Monster Integration - Chapter 157 Dangerous HONEY III

Chapter 157 Dangerous HONEY III

''Why the f.u.c.k is they making such noise!" I shouted as I woke up by the loud noise from outside.

I get really angry when someone woke me from sleep especially before my time of waking up as there is still one hour till the dawn.

I got up and started wearing clothes, I want to see why they are making such loud noise so early.

It's probably due to monsters, some weird monster or a large number of monsters must have gathered outside the camp but when I went out of my tent and saw what are they shouting about, a gasp also comes out of my mouth involuntarily.

In the beautiful brightness of moonlight, I saw the horrible scene in front of me that I had seen only once a few days ago but I still dreamed about it.

There I no monster outside or to be accurate there is no alive monsters outside.

Dried husky bodies of monsters could be seen lying on the ground, there is no open s.p.a.ce as every single inch of surface filled with bodies.

There must be about ten thousand bodies must be there but that's not the shocking thing.

The shocking thing is that there are two giant bodies of two different monsters.

One looked like Centipede monster while other is some kind of insect type monster which species I can't seem to identify.

Both of their height is above fifty meters and had turned yellow as everything had been sucked out of them.

Even powerful gigantified monster is able to save them from terrifying Daffodil Bees.

My hand unconsciously went to my right pocket as I looked at the husky dried bodies of poor monsters.

Ashlyn! I sigh in her name as I looked at the dried bodies.

It's all because of her! If she hadn't stolen the piece of honeycomb from the daffodil bees, these poor monster hadn't had died this horrible way.

Although I am quite angry about the dangerous risk Ashlyn took yesterday by stealing a piece of honeycomb from the daffodil bees but now I am quite happy with the result.

If she hadn't stolen from the daffodil bees, the bees wouldn't have come to attack and killed these monsters, saving us a lot of time and efforts to killing them.

The only thing I am sad about that the monster cores that I would have gotten fighting these monsters.

"Today we will one hour early, please make your preparation according to it." Rachel's voice boomed across the whole.

Those who were sleeping would have definitely woken up hearing her loud announcement.

Hearing her announcement everybody started to make preparation as there are less than two hours time.

I am quite surprised about one thing though, there were eight people below Specialist grade before we left the main camp for Scind forest and till today all eight of them are alive.

Two had leveled up to the specialist stage while six is still at private grade.

I've noticed many times that when the battle, these eight people would always hide around the Rachel and first to do the harvesting monster cores when battling about to be over.

They are also the ones who are responsible for collecting the monsters corps for dinner and helping in making dinner.

Freshening up, I went back to my tent and wait for dinner to be ready.

Ashlyn is still sleeping comfortably without a sign of waking up.

Last night, I thought she would wake up in two or maybe three hours out of her drunkenness but it took her four hours to get out of the intoxicating effect of the honey.

After waking up she had started to demand food unceremoniously, I really wanted to hit her chubby little face in anger but gave up after thinking she had stolen such precious honey and gave her the food I specially brought for her.

Time pa.s.sed by soon the dinner is ready, I finished dinner and packed my tent in a backpack to leave the camp.

"Crunch crunch!" sound of breaking of bones could be heard from our every step we took.

We had just start got out of camp and walking on the husky bodies of monster that had been sucked by the daffodil bees.

We would have taken a detour a little but the whole area around our camps are filled with dried husky bodies of monster that will turn into powder or break apart by every step of ours.

It feels very weird walking on this kind of dead bodies as we could clearly see the heart-wrenching expression on each and every monster we pa.s.sed by.

''It must be really painful to feel your lifeforce sucked apart while you are still alive and experiencing it?" Jill asked in a soft voice as a looked monster bodies.

I nodded without saying anything, one can't imagine how much pain they have felt, it must be akin to being your soul tearing from your body.

No living being should ever have their lifeforce sucked while they were conscious.

Soon we pa.s.sed the dead bodies of monsters and approached the central part of the core of the scind forest.

I felt antic.i.p.ation, fear, and excitement as I approach the wood, just three days.

I have to survive three days in this woods and on the fourth day, I would in westblood sleeping in my tiny apartment but it will not be easy.

In these three days, I will fight the strongest monsters I've fought before and if it survived, I will return home with the fortune.

Coming back to myself I took a step into the woods with rest.

Walking a few steps inside, I could clearly feel the change in the density of foreign energy and quite surprised by it.

I am not surprised by the density of this foreign energy but surprised how many time times dance it is, it is out my expectation.

Its no wonder Rachel warned us that monster we will face in three days would be stronger and crazy that monsters we face till now.

I gripped my sword tightly and readied myself for any type of danger to come.