Monster Integration - Chapter 1592 - Battle III

Chapter 1592 - Battle III

Chapter 1592 - Battle III

"Crus.h.i.+ng Strikes!"

The Crocman shouted, and a very heavy aura covered its giant body and its sword.

As its sword came toward me, I felt like the maw of a gigantic crocodile coming toward me. The attack, as it is named, is 'crus.h.i.+ng' if it crashed into me; it will be quite nasty.

Seeing the powerful attack coming, I did not waste any time and move my sword toward it while finally activating the weight enchantment in the Totem artifact and projecting its power into my flaming sword.

I could not counter this attack perfectly with just power; I will also need the weight; fortunately, I have it.


Our crus.h.i.+ng attacks clashed, creating the shockwave like never before. The shockwave had destroyed the many trees before the trees were able to suck off all its power.


After the first attack, the second attack came, and then the third; the Crocman is attacking me relentlessly. Ever since we have gigantified, it had not stooped for even a second; it had been attacking nonstop with one move after another.

I am a little surprised by its strength; I had not throught it would be able to produce such power, but it is producing it, and it is not the end; I could feel there is still some power that it had not used.

I had gone back to my pa.s.sive state after attacking actively for a while. Despite my pa.s.sive state, not a single one of its attacks had been able to enter my immediate range, much less attack my body.

This Crocman is powerful, and it is quite skilled. It is due to its skills; I had been continuously fighting it; if not for it, I would have harnessed more power from the first boost and finished it off already.

Collecting data is important; it is not only to improve my own skills but also to improve my Inheritance. Every kind of data is important in improving my armor; the more I have, the better I could make the improvements in it.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You just won't die, will you."

It shouted in great indignation, and its aura flared like never before, and this time its aura had a tinge of sanguine with a peculiar smell.

Seeing the shade and smell coming from it, I know it had activated some move which burns a small amount of its Blood. With blood burning, even in small amounts, the move of its going to be very powerful as its Blood contains the power of the Bloodline.

"Twisted Rage!"

It shouted as its eyes became red with rage, and it came at me; I do not have time to think about the power of its attack when it came at me; I simply reacted.

I harnessed a huge amount of power from the First Boost; as I had never harnessed before and moved toward it, it is time to get active again, and this time, I will only stop when I kill it.

An expression of surprise had appeared on its face when it saw my giant form moving from my spot, but that surprised disappeared as it appeared and as its swung its toothed blade at me in great strength same time as me.


The world around us rumbled as our weapons clashed; the power behind our attacks had been so great that it had brought quite a destruction in this place, and for the first time, Crocman shook under the attack.

Its shaking was faint but very visible; it had shocked it before rage returned in its eyes, and it is at a greater intensity than before; one could see its eyes and also how the more b.l.o.o.d.y aura spread around it as it begins to burn even more Blood.

"HUMAN b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

It roared with rage and came at me and swung its sword, which is covered in the sanguine glow of the Blood.

Seeing the b.l.o.o.d.y aura, a toothy smile couldn't help but appeared on my face as I harnessed more power from the first boost and moved toward it.


Our weapons clashed again, even with more strength than before, bringing even more destruction, but I do not focus on that; I focused on its reaction as in this clash too, I was able to shake it, and this times, the shake is greater than the last time.

The rage in its eyes became blinding, and madness begins to cover its eyes as it came at me.


It started to attack me madly; the madness had covered its mind, but unlike the madness of other Grimm Monsters, the madness of the crockman is very controlled.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I want to see how long it will able to control the madness before its lost control over it.

So, without wasting any time, I harnessed more power from the first boost and started the barrage of attacks, each of my attacks would shake its giant body at greater intensity, forcing it to burn more Blood.

The madness is increasing but its still in Crocman's control, but it would not be for much longer.



Our weapons had clashed again, released another destructive shockwave, but unlike before this time, Crocman did not shake at all; instead, the giant had taken a huge step back; this action took its madness over the edge and finally lost all control.


It roared and came at madly; it is very mad, so mad that one could taste its emotion on their tongue, and also its whole aura turned sanguine as it begins to burn its Blood without care.



As our attacks clashed, it took a step back again, and this time, it was not just as single steps. Unlike before, I did not give it any chance and attacked again, making it take several steps back.

Each of my attacks started to make it take several steps backs, it begins to burn even more Blood, but its no use as its continues to get pushed back by me.

'It is time to finished the battle!' I said a few minutes later when I had senses no increase in power from it. I had continued to fight it because of its ever-increasing strength, and now that its strength reached the limit, it is time I finished it off for good.