Monster Integration - Chapter 156 Dangerous HONEY II

Chapter 156 Dangerous HONEY II

She has a thumb size piece of honeycomb in her beak, seeing if I understood everything.

We are super f.u.c.ked! I shouted in fear and shock as I saw that pease of honeycomb.

'Chew chew!' Ashlyn chirp telepathically saying me to take the honeycomb.

Her chirp made me come to myself from the shock and I quickly removed the delicate safe box from my storage.

'Place it here!" I said as I opened the box.

Nodding her little head she flew near the box and placed the small piece of honeycomb inside but not before drinking some honey from it.

As I close the box, she suddenly went inside me and I started to run without looking back.

It's only been a few second since Ashlyn came back, those monster bees would not be much behind.

I stopped suddenly at the end of the woods and started to walk normally, I don't want anyone to know that I have a few drops honey of Daffodil Bess.

If known then I would be in grave danger that even William would not be able to protect me.

I heaved a sigh of relief after seeing noticed anything strange about me.

''Buzzz Buzzzz..….." A buzzing sound came suddenly and a group of about two hundred daffodil bees comes of wood all of sudden.

"Daffodil Be…" "Bang bang bang!" before he could fully say the sentence, all five super elites launched their long-range attacks at bees without stopping.

Within a minute all two two hundred some monsters bees are dead.

"All people a.s.semble to your respected camps immediately!" Max shouted.

I sighed in relief seeing no one suspected anything and thought Daffodil bee attack was normal.

I mixed into people talked with jill as I normally do.

Some people who were going for the cores of monster bees stopped on their tracks and went back to the place where people of their respective camp were griping.

Without wasting any second, people of four camps started to arrange the protection artifact while we help cleaning the s.p.a.ce.

Within three minutes the field is clean and four big light blue domes came into place.

This time camps are little different though, they had arranged four camp side by side but this time there is a small pipe way made forcefield had connected to four camps.

With this pipe way, others can travel to different camps.

"They can do this? Why didn't they did it before?" I ask sitting under night sky besides our tents.

''There was never a need to do that before as danger was manageable but now we are only three days away from the exit and monsters ahead are very dangerous."

''They will need a plan and make a strategy for two days before our four camps will meet the other four camps in two days." She said.

After she said, I understood the reasoning behind why they did that, connecting four camps had many uses.

''After we cross this area tomorrow, the monster will become more dangerous, many species of monster will attack together and we will probably come across many gigantified monsters," Jill said as she stood up and walked towards her tent while leaving me in shock.

Species of many monsters attacking together, many gigantified monsters, her words really shocked me.

Probably this is the reason that four camps came got together.

We only come across gigantified monsters only one time, they were two Sawtooth Earthworms.

Their height was above fifty meters and was very dangerous, if not for Rachel and Max killing them quickly, it might have caused unforeseeable casualties.

Outside the monster had started coming and attacking, there were already near thousand monsters are attacking the camps while more are coming.

I am a little surprised though, I thought there will be a large group if daffodils bees would come but except for two small groups, none came.

The first groups were killed by super elites in minutes while another attacked the s.h.i.+eld for fifteen minutes and left.

Taking a long sigh I went inside the tents there is still time for dinner.

Ashlyn has been behaving erratically ever since she had eaten that two drops of honey.

Her emotions are in a jumble as if she is drunk, I tried to call her out of me but she wouldn't listen.

She is still very much entranced in her drunkenness that no matter how much I tried to call her out but she wouldn't listen.

I didn't worry much seeing her drunkenness, Jill told that honey had an intoxicating side effect, she will become sober in an hour.

I removed delicate case out my storage and opened it, aside from seven small pieces of the mutated Treant heart now there is even small piece of a honeycomb could be seen there.

It is perfectly packed in a small transparent bubble so not a drop of honey could be wasted.

Earlier I was too scared to look at honeycomb but not carefully looked at it.

It thumb size honeycomb piece and holden brown honey could be seen inside it.

If I guessed right there should be twelve to sixteen drops of blood inside it.

I turn ver happy seeing that as it the biggest fortune I've ever held.

Jill had said that each drop of honey from Daffodil Bee would sell for ten million credit at least.

There is a huge demand for it but very low production, even organizations have to organize a big force to acquire the honey from daffodil bees.

Its value is no less than some mystical medicine, even the pieces of mystical medicine I have had are fewer values that drop of honey.

The pieces of the mutated Treant heart I had could be used to Sergeant stage at most but this honey made by Corporal level Daffodil Bees could be used by a powerhouse of all Twelve stages, although it will very little use to the later powerhouse, it's still useful to them.

One basic uses of this honey are that it increases the efficacy of any potion.

Grade 1 potions efficacy would increase by four times, Grade 2 potions efficacy will increase 3 times, Grade 3 potion efficacy would increase 2 times and Grade 4 potions efficacy would be increased by 1 time respectively.

Although many other factors also include in it but still this a miraculous use.

Another it's used is that it can provide lifeforce, this is the main reason why it is so expensive.

Taking lifeforce from others is forbidden and if found out then there is an extreme punishment for it.

The things that could provide the lifeforce are insanely expensive.

If people were to know I had a few drops of daffodil bees honey then I would be in grave danger.

With a piece of honeycomb here, the small case capacity is nearly full, I can add most two thumb size things here.

Before closing, I trace its runes with my hand, whoever had the craft these runes must be an expert.

The runes looked so beautiful that I just want to keep looking at it.

Other than touching, I didn't do anything to those runes.

One thing I come to know after reading the book about Totemic runes that things that involve runes aren't that simple.

I closed the box and kept it back inside my storage, thinking to research them if I got the chance.