Monster Integration - Chapter 1606 - Diamond Seal I

Chapter 1606 - Diamond Seal I

Chapter 1606 - Diamond Seal I

Slowly but surely, I had got lost in the circulation of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

It was very difficult, and for the first two days, I have thought about whether it is even possible for myself to lose in the circulation of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

It had taken more than two days and three Amethyst Seals before I was able to focus solely on the circulation of Supreme Combat Exercise and nothing else, hypnotizing myself to do one thing, and one thing only is really difficult, and if not for current desperate conditions, I would have not able to do it.

It is the third day, and I am walking forward with a blank look in my eyes as all my eyes focused on the Supreme Combat Exercise that is circulating inside me with great ferocity.

While my focused Self is circulating the energy with great ferocity and focus, he is still failing and trying repeatedly.

The greater focus does not guarantee instant success; even with such focus, I will have to try hundreds of times before I could succeed, which is still better than the thousands of times, I used to try before.

With the greater focus, I will need less time to create the seals, even if the efforts of creating them would increase exponentially with the creation of each seal.

Another Amethyst seal is very close to being created; if I continued circulating with such increasing ferocity, then there is a chance that I will be able to create the Amethyst Seal within an hour.

The speed seemed farfetched, seeing it had been barely more than an hour since I was able to focus my every thought into practicing the Supreme Combat Exercise, but it is the truth.


Minutes pa.s.sed by, and thirty-five minutes later, a light buzz rang through my body, and the creation of the Amethyst Seal begin inside me; while that is happening, my circulation did not stop.

I had begun circulating for another Amethyst Seal; with this seal formed, I would need to create another three Amethys Seal, and I hope my focused Self would create them all today.

The sooner I create the Dimond Seal, the better. Through the Amethyst Seals, I had observed that the strength of my body is growing, and only half of the strength I get from it is being suppressed.

There are chances that I could be wrong thinking this since the increment that Amethyst Seals give me are minute.

I hope I am not wrong about this; If I can create the Dimond Seal, my strength will increase exponentially, which will increase my walking speed and help me cross the lake faster.

Nothing could be said right now; I will know about it concretely when I create the Dimaond Seals as, unlike the other seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, Diamond Seal does require energy from the host.

The Dimond Seal takes one type of worldly energy that one can't sense or control, not even tyrants; this energy is far more powerful than the regular worldly energy we sense and control.

A minute pa.s.sed by the seal is safely created; as it did, it begins to release the energy in me while a few of my thoughts split up and begin to refine the energy that is going to need for the next Amethyst Seal.

I had hypnotized myself to create the seals, and that involves providing the energy for the creation of the seals.

The circulation continued, and like always, it has become harder than the previous, much harder as I got closer and closer to create the Diamond Seal.

Despite the difficulty increasing, my focused Self did not lose the focus that I feared it would and continued with the circulations.

While my focused Self is circulating the Supreme Combat Exercise to create the seals, my body is walking with a blank look on the eyes. The eyes do not always remain blanc; sometimes, emotions flashed into them.

The emotions flashed when tiredness takes a toll; my body is still walking means with every step, the tiredness is increasing. Every second, my focused Self not only circulates using all his thoughts but also fights off the tiredness that increases every second.

Many times, the focus will come close to breaking point, but I would bear it with the force of my will.

In my life, I had experienced many extreme things, and that made my will as strong as steel. While I was able to hypnotize myself to focus all my thoughts in circulating the Supreme Combat Exercise, if not for strong will, I would not have been able to maintain this focus.


Three more hours pa.s.sed, and the creation of another Amethyst Seal begins; with this seal, I now need two more Amethyst Seal before the Diamond seal could form.

I had reached very close to the Diamond Seal, it is within my eyes, and as long as I did not lose the focus, I will be able to create it.


Within a minute, the seal is created; while it was happening, the circulation continued inside me, and it continued for nearly four hours before another Amethyst Seal begins forming.

That left only one Amethyst Seal, and when my focused Self begins to circulate for the last Amethyst Seal, I had nearly broken out of my extreme focus; the circulation for the last amethyst seal has become extremely difficult.

The difficulty had reached ten times of the previous circulation, and due to it, my focused Self begins to reach the breaking point more frequently.

Still, despite difficulty and reaching the breaking point many times, my focused Self continued circulating, reaching further and further into the circulation after each failure.


Finally, after more than ten hours of trying, I had succeeded; the last Amethyst Seal needed for the second Dimaond Seal had begun forming.

It had sucked energy for nearly half a minute, emptying my energy storage by 98% before it was created.