Monster Integration - Chapter 1591 - Battle II

Chapter 1591 - Battle II

Chapter 1591 - Battle II


It cursed as it had stopped my sword; I usually like to be on the defensive till my opponent used all of its trump cards but sometimes, I go on to the offensive too, like this time.


As it stopped my attack, I whipped back my sword before launching another attack and then another; I begin to shower it with my attacks.

While I am attacking, it went on the defense, and it is not having much of a problem defending against my attack, but that does not mean it is happy; it is visibly irritated, and its irritation is increasing with every pa.s.sing moment.

The Grimm Monsters liked it when they are offensive, and when they go on defense, especially against us humans, they do not like it at all.

If I had been in their place, I would have felt the same. A little human pus.h.i.+ng back against something big is a weird sight, and let's not forget that everyone is conscious about their size.

"Enough, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

The Crocman roared as its stopped my sword; it looked very angry; it is angry at the battle's progress; it had been more than ten minutes since the battle had begun, but it was not able to lay a single scratch on me much a less draw out blood.

"It is time to finish this battle," It said, and there is that cruel smile returned on its face with quite a bloodthirstiness in it.

"King Crocmans Avatar!" It shouted, and a phantom of regal Crocman appeared behind it; The phantom of Crocman that appeared behind it is more distinct than the one that appeared earlier.

Its aura is also more powerful than the one earlier; as it washed over me, a faint shudder couldn't help but come over me.

The vivid phantom of regal Crocman was behind it for less than a moment before it came back into its body, and as it did, the great change begins to occur in it.

Its armor begins to change, it started to become even more elaborate, and on top of that, its size begins to increase rapidly.

I wanted to strike against it, but I decided to wait; it had been quite a while since I had gigantified Grimm Monster, and since I had made many improvements to my vines, I want to test it against it.

Seeing it growing bigger, the fiery black ribbons came out of me and began to wrap around me; soon, they wrapped me whole and that I could not be seen through them.

They did not form a cac.o.o.n like my vines have done during my battle against the Werewolf; doing that would be announcing my own ident.i.ty; the black fire ribbons are just wrapping around me, making me bigger and bigger.

Both of us continue to grow bigger and bigger before we finally stopped a few moments later when we reached a height of fifty meters; we have become giants.

While it looked like a huge form of itself, I looked like a fiery mummy, which is wrapped up in thousands of fiery black ribbons; I have to say, it creates quite an effect that even Crocman has gone serious.

Though, my giant form is not the only reason that made it serious; the main serious it became serious is an aura that I am projecting; it is no less weak than the aura it is projecting.

"You surprised me, human; I had not expected you to have a Giant form,"

It said and flashed toward me.

It took less than a second to appear next to me and swung its gigantic sawtoothed blade at me. Its speed is even higher in its Giant form than when it is in its original form.


A slight laugh came out of my mouth as I saw its blade coming at an extremely fast speed. It is exciting; it is due to such challenges, getting powerful is wonderful; the more powerful you became, the greater challenges one will receive.


My flaming black sword disappeared from its place, and the next moment, the deafening sound of clash rang out along with a powerful shockwave which crushed the tens of trees before these trees were sucked of its whole energy.

"You will have to try harder than this if you want to do anything against me,"

I teased as I effortlessly stopped its attack.

"Don't worry, human; it was just a simple testing move; what comes next will be my real strength,"

It said, and a powerful aura burst out of its body; the aura alone is powerful enough to kill a regular king without a problem.

"King Crocman's Burst!"

It shouted as a powerful aura flared around it and attacked. Its attack is so fast that even powerful Emperors would have hard times against it.

Inside the Vine Giant, my expressions have also become serious, and I harness more power from the 'First Boost' as I swung my sword to counter its powerful attack.


My sword clashed against its, razing the ground we are standing; the ground is not the only thing it had razed, its had also razed tens of trees around us.

The first move was just a beginning, as the next moment, it disappeared from its spot and appeared behind me and attacked at even greater speed.

Not having the soul sense make tracking of such attacks are very hard; its a good thing I had created many eye moves, and with the help of my rule power, I could track my opponent's movement without the help of soul sense.


I turned back and whipped my sword toward its at great momentum that it was able to stop its sword immediately, but it was just a beginning as the Crockman disappeared, and at that same moment, its attack came from my left.


It begins to attack me crazily, with each of its attack being powerful than earlier that in just ten seconds of battle, we have razed quite a lot of ground and destroyed hundreds of trees which is very hard for even powerful Emperors to do, seeing the defensive and absorbing abilities these trees have.