Monster Integration - Chapter 1590 - Battle I

Chapter 1590 - Battle I

Chapter 1590 - Battle I


It suddenly laughed; its laugh is a little weird, and hearing it, I felt tingling all over my body; feeling such feeling, I know something dangerous will come at me any moment.

"King Crockman's Blades," It shouted and came at me while blasting the powerful aura; as its sawtooth blades came toward me, I saw swords phantoms coming out of his sword.

There are tens of them, and all of them felt real as its sword, and I have to no doubt each of them possessed a similar power as his sword, and if I missed a single one of them, I would pay a heavy price.

"Dark Fire Burst!"

I said, and a dark fire burst out of me as the 'First Boost' had activated, and when it did, the power released from it is unbelievable; so unbelievable that my eyes went wide experiencing it.

It is my first time activating the first boost after my runes consumed the two Bloodlines; the Grimm Monsters I had fought before were too weak; they did entail me to use the first boost on them.

As the power of the first boost coursed through me, my sword moved, and it moved at such speed that even I was surprised; the strength of the first boost more than I had expected, and it took me a moment to control my speed.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword moved, and it begins to clash with one sword, phantom another, and I have to say, these phantoms are strong, very strong; I was right about their strength.

As my sword began to destroy one sword, phantom after another, it tried to move the phantom away by making their moments even more complicated, making things even easy for me.

The more complicated its tried to make the moves, the slower they will become, and the more times I have to deal with them.

If there had been someone else in my place, they would have had problems dealing with such complicated movements and found themselves toured to pieces by tens of huge phantom blades.


After destroying all its phantom blades, my sword clashed against its sword and stopped it in its tracks.

Sometimes during such moments, I couldn't help but laugh inside me. The difference in size between us is huge; it is more than four times bigger than me, and its sword six times bigger than my sword; the black falchion I am holding is just a meter long.

"Good, I had been feeling quite bored here, seeing there is no human who could last a minute against me, but now you have come, the battle sure is going to be interesting," It said with a laugh, and smoky green flames begin came out of it.

Those smoky flames had formed the Phantom of smoky Crockman behind it; it looked just like it, just more mature and felt a lot more dangerous, even if it is just phantom.

"King Crockman's Blessing!" It said as the phantom dissolved and smoke merged back into it; as it did, its aura exploded, and Bloodline Armor also had the slight change; it became glossy, and there is little detail had been added there.

"Human, I hope you will survive," It said with a laugh and appeared beside me with its word direction coming toward my waist, wanting to bisect me into two from the waist.


I moved my falchion at lightning speed and stopped its huge steel grey toothed blade; as I did, a large amount of Bloodline Energy have attacked me, and this bloodline energy is heavy and held some sort of momentum in them which had the power to crush through anything.

As this energy entered my body, I felt as if several meteors had attacked me, but the moment I felt that the runes had done their magic. The runes sent out the net that captured all these meteorites and crushed their momentum before disappearing.

A flash of surprise appeared in its eyes when it felt its Bloodline Energy disappeared, but that surprise is gone as it had appeared, and it launched another attack with more than double the power of previous.


Storms of attack begin to come at me, these attacks are not only powerful, but they are also very skillful. Its battle skills are a little above mine, which is quite hard for me to believe, seeing the work I had put into it.

Technically, I am better than it, but there is a mysterious rhythm in its attack; this rhythm is not only making its attacks powerful but also making them hard to gauge their power, direction, and speed.

I had only seen something like this from the Ghouls in the 'I' Ruin, and I am quite sure this Grimm Monster is not old enough to have such experience; it is likely due to its Bloodline.

Some powerful Bloodline had not only provides the strength but also knowledge and this knowledge is not transmitted but merged into one's consciousness; so this knowledge will become theirs's as if it had been acquired by them.

It is one of the facts of Bloodline I am most jealous about, but I am not bitter about it; I have my advantages. My runes are powerful as Bloodline, and as they consume more Bloodlines, they will get further stronger.


Soon, we have clashed thousands of times, and I could see the frustration appearing on its face; it had likely expected to see some results with its power and skills, but my defense is airtight, no matter which method its used, it couldn't get inside my airtight defense.

I continued defending a few seconds more when suddenly, I changed my style. From only responding to its attacks, I became proactive, and I begin to attack it.

This change had caught it so off guard that my sword was able to get few inches deeper into its defensive s.p.a.ce before it was stopped by its sword.