Monster Integration - Chapter 1597 - Chad The Looter

Chapter 1597 - Chad The Looter

Chapter 1597 - Chad The Looter

"No Bloodline," I said with a sigh as I looked at Essense Rose I got from the Rhinoman that I had just killed.

It had been five hours since the second challenge had begun, and I had killed twelve Grimm Monsters and collected twenty badges; the number 21 is visible on my badge.

I am acting very fast, always killing the Grimm Monsters in a single attack. The only thing I spent the most time in on harvesting, and even with it, I finished within two and half minutes before moving toward the next target.

I picked up the rose and began moving at the blurring speed through the forest; while I do, Nero sucks the energy from the Essence Rose; like always, I give every other essence rose I harvest to Nero.

Nero seemed to have an insatiable appet.i.te, eating every Essence Rose that I feed him. When Nero first transformed into the egg, I had not expected he would spend such a long time in the egg or consume such an immense amount of energy.

He is not only consuming the Essence Rose but also Bloodlines too; he also gets a similar amount of Bloodline share as my runes, and despite consuming an immense amount of energies, there is no sign of him coming out of the egg.

I had read lots of books to get the idea, but I found nothing; Nero is a unique life, there is no reference of life like Nero in any books I had read, the only thing I could do about him is feed as much as the energy he needs and wait for him to break out of an egg.

It took Nero less than a minute to consume the whole Essense Rose; at first, he used to need more than three minutes to consume Emperor Grade essence rose that held less energy than the Essense Rose it had just consumed.

He is growing stronger as he consumes more energy, his rate of improvement is greater than mine. I can't help but get excited whenever I throught about the strength he will have when he break out of that dammed egg.

"Stop!" A voice said as I was moving through the forest, hearing that I couldn't help but sigh as I stop and a few seconds later, a fat guy in blue Inheritance Armor, holding two crystal blades, appeared in front of me.

He looked at me from up to down before stopping his eyes at my badge, where his eyes became greedy.

I also looked at his badge, which had six flas.h.i.+ngs, he had collected far fewer badges than me, but despite that, there was no fear in his eyes, only unconcealed greed.

"You have been quite a lucky mate, collecting as much as twenty-one badges in five hours," He said with a smile on his face, which does not reach his eyes.

"Thank You," I replied with a blank face, which made him frown for a moment before the smile returned on his face.

"Now, would you be kind and give me your badges? I really need those badges," He asked while putting out a slimy smile on his face.

"F.u.c.k off, Chad." "If you leave within a second, I will not do anything to you, but if you dare to linger even second more in front of me, you will not like what I will do you," I said to him, which immediately changed his expression on his face.

This Fatty is Chad Conway or, more appropriately, Chad the Looter. He had thousands of robberies in his name and seven murders which are proven.

"Oh, you seemed to know about me, so you must know that even if you are stronger than me, you will not be able to do anything to me; only Tyrants are a threat to me," he said with a nasty smile on his face.

"Yes, your famed defensive artifact!" I said, and the next moment, nine vines came out of the ground and wrapped around him, and they opened his mouth especially.

As I did that, black runes appeared on his body till they covered every inch of him.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been very lucky in his life; when he was Knight, he had found a bond-type defensive artifact which made it impossible to harm him with the same level as him.

Only Tyrants have the power to kill him with that artifact protecting it, and that made this b.a.s.t.a.r.d very unbridled, not to forget this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is powerful in his own right.

"Yes, I know about your bonded defensive artifact, and I also know that as long as there is no visible harm to you, I could do anything I want to you," I said while sporting a cruel smile on my face.

Seeing the smile, his expression couldn't help but change for the worse. I did not give him any time and appeared beside me and took out a bottle of potion and poured it into his mouth before he could do anything.


A mournful scream rang through his mouth as potion entered inside him. The potion I feed him is a harmless nerve agent, but it makes one feel the torturous pain.

"You should leave your old ways Chad, that artifact of yours will not protect you forever," I said and quickly swiped its badge and storages he has all over his body.

I could not touch the badge of mine, but I could touch the others. Though it disappeared a second later, and numbers of it added to my badge.

As I watched, the number on my badge had become twenty-eight, and now I just need seventy-two more badges before I clear this challenge.

With that thought in my mind, I continued my journey; as for chad, he disappeared, with its badge gone, he had been sent out.

People like chad do not deserve this opportunity, and I am more than happy to send them out as I did two other criminals in the past five hours.