Monster Integration - Chapter 1605 - Seals II

Chapter 1605 - Seals II

Chapter 1605 - Seals II


A faint buzz rang through my temple as the Amethyst Seal begin to form. I had done it; I had formed the 194th Amethyst Seal, and now I just needed six more before I could have a Dimond Seal.

As the Amethyst Seal begins to form, it begins to suck a huge amount of energy from the Refinement Engine. I am not worried about the energy requirement, I could still use my Refinement Engine, and it has enough energies to supply for the seal.

My huge energy storage is rapidly getting drained under the Amethyst Seal that within a fifteen second, 50% of it had been emptied, but I am not worried about it sucking the whole energy.

According to my calculations, the seal would suck 80% to 90% of my energy which is huge considering the quality of my energy that is stored in huge storage.

Another ten seconds pa.s.sed, and the seal stopped sucking the energy after it sucked 87% of my energy. Five seconds later, it revealed its form and began to release the cooking energy, which felt slightly comforting.

The energy that Amethyst Seal is releasing is in quite a great amount but compare to Ruby Seal, they are quite lacking, and the increase they give it to me is minimal.

At my current strength, Ruby Seal and Dimaond Seal could give me the needed enhancements, and speaking of Ruby Seal; If I am able to create it, I will be in quite a trouble as unlike other times, I could not supply the energy it needs from the outside source.

Soon, the seal stopped releasing energy and went back to its place in my temple. With this seal being created, I now need to create another six seals, and I had wasted no time doing that, seeing how tired I am becoming by second.

The circulation has become even more difficult with another seal being created, but that did not stop me. I am intent on creating another seal, and this time, I want to create it faster.

Six hours pa.s.sed as I continue to circulate the exercise; I would not rest for even a second after each failure before trying again.

As the day pa.s.sed, visible changes begin to occur in the lake; nothing had happened to the lake or beacons, which seemed to be getting brighter and brighter with my every step, but changes could be seen.

The faces of people have become extremely tired, and they reduced their pace to a tenth of what they had started. I begin to cross the people that were in front of me, there were more than a thousand people in front of me, and now only a few hundred of them had remained.

I had not thought that before but the number of people in the third challenge more than it should have been.

Including the Grimm Monsters, there have not been more than thirty thousand, and when one calculates 2nd challenge where one has to eliminate hundred to get into the pa.s.s the challenge, the number of people should be in less than three hundred seeing some people would have been eliminated in the first challenge too.

But here, I could easily count more than ten thousand people, which is very weird, its like people have been barely eliminated in the past challenges.

There could be only two answers to this question, either both sides have brough out lots of numbers after we entered or another connection of the treasured palace had opened somewhere, both of the scenarios have had happened before.

More people means harder challenge, this challenge is utterly boring, but it is also extremely hard.

Of more than ten thousand people who are attempting this challenge, only half of it will able to finish it, and even they will take nearly a week time to finished it, even I am not sure whether or not I will be able to finish walking through the lake before the six days.

I wish I could avoid the feeling of tiredness with my Rules Bending power, but this projection of tiredness is too strong; when I tried it, I felt as if the whole Treasure Palace is bearing down on me.

"What kind of f.u.c.k.i.n.g challenge is this? You can not fight others; you can not talk to others, you can just f.u.c.k.i.n.g walk in this f.u.c.k.i.n.g lake," "I don't want to stay another minute in this f.u.c.k.i.n.g challenge, I 'Leave,'" Shouted on the young man and second later he disappeared.

Such outbursts are way too common here; every hour, some Grimm Monster or Human would burst out cursing in anger and leave right away; seeing them, I also wanted to leave right away from this boring challenge, but I steeled my will and continued.

This challenge isn't called 'Challenge of Will' for nothing; this challenge will bore you so much that it will take every spec of your will to continue with the challenge; only those with higher 'Will' will continue with this challenge till last.

Every part of me wants to leave this challenge, but I will not leave it, even if it takes me seven days to walk to the beacon.

I am getting tired with every step, but I am also expanding more effort in the circulation of the Supreme Combat Exercise, and these efforts are taking me closer and close to creating another Amethyst Seal.


Finally, after seven hours of effort, my energy was finally able to break through the final wall that had been stopping me, and the creation of Amethys Seal begins.

Amethyst color swirl appeared in my temple, and it begins to suck the energy from my refinement engine.

It is a good thing I had refined the energy and filled the storage a few hours ago; otherwise, I would have to refine it hastily right now, and it would have taken minutes for the seal to form instead of the seconds that it would take now.