Monster Integration - Chapter 1624 - Final Challange

Chapter 1624 - Final Challange

Chapter 1624 - Final Challange

The next two days had pa.s.sed in a blur, most of my time spent researching my armor and some quirks that armor had brought.

At the Emperor Stage, I have got great strength, far greater than I had imagined, and it is hard to control such power. I had spent quite a substantial time of the past two days in the arena to get control over my moves and test my strength.

There is also that Diamond sheen which I was finally able to find out what it is and completely sure of it.

The truth about it had shocked me a little; when I had my guesses, I had not expected it would be that thing; even now, I have a hard time believing it, but it is the truth.

Fifteen minutes have remained till the gate to the final challenge appears, and there is one last thing I have to do.

I tapped on my forehead, and a ceramic mask appeared; as it did, I closed my eyes, and soon the transformation began. I am going to change my face; even with my current strength, I am not going to show my real face.

People in the treasured palace may not be able to kill me, but outside, all a Tyrant would need a single attack, and I would disappear from the world.

The process of changing faces is extremely painful; here, the bones expanded and skin stretched, it is pure torture, but I bore it with gritted teeth, and a few minutes later, a thin, scrawny figure appeared in my place.

As I finished changing the face, I immediately summoned my armor. As I did, black ribbons appeared around me and began to wrap around my body, and soon, every part of me wrapped in ribbons.

As the ribbons finished wrapping, golden jewelry materialized around my neck, hands, and feet and a crown appeared on my head.

If earlier, I looked like I was wearing mummy-style armor; now I have become a complete mummy, a mummied Pharoh with all the pom poms of crown and jewelry. The whole look is quite scary and will give creeps to many people.

Such looks are rare; nearly all people go for the armored form instead of the living form, which gives them more flexibility, but since it is a thing Ive designed myself, there is no problem about the flexibility.

I am quite exacted for the final challenge, and I am sure it will be very amazing. For two days, I had wanted to fight something challenging, and now, I will get that chance; I am sure of it.


Time pa.s.sed by, and finally, a golden Runic Gate appared in front of me and walked through it as I had done multiple times.

Soon, I walked to the other side and stopped on my tracks, and my whole body shook visibly seeing the monstrosity in front of me.

Seeing it old memories of abomination couldn't help but appear in my mind, despite it being vastly different than the abomination.

It in front of me is an abomination, it is vastly different from the abomination I had faced but still an abomination.

The abomination in front of me is gigantic, about a thousand meters tall and it resembles that of a lion if one considers a lion with eight legs and thirteen tails which had hundreds of scary apparition on their body.

The scary apparitions are not only on its tails and legs but all over its body and including head, if that watch it is, its gigantic head is split like a flower in nine parts and have very sharps t.e.e.t.s inside and hundreds of eyes outside.

Currently, it is being chained by the hundreds of gigantic chains, that had covered every part of its body.

It looked very real as if it is a real being but when I use my ocular methods that had become even more powerful with breakthrough, I know it is not real, not alive. It is made by a very powerful being to make it look almost real.

Humans and Grimm Monsters appeared around the abomination, each one had quite a spectacular expression on their face but there is a difference in expressions of the two races.

The humans had a pure horror on their face when they looked at it before some excitement appears on their face as they looked at it clearly and got over their shock while the Grimm Monster also had the look of horror on their faces looking at it but instead of excitement that human had, they had reverence in their eyes.

From what, I know aside from the Totem Spirit of their tribe, these Grimm Monsters also wors.h.i.+p other beings and some of these beings look suspiciously like the abomination.

This abomination may look like one of the beings they wors.h.i.+p, I wonder whether the Grimm Monsters will fight it or give up.

I shook my head just as this thought had come into my mind, there is no way in h.e.l.l Grimm Monsters will give up the battle, seeing their nature they will fight it and they will fight with frenzy, not wanting to let us humans get the best price and have an edge.

We are seemed to be in the forest, through we standing on the huge clearing there is miles wide, I could see the greenery and hills, I wonder if people will be able to run there if the battle had become too hard for them.

A minute has pa.s.sed and soon nearly all the people have been teleported and we are standing around the abomination, forming a huge circle.

There are around a thousand people who seemed to have reached the final challenge and more than half of them are Grimm Monsters. Their numbers are between six hundred to six hundred and fifty.

The difference is not huge, if we turn against each other which we will without a doubt if it is allowed we will be able to face them without problem, we had faced them many times with far greater odds.