Monster Integration - Chapter 1625 - Abomination ###6731

Chapter 1625 - Abomination ###6731

Chapter 1625 - Abomination ###6731

"Final Challenge: Defeat The Abomination ###6731," "The Ranking Of Partic.i.p.ants Will Depend Upon The Damage They Do To The Abomination!" The Mechanical voice said.

Break Break Break

Just as the mechanical voice finished speaking, the chains binding the Abomination started to break one after another, and the runic circle that restricted our moments had also disappeared.


As it broke the chains that are binding its split-mouth, it let out an ear-splitting roar that shook the soul of people.

Blood begins to come out of people's eyes and ears, and some even vomited and got crushed under the tail before they could move away; the Abomination had acted too fast; it had attacked those who had affected by its roar the most.

Their bodies have disappeared the moment the tail had hit them, so they might be alive, but they might also be dead; nothing could be said unless we see them alive as many times people have died under such challenge in treasure palace.

The attack had brought reality back into everyone's eyes, and people have the reaction finally.

Armors begin to burst out with powerful aura's, world-shaking attacks went toward the Abomination. Some host of Bloodline and Inheritances, giagantified before they moved toward the Abomination to attack.

The Abomination is extremely powerful; the attacks that people have launched had barely scratched it before it disappeared.

The life bar above it barely had any change, even when hundreds of attacks crashed into it. The defense of this Abomination powerful; it did not matter if we launched thousands of small attacks; it will not lower its life bar as an immensely powerful attack would.

While most people are focused on attacks, there are some who attacked each other and see how the attacks are hitting people; there seemed to be no restriction on hitting each other.

I did not immediately act; I am in no hurry to attack, and seeing the scary look of mine, the Grimm Monsters around me left me alone when I am completely unarmed.

I am not the only one doing such things; some humans and Grimm Monsters also watching from a distance. These people are not emitting any aura, but they are powerful without a doubt.

Forty seconds had just pa.s.sed since the challenge began when I saw its sky-blocking tail coming toward me.

The tail is extremely fast, and with its huge size, the power behind its attack would be so immense that I did not want to directly clash against it; still, I did not move when it comes toward me and waited till it was just a meter above me.

When the tail was five meters above me, I disappeared from my spot and appeared above it. I did not immediately attack; instead, I use my newest move from the Armor set.


I said inside me as the runes inside me lit up, and ribbon begins to expand rapidly and with its size of my armor begin to grow.

My size in front of a thousand-meter tall monstrosity is too small; it is like but. Though even at bug size, I could see huge destruction with my strength, I still chose the gigantification.

Aside from wanting to test the power of the new move, I wanted to it for another thing which I would begin soon.

It took less than a second for my size to grow to fifty meters long, I could grow even bigger, but fifty meters is more than big enough.

As I got big enough, a huge forty meters long golden khopesh sword appeared in my hand; at the same time, the tail had come at me.

Abomination is smart when I dodge its tail coming before its stopped its tail from hitting the ground and moved its tail toward me.


I smiled, seeing the bright red tail with hideous apparitions coming toward me and disappeared from my appeared before below the tail before swinging mine toward one of the apparitions.

Khopesh is one of the most unique swords out there; it looked like a combination of the scimitar and sickle with its moonlike curve, which is really good to hack things apart.


My khopesh moved with blurring speed, and before the tail could react, its pieces through the b.l.o.o.d.y apparition, piering meter deep inside.

'F.u.c.k, its defense is really strong!' I said inside my mind. My attack may not look much, but it is very powerful. Powerful enough that it would have cut the Copper Maned Lionman into two without resistance but all my attack able to do pierce meter deep inside the monster.

It is like giving a few centimeter deep wound to the Grimm Monster, which means nothing to them, and this would mean nothing to the Abomination.

Just a few minutes ago, I had thought no matter how difficult the challenge be, I will be able to finish it with my power, but this Abomination is no simple challenge at all; even with all these people, it will be quite a challenge to finish it in few hours.

I instantly removed my sword and disappeared, and as the tail came me like lightning.

Seeing, I disappeared, I throught tail would come at me again, but it seemed not. It had found the easier target, a group of Grimm Monsters, standing too close to each other; more than half of them would not survive for more than half a minute.


Seeing that, I turned toward the huge body of Abomination, which is using every part of it to attack from where it is launching hundreds of energy attacks every moment.


I was watching the Abomination, thinking about which of it would be best to attack, when I noticed a vermin coming toward me, a ratman to be exact.


I did not react and remained looking, and soon the ground below me exploded, and a yellow-colored ratman comes at me, even then, I did move, but one of the loose ribbon hanging by my hand moved toward it like a lightning speed that brought out horror in vermins eyes.

Soon, a vermin got captured by the ribbon before it could put a decent defense.

The ribbon had brough it to me, and as it did, ribbons split apart, and maw like opened on my back, and ribbons smoothly deposited the ratman into the maw, and the maw closed while I continue to look at Abomination in front of me.