Monster Integration - Chapter 1598 - Chase

Chapter 1598 - Chase

Chapter 1598 - Chase

Nine hours had pa.s.sed since the second challenge have begun, and things are going better than I had expected; in just eleven hours, I was able to gather fifty-two badges from nineteen Grimm Monsters and humans.

All of the partic.i.p.ants of the second challenge wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible to get a better reward, and due to that, all of them doing their all to collect badges.

I have seen humans attacking humans and Grimm Monsters attacking Grimm Monsters; everyone is trying their all to collect a hundred badges they are required to collect to pa.s.s this challenge.

While badges are piling up on my chest at great speed, and if everything goes well, I might be able to finish this challenge within a day, there is one thing that had disappointed me, and that is not harvesting a Bloodline from the Grimm Monsters.


I was mulling over not finding a Grimm Monster with Bloodline when the feeling of intense danger came over me; The feeling is intense; I had not felt such an intense feeling of danger ever since I had fought with the Werewolf.

Whatever is coming toward me is has the power to harm me fatally, and I could not let that happen.

As I sense the danger, my sword appeared in my hand, and 'First Boost' activated immediately. As The power of First Boost coursed through me, I swung my sword toward the danger, which had become even more intense.


My sword clashed against a seven-meter long copper-colored energy spear; the spear had shattered on th contact, but it had transferred all its power and momentum at me.

Step Step Step

My runes immediately dealt with the huge amount of energy but to deal with momentum, I had to take several steps back.

"Hun, I had not expected you would dodge my attack," A rough voice as Grimm Monster in copper armor walked toward me leisurely and looked at them on my chest with a smile.

'Copper Mane Lionman,' I said in my mind as I looked at Lionman with luxurious coppery mane; the mane looked like it made of millions of hair-thin copper wires.

I became extremely alert, seeing the ease the Copper Mane Lionman coming toward me; the attack earlier had been very powerful.

If I had not reacted fast, I would have found that thick energy sphere pierced through my chest, and I don't want to admit it, but my armor wouldn't have been able to stop that attack.

So, I used harnessed the full power of the 'First Boost,' which I had never done before; it would have felt immense to me if I had not just experienced its attack, which is obviously just a casual attack from it.

"I would have loved to play with you, human, but as you know, we are time limit, so I will have to finish you quickly as possible to get a hundred badges I required," it said with a laugh, and coppery energy spears begin to materialize around it.

Soon, around a hundred huge coppery energy spears appeared; seeing a look of horror couldn't help but appear on my face, and I immediately made my mind run away; this is opponent is not something I could deal with.

Just a minute ago, I was thinking about finding a worthy challenge since all the Grimm Monsters I had fought never forced me to use all my strength, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is so powerful that even if I used all my strength, I would be nothing to it.

There are very few powerhouses who bear such strength, and I have come across one of them, and now, I am running as staying means death to me.


Sup Sup Sup

I heard the laughter of Lionman and felt intense danger which is many times more of what I had felt earlier. Earlier, I had only had to deal with one energy spear, and now I have to survive a hundred of them.

I really wish I had my soul sense with me; it made tracking attacks very easy, especially attacks as powerful as this, but unfortunately, it is locked.

Seering a hundred spears coming toward me, and I will have to deal with it if I did not want to skewed by them, I moved my body to face them without ruining the momentum of my run.

I had trained specifically to fly backward, though when I trained, I had made use for soul sense; here, I could only use my instinct and power.

As I moved back to face the spears, I harnessed every bit of power I could from the 'First Boost' and swung my sword toward the spears that appeared next to me with power like never before.


My sword moved with the speed of lightning, crus.h.i.+ng one spear after another. Each clash felt like I am cras.h.i.+ng against the mountain, the power and momentum of these spears are huge, and I used to create more distance between Lionman and me.


My sword is not fast enough to defend against all the energy spears; some of the energy spears missed my sword and nicked my shoulder, waist, and thighs, giving out gruesome injuries.

It was a good thing I had been using every bit of power of the 'First Boost,' which helped me dodged some of the attacks, and some only grazed by me, but their power was so great that simple graze had left behind the huge injuries.

Finally, after few seconds, I was able to deal with all the coppery energy spears.

Though it had left me with heavy injuries, none of them are serious enough to be a danger to me, and they already begin healing, seeing the runes had already sucked away all the foreign energy from them, which could impede the healing process.

I had dealt with its attack, but I am not out of danger yet; the Copper Mane Lionman is following me silently, and I have a feeling that it would not be easy for me to get away from it.