Monster Integration - Chapter 1589 - The Gate

Chapter 1589 - The Gate

Chapter 1589 - The Gate

As I finished eating dinner, I walked into the bedroom and laid on the bed before closing my eyes.

A second later, I am in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce; I walked to my usual chair and sat on it before drawing out the formation that I had memorized in front of me.

As the formation appeared, I carefully looked at it; There are hundreds of methods of solving the formation, and many of them could be applied to solve this formation.

Finally, after thinking for few minutes, I decided on the method and began to solve it.

I begin to draw rune after runes that hour later, two meters square in front of me filled with runes, but I am nowhere close to the solving formation.

As I had said, it is an extremely difficult formation, and I would need around a week to completely solve it; it will be stressful and amazing at the same time.

Hours pa.s.sed by, and hours turned into the day; after working for nearly a day, every surface around me filled with the runes, and I am feeling extremely tired.

After leaving the Inheritance s.p.a.ce, I slept for the night before beginning to work against it the very next few days.

Time pa.s.sed in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce; I would work long hours before taking some rest and begin working again. The formation is very difficult, and many times it had frustrated me, but this difficulty is also a challenge that excited me.

With hours pa.s.sing, I got closer and closer to solving the formation, and finally, at the 128th hour since I had begun, I had understood the answer to the equation.

This runic equation was a learning experience; it is completely different from anything Ive solved before; solving it, I got inspire much time, what I learned from it is going to be very useful in the future.


When I finally put down the last rune, all the runes buzzed and begin to s.h.i.+ne brightly.

The rune shone brightly, and soon they became so bright that I could see them anymore. They kept s.h.i.+ning for half a minute before the light begins to die down.

All the runes that spread around the room had disappeared, and in its place, a runic half-meter diameter runic circle appear; the runes on it were not normal runes but the ancient runes.


I was staring at it when, when it speedily came at me while shrinking and stamp itself on my hand, and the next moment some information entered my mind.

Reading that information, a smile couldn't help but form on my face. I had some doubts about the formation, but after reading the information, all my doubts have been cleared.

I did not waste any time and walked out of my Inheritance s.p.a.ce; I opened my eyes and looked at my hand; with my intention, the blue runic circle appeared back of my hand.

I got out of the bed before getting out of the abode; the runic circle is no map; it is a gate; as long as I activated it, I will be transported out of the first challenge.

I wanted to stay more and hunt some more Grimm Monsters, especially the ones with Bloodline, but the allure of quickly finis.h.i.+ng the challenge and getting good is too great.

Its not like the Grimm Monsters are going to disappear; I am sure I am going to meet them in the next challenge; there, I could kill as many of them I want.


I had just stored the abode in my storage and about to activate the gate when I saw a powerful sword arc coming toward me; this arc dangerous; if it touched my body, it is going to hack it into two.

Immediately, the black falchion appeared in my hand and moved toward the coming blade arc.


My falchion cut through the huge blade energy arc and looked at the person who launched it.

A Crockman, a Crocman from common Crocman Tribe, but when one sensed its strength, they would find it is anything but simple. It is the strongest Grimm Monster Ive ever come this closes; it even stronger than Apeman and Snakeman after their Bloodline awakened.

It is eight meters tall and has six meters long grey saw tooth blade, which looked very dangerous.

It is blazing its aura loudly; even without soul sense, I could sense how powerful this Grimm Monster is.

"Nice Counter!" It said with a toothy smile while accessing me with its calculating eyes. "Its wasn't much; your attack is too weak," I said; anger blazes its eyes, but it did not say anything, just continued to walk toward me.


When it was just twenty meters away, I runes suddenly reacted. They are reacting toward the Grimm Monster, seeing that I couldn't help but feel shocked before ecstatic emotions filled my heart.

Reacting to the Grimm Monsters is not new; it had reacted to Bloodline of Snakman, and now it is reacting means the Bloodline is present in Crockman.

Though, this Crocman is extremely strong; I have confidence in my abilities and knowledge; I will be able to defeat it if I tried hard enough.

"Good, I like people with little s.p.u.n.k; I hope you last more than a minute." It said while flas.h.i.+ng a toothy smile at me, which seemed extremely dangerous.

As it flashed the smile, a powerful aura blasted out of it, more powerful than what it is already blasting up, and Green Bloodline Armor begin to appear on its body as it came at me.


Our weapons clashed as I looked at it in surprise; this attack was extremely fast; it had appeared in front of me at the speed of teleportation and had hacked its sword at me.

If I had not activated my armor at the same time as its and reacted very fast, I would have found my two pieces on the ground, which would have been the end of me.