Monster Integration - Chapter 159 Out of Realm II

Chapter 159 Out of Realm II

"Mooo!" "Growl!" With a deafening sound, the specialist grade monsters came toward us.

Soon a group of specialist monsters is separated and started to attack the evolvers.

Three monsters ran toward me with furious expression in their faces.

Of the three monsters, One Scarlet Fire Bear while other two Water bulls.

''Whoosh whoos.h.!.+" All three of them launched a long-range attack.

Suddenly everything turned slow and I can see water jet and fire attack forming in their mouth with very slow speed.

While everything around me had started to run slow motion including my body but my thoughts process is unaffected.

This happens to some time from childhood when I am on adrenaline, though it did not happen always when I am in adrenaline, it happens most of the time.

Some people experience this very less and some people experience it but it is not useful as others would think.

it does not affect that much as I am seeing in everything in s

I can't change much as my bodies reaction is too slow to do much anything except for the seeing trajectory of the attack.

I can't act on much as my strength is too low to act according to it.

If I had eight seals in my body right now, I would able to react fast and kill these monsters fast.

I laugh at myself thinking that, if I had the power of seals I would have directly run and killed them directly before they could lunch an attack.

Seeing three incoming attack of water and fire, I ducked down and use my s.h.i.+eld above my head defend myself from a change in attacks.

''Boom!" All three attacks had missed me, although this monster has lethal long-range attacks, they need few moments to ready that attack and you are easily able to guess the trajectory of those attacks from their mouths.

And it's not like they are crafty and smart like azure monkeys.

There is another thing which helps me dodge the attack of these monsters which are their big size.

Due to their fourteen, fifteen meter size, there is a lot of s.p.a.ce to dodge their many attacks, especially a range one.

"Growl!" Scarlet fire Bear came toward me growling as it claws started to burn with scarlet fire.

I am quite surprised seeing that but I quickly reacted.

First tide! I activated the power of the first tide to dodge the incoming fire claw attack from Scarlet fire bear and water jet attacks from the two water bulls.

"Bang!" ''f.u.c.k!" I cursed as grazed by fiery claws of Scarlet fire bear while I was dodging water jets.

The injury I received could not be said lite but it is not serious either but I cant mull over the injury as another attack is coming.

This has been a reality ever since we entered the central region, most of the monster I faced are B grade.

Mad and idiot they may be but they are extremely strong if two or more B grade monster of the same level attack you, it became very hard to attack and defend.

Despite having Knight grade skill, I don't get a chance to use and there is barely any chance available to attack them.

My strategy to kill these monster is first to observe them carefully and note their strength and weakness like how many types of attack they perform, the interval between their attacks, coordination between them, etc.

After observing everything I will attack, this is the best method I can think of.

Many people around fighting with the edge of life deathlike me, a simple mistake on your part and you will lose life to the monster.

My former teammate had lost is life like that, he was literally crushed by the monster!

I clearly remember his paste like a body on the ground, he simply crushed by a monster big paw.

I saw much death since I've entered this realm that I become numb to it and I don't like this feeling.

One has to have empathy left in themselves no matter how many death one had seen.

The monster I am fighting had formed simple coordination me that only two monster attack at the same time and last one attack right after when either two monster finishes attacking.

And the most hateful thing about three of these monsters that these monster

the long-range attack had no resting time, they can lunch next attack right after the previous attack without waiting for anything.

I was hoping that there are a few seconds of interval time between each attack launch but there is simply none.

I have seen only one second of rest when they are charging them skills but that cant consider ann interval time.

"Boom!" I dodged another tow water jets attack and can feel droplets of water hitting my back after water jets attacks had crashed a few inches beside me.

The only thing I relieve about since entering this central area that my knight grade skill does work without a problem as long as it is not peak level specialist grade monsters.

I am very very thankful that I've got this Knight grade skill otherwise it would have been really difficult for me to kill the monsters here.

"Growl!" Scarlet fire growled again as I launched it Fiery claw again.

This monster has a serious anger issue, another monster had lost their mind in madness but this one definitely lost in anger.

Even if it was no foreign energy that affects them, it would have still behaved same way it behaves right now and I am very happy seeing that.

At starting when we starting fighting, the monster was madly attacking me but they were careful not to obstruct each other attack.

I still remember what Rachel said about these monsters before we had entered the Scind forest that 'These monster may be mad but not an idiot if you consider them idiots then you would surely lose your life'

It is true, I fought many monsters since entering this forest but I rarely able to use one monster against others.

It is very hard to use these monster to obstruct attack of anther monsters but there are always exceptions and this Scarlet fire Bear is an exception.

As it is barely able to launch an attack on me, it started to get angry and in its anger, it started to interfere little with attacks water bulls which are attacking from behind.

I just have to keep stroking its anger, till it gets completely lost in and that time, I will attack this monster in one shot kill.

'Thud!' a while arrow flew above me and struck the monster not far away from.

My luck is not that good that monster I am fighting will be killed by Rachel, it only happens two times ever since we entered this forest.

Taking sigh internally, I kept fighting, trying anger this Scarlet fire bear and it started working as it started to obstruct the attacks of its partners little by little, I just have to it few more minutes and I will get the perfect chance to attack it.

'Shake shake..….' The ground started to shake loudly and expression of fear appeared on my face.

Why did they appear quickly! I question internally as I make my mind to attack no matter the risk.

Gigiantified monsters are coming and from the shaking, it looked like this time there more than five.

Gigamtified monsters are not a problem as they handled by super elites, the problem is with them, they brought another layer monster.

The number of monsters I am fighting will immediately double after they came.

There is another problem that super elite busy would be dealing with them for a few minutes and there would hardly in rescue.

This is precious when most of the casualty occurs and shows that without a super elite our whole group of near four thousand people could simply wipe single horde

"Growl!" 'Whoos.h.!.+' The Scarlet fire Bear growled and attack me with its fiery claws but this time instead of dodging backward or to the side, I ran toward it directly.

The monster has a little surprise like in its eyes but it didn't affect its attack.

As claws about to reach me, I duck and rolled toward its legs while eating two pieces of the treant heart from my sleeve and activating mask on my head while deactivating my boots.

I did not escape unharmed from that claws as my whole back had been seared by fire.

if anyone to look at my back, they will find burned marks all over it.

"Fire Strike!" I shouted both for confidence and manage the pain of my back as I attack Water Bulls that are attacking the Water jet straight at me.