Monster Integration - Chapter 1599 - Hiding

Chapter 1599 - Hiding

Chapter 1599 - Hiding

"Little human, you sure are slippery," It said from a distance; hearing it, I did not even look at it; I just continued running, trying to create as much distance between it and myself.

"But you will not get away," it said, and I felt intense threat building behind me; the threat is intense, far more intense than the one I had felt earlier.

Feeling such a threat, I couldn't help but look back for a moment only to see a dark coppery spear in its hands, and it is slas.h.i.+ng that spear at me, creating coppery arcs of energy that gave me a feeling of death.


I activated without a second thought, and patchy wings made of the fiery black ribbons appeared on my back, and immense strength begins to course through my body.

Everwings + First Boost power is immense that just as I had activated it; I had felt power like never before; I felt like I could do anything, crush the mountain in a single first and split the seas in a single slash.

I was riding on the feeling of might when a feeling of intense death brought me back to myself.

The coppery arcs are coming toward me, and they want me dead; each of these arcs is many times more dangerous than the energy spears, and it would not be wise for me to face them head-on and nor I am planning to.


As the coppery arcs had reached me and I flapped my wings gently; as I did, I disappeared from my spot and appeared more than a hundred meters away.

Slice Slice Slice

While the coppery arcs are that was about to cut me, cut through through the trees as if they are hot knife and trees are b.u.t.ter. These trees are Emperor Grade trees and much more powerful than the trees present in the last challenge, but these coppery arcs have still cut through them.

With me dodging its arcs, I had thought it would launch another set of arcs in large numbers or attack me with other long-range attacks, but I did expect it to attack me directly.

"Die Human!" It said as it directly appeared beside me and attacked me with its huge coppery spear.


Seeing it, this close horror couldn't help but appear on my face, but I did not lose my cool due to that. Instead, I flap my wings, and this time the flap is not a gentle one but a swift one.

As I flapped my wings, I disappeared from my spot, missing the spear of the Lionman by inches.

The Everwings is not just an attacking move or strengthening move; it is also a running move as well, and that is its first quality.

When the idea of Everwings had first come into my mind, it had come in the form of a running move. I wanted to design a move that would help me in running away from enemies that are much stronger than me.


I heard its curse and felt it coming toward me at in much faster speed than before; I could feel the Lionman is incensed, and it would not stop until it has me.

Flap Flap Flap

I flapped my wings speedily to get away from it, which is now using a very powerful speed method, but my Everwings are faster, especially when they have the support of the power of the 'First Boost.'

The Everwings alone would not have been enough to get away from it, but with the 'First Boost,' I have hope to escape from it.

"Little human, I will not let you escape," It roared from behind me and came at me with the burst of aura; it poured even more energy into its attacks which immediately increased its speed.

I also used all the energy I had flashed through the forest; my speed was so great that everything had become a blur; I had to use my ocular abilities at their highest to not to crash into anything.

In the forest, my human size is way better than its huge size, though the Lionman had the strength to crush through everything, which inevitably reduces its speed by little, which is a great help to me.

For the past few seconds, I had been maintaining a healthy distance between it and myself. Currently, there are three to four hundred meters of distance between us; I tried to widen it further, but the Lionman did not seem to want to let me leave.

Bang Bang Bang

It had again started attacking me from long-range attacks, and these attacks are fast and powerful; if a single one of them hit me, I would lose my life.

This Lionman is the strongest opponent Ive ever faced, and unlike the werewolf, no tricks would work against it. The difference of power between us is too great; If not for me designing the Everwings with intentions of running away, I would have had my chest pierced by its spear by now.

"Human, you have forced me to use it," Copper Maned Lionman roared from behind, and exact second, I felt a huge aura blasting off its body, and it rapidly closing the distance between us.

It seemed to have used its full power to get a speed boost, and if I did not do anything soon, it would be caught up to me in less than two seconds.

'It seemed like I have no choice but to use that,' I said with a sigh as I really do not want to use that option.

'Second Boost!'

I activated the second and next moment, an immense amount of energy produced through my body, and I shot up like a rocked. I begin to burn my blood, and with my body's strength, the strength I got from it is huge.

I begin to create hundreds of meter between us every second, and by the time five-second were, I lost sight of it but still kept going; I kept going for forty-five seconds before I turned off everything and hid in the gap of a tree, covering myself with killing energy and rule-breaking power.