launching the attacks, and some of the attacks are giving injuries to the Abomination, and some of them like the ones in legs, of head and of a.s.s looks quite serious and these attacks, had emptied its life bar quite much.

People are not only fighting Abomination, but they also fighting among themselves, which is not surprising seeing I am nabbing Grimm Monsters now and then.

Barely a minute had pa.s.sed since I took out its other leg when suddenly, blue s.h.i.+mmer enveloped the Abomination, and its aura begins to climb rapidly; the change was sudden that it caught most people off guard.

Feeling something big going to happen, people reacted immediately, not only the regular Emperors but also a group of powerful Emperors who were attacking its fatal spot, and its a good thing they did.

"We have cut off its HP by 30%; it is going into overdrive!" A human not far from me said, making a drastic change in my expression.


I cursed loudly; this is no f.u.c.k.i.n.g game where villains will go into overdrive after to take out a certain percentage of its health but seeing how rapidly its aura is climbing and injuries healing, it is overdrive.