Monster Integration - Chapter 158 Out of Realm I

Chapter 158 Out of Realm I

"Puch!" I slumped on the ground with the monster.

This has been a bitter battle, I have never imagined that monsters in central are this dangerous.

We had already lost more than seventy people since yesterday and many still are fighting the bitter fight.

My whole body is riddled with injuries, there no part that is left unharmed, drinking the healing potion, I sat comfortably on the ground to let potion take its effect.

The fight is still going on and I am still vigilant of a monster attack.

All the monster horde we had encountered in the Central are have bipedal monsters and they are very dangerous but also very helpful in giving precious fighting experience.

This experience will be helpful when fighting against humans, although these monster are dumb and their brain filled with madness but there is no question about their strength.

After five minutes, I felt good enough to remove the cores from the monster's bodies.

Normally in this realm, we encountered monsters of same species attacking us in large numbers and monster of other species won't mix with each other but in this area everything is different.

Here we are receiving attacks from two or more racial groups at least and fight we just fought had three different types of monsters species with being more than ten thousand in numbers.

I can remove the cores from the two monster species with the help of my skill but the third one is difficult.

I have to ask jill for help to do that, she can easily help me now.

Yesterday she had leveled up once again advancing to the peak level of Specialist stage.

Her power rose quite a bit and she had helped me many times during the fight yesterday and today.

Today and tomorrow will be my last two days in this realm and if I am able to survive it, I am going home rich.

With money will I have after selling the materials I got from this realm, I will able to afford the systematic training of evolver.

I can clearly see the elites of the organization are at a much better level than me despite being the same level.

Jill who was quite inexperienced before coming to this realm, now had become skilled evolver.

I can feel that she could able to beat me if two of us fight, it not just because of the ability and skill she possessed but due to the systematic training she received from the organization since childhood.

No amount of experience can feel that gap.

Systematic training not only contain Combat Style, but it is also contain training under various equipment such as Gravity Chambers.

If I had systematic training of the year, I would have had a lot easier time dealing with the monsters.

I can see the little tricks and small movement, that jill and others perform during the fight really help them a lot.

They some kind of flexibility in a fight that I can't identify and copy.

Soon the everybody fished harvesting their loot and started moving forward with Super elite taking the lead.

From the experience past few days, I know that any big horde won't attack us for at least one to two hours, that is enough for my wounds to heal.

There are many lone monsters or small group of monster attacked us but all were cut down by us.

The scouts are running ahead, to search for the safe route as we want to avoid the monsters if possible.

Our pace is very quick as we had to reach our destination as soon as possible.

Times pa.s.sed by and it been little more than two hours since I thought we would at least not encounter monster horde at least for an hour but my thoughts were too optimistic as Jerry who is leading the group stopped suddenly.

'Monster is coming!' We only when the monster horde is coming and fight is unavoidable.

We don't have wait that long, we heard the slight tremor of the earth that means a large number of monster is coming toward us.

A few minutes later we saw the monster first I was a little relieved thinking only one monster species is attacking us but soon after another type of monster come out and started attack without waiting.

"Mooo!" "Growwwl!"

Seeing the abilities of two monster species quite peculiar expression appeared on my face.

Ones are scarlet color Bear which is breathing fire from their mouth while others are bull monsters which are throwing water jets from their mouth.

Elemental monsters are less compare to the normal monsters in this realm and that minster who can perform midrange to long-range attack are simply rare and now I am seeing two at the same place.

Feeling of little bewilderment, confusion, and iron appear in is obvious.

I even wanted to laugh a little on my luck as fighting these monsters will be very tricky.

Both monsters quite large in height twelve meters being shortest while eighteen meters are being tallest.

The monster had started to while we specialist grade is gripping our sword and waiting for the monster to come to use.

With four camps merging together, the loose formation had changed little.

Now all Corporal stage revolvers are at the front and all corporal stage monster will be handled by them while all the Specialist monsters will come to use.

They will not touch any Specialist grade monster and if any dangerous monster got where it not supposed to be, it will be killed by super elites.

The corporal grade will act like the first layer of defense which will filter Specialist Grade monster for us and while if any corporal level monster got in, it will quickly be killed by Rachel or any other super elites.

I activated all my weapons and started circulating moves of exercise seeing the monster coming toward us from distance.

This fight will be very tricky, both monster species are able to perform both close range and long range attacks.