Monster Integration - Chapter 1596 - Second Challenge

Chapter 1596 - Second Challenge

Chapter 1596 - Second Challenge

A Runic Gate appeared in front of me, and I walked inside without hesitation.

Pat Pat Pat

The first thing I felt when I walked through the other side was rain; there is heavy rain going around me, and it is. .h.i.tting me like bullets.

This rain is unnatural as it is too ferocious; the raindrops are so powerful that they will tear a 'Prince' apart in a second and harm regular Kind grievously, but despite being so powerful, they are behaving like normal raindrops in this environment.

As they crashed against the trees and the ground, they are not tearing through the trees or making huge holes in the ground, which only means one thing, the ground and trees are a lot stronger than they seemed.

That's not the only thing; I am getting suppressed in this layer. Not only my soul sense is completely suppressed, but my other strength had also been suppressed by a quarter.

This suppression is huge; considering how much my strength had increased, I should not be under such suppression, but I am.

I looked around the place I appeared, which looked like a rainforest, with tall trees, a humid environment, and the sound of rain.

"Second Challenge Suvivival: Collect The 100 Badges From The Other Partic.i.p.ants To Move To The Next Challenge, In A One Weeks Time!" The Mechanical voice said when I was thinking about what I have to do here.

There is also a red star-shaped energy badge had appeared on my chest; I tried to remove it, but my hand directly pa.s.sed through it; no matter how much I try, different methods I try, the badge isn't coming out.

I gave up after a minute and began to think about the challenge; defeating a hundred partic.i.p.ants in a week is not a hard task, but it will become hard very hard if I reduced this task to four days to three days.

The forest, no doubt, is vast; here, the greatest challenge is not fighting but finding an opponent.

It will be easy after a few days when most people had some badges in their possessions after fighting, and I will just have to defeat them; each opponent will give me several badges.

But I don't have much time; I want to finish this challenge as soon as possible. I want to become the first to complete thIS challenge if possible and get the privilege to choose my reward as I did in the last challenge.

It will be a hard thing to do in the second challenge; in the first challenge, I had a unique advantage which I won't have in this challenge as there are lots of Emperors here who are much stronger than me.

I spent few minutes thinking about the strategy I am going to use to complete this challenge.

I decided on the simple strategy, find as many Grimm Monsters as fast as possible and kill them at the greatest speed and get their badges; I have to find hundred Grimm Monsters and kill them for their badges and also Bloodline if they have any.

I do not plan on attacking the humans for their badges, which is a little idiotic, but I will not do it.

I will only attack them if they attack me, and I am sure lots of fellow humans are going to do that, so I don't have to worry about not getting the badges from the fellow humans.

I moved through the forest at the blurring speed, my eyes scanning every everything with my many ocular abilities, not daring to miss that is far or hiding.

Running through the forest, I wish I had been in the normal forest; due to the heavy rain, visibility here is s.h.i.+t; even with all my ocular abilities, I could not see much far.

It would have been great if my soul sense hadn't been locked in my body; with it, I would have been able to sense far and wide.

The only good thing this locked soul sense that I am not the only one whose soul sense is locked; other partic.i.p.ant's soul sense had also been locked.


I was busy with my thoughts when I spotted some movements; seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appeared on my face and moved toward the movement.

Scarlet Snakeman!

I thought when I looked at the body of the Grimm Monster. The Scarlet Snakeman had its armor active and radiating aura; as I drew near it, I was able to sense its aura.

This Scarlet Snakeman is Peak Emperor powerhouse and a powerful one at that; it had seen me as I reached close to it.

"Human Die!" It said and blasted its aura as it came at me; this Snakeman has also does not want to waste any time; as it sensed me, it burst out with great power and came at me with its huge sword in hand.


I smiled, seeing it coming toward me but did not take out my sword; I just increased my speed and moved toward it at the blurring speed.

When there was just twenty meters distance between us, hundreds of fiery black ribbons came out of me and moved toward the Scarlet Snakeman at lightning speed.

A look of caution appeared on its face seeing my fiery black ribbons coming toward it, and it activated another of its attack as dense scarlet energy had covered its sword.

Clang Clang Clang

Its scarlet sword clashed against my ribbons, repelling some of them back, but despite its attack being extremely fast, it was able to stop less than ten of my ribbons while hundreds of moved toward it, seeing that it had activated its defensive method.

Puch Puch Puch

My ribbons tore through its defensive method as if it is made of paper and pierced throught its body and top to bottom; there was not a single body part of it where my ribbons had not been pierced.

As the ribbons pierced through it, they begin to cover its body, and within seconds, its whole body was covered in ribbon, making it looked like a fearsome mummy.