Monster Integration - Chapter 1604 - Seals

Chapter 1604 - Seals

Chapter 1604 - Seals

It had been ten hours since the third challenge has begun, and I have barely crossed the 10% of the lake.

I feel like I had fought a day-long battle with hundreds of powerful enemies, exerting a huge amount of my strength, and now I am dead tired.

To be honest, I would have preferred it if it was a huge battle with lots of enemies. Adrenaline will have kept me going even if I am dead tired; here, everything is monotonous and utterly boring, which affects the tiredness that water is projecting even more intense.

Walking through the water is boring, and tiredness that increases with every step makes this process even more exhausting. The only fun thing I could do here watch the sad and miserable faces of others.

The ones who designed this challenge must be true s.a.d.i.s.ts; if they wanted to test the will, they would use the pain, but no, they had to use tiredness which everyone is familiar with, but no one liked.

I wish I could do something to s.h.i.+ft my focus from this tiredness; the more I continue to focus on it, the more tired I became, which made everything worse but sadly, there is nothing.

In this challenge, I could not use my power; I could not control worldly energy, h.e.l.l I couldn't even use Rule Bending power as the pressure of whole Treasure Palace descend on me; there are restrictions everywhere.


Another sigh escaped my mouth as I continue walking through the lake at my designated pace, which is slow.

There are thousands of partic.i.p.ants ahead of me, and my compet.i.tiveness wants me to move faster to surpa.s.s them, but I control my urge and continue at my designated pace. Others can go fast if they want, but I will continue to move at this pace which is most balanced.

Unless something changes drastically or I find some way to relive this tiredness other than sitting on those d.a.m.ned lotuses, I will not change that pace.

I had just thought that when an idea appeared in my mind, in these past ten hours, I had tried everything, even tried to enter my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, but the restrictions of this place are powerful enough that I was not able to enter my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

'I was such an idiot for not trying it before,' I said to myself and had not wasted any time before I begin to circulate for amethyst seal.

With the new changes in Supreme Combat Exercise after I created Diamond Seal, a new energy pathway had appeared. This new energy pathway is longer, but unlike the pathway before, this long pathway creates the amethyst seal directly instead of the regular seal.

I now need to create the seven Amethyst Seals before the Ruby Seals form from it, and with ten Ruby Seals in my temple, the second Dimond Seal will form. The process seemed simple enough, but it is extremely hard.

It had been more than half a year since I had last created the Diamond Seal, and ever since then, I am trying to create another one, allotting at least a small amount of time for it.

Compare to others, I had made huge progress as 99.9% of people who practice the Supreme Combat Exercise never able to create a Diamond Seal, but some exceptional people were able to do it.

Both Professor and Teacher have created the Diamond Seals; I don't know much about the professor, but the Teacher had created five to six seals, which is a huge number seeing how the difficulty of creating it increases with every seal.

A few seconds after I begin circulating the exercise, I had stopped as I found myself getting tired rapidly as I circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise. The circulation of it is very strainful, and adding to tiredness the water is projecting in me, it is natural that I am going to feel tired.

It is very disappointing as I was hoping that this exercise circulation would help me diverting my focus from the ever-increasing tiredness.

I wanted to give up the circulation of exercise as it is making me more tired, but I did not. I begin circulating again.

Even if the circulation of it making me more tired, it is still diverting my mind from the tiredness, and if I am able to focus 100% of my mind on it, I will be completely able to divert my mind from the ever-increasing tiredness.

Though it will be difficult, there is the possibility that I will be able to do it as the tiredness I am feeling is not a real thing, and If I tried hard enough, I might be able to divert my mind from this fake tiredness.

With that in mind, I begin to circulate even more furiously, not caring about how tired I am becoming every second due to it.

I am resisting the tiredness; it will overpower me if I was not able to completely focus my mind on the circulating and forget anything else, and for that to happen, some time is needed.

I hope before it happens, I might be able to create at least one Amethyst Seal; it will be good for motivation and help me concentrate better, but as I had said, it is not easy to create the seals, especially at this stage.

Still, I will try as it is the only option I have.

Hours pa.s.sed as I kept circulating, trying over and over as I am unable to complete a circulation. This continued repet.i.tion and ever-increasing tiredness as I go deeper into the lake made me want to give up every second, but I hold on to it.

Eight hours had pa.s.sed as such, and now I am very close to completing the whole circulation as I pa.s.sed twenty-two times.

The energy is moving so slow that if it continued moving at such speed for thirty more seconds, the circulation would break again like past twenty-two times.

This time I am not planning to let that happen; I had tried too hard to reach this stage, and my energy never been this faster, and now the only thing I have to do is make it even faster so the circulation will not break and in few minutes, I will have the amethyst seal I need.