Monster Integration - Chapter 1588 - Solving The Formation

Chapter 1588 - Solving The Formation

Chapter 1588 - Solving The Formation

Feeling his powerful aura, my expressions couldn't help but change. Not in fear, of course not but in ridicule; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too much.

"Why in the h.e.l.l would I solve the equation for you and tell you the answer?" I asked in ridicule.

Seeing the way I am looking at it, it got angry and increased the power of its aura on me. "Because if you did not do what I told you to, I would break all the bones in your body," He said while laughing cruelly.

"I will give an example of what I can to you now; you won't dare to question me again," He said as blue Inheritance Armor appeared on his body, and he came at me with his aura blazing.

Anger couldn't help but blaze in my eyes seeing its actions; I had answered all of its questions as a fellow human, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants to bank on my knowledge and even want to break some of my bones.

If I did not break some of his bones and teach him a good lesson, my name wouldn't be Michael.

As he appeared next to me, a Black Inheritance Armor appeared on my body, and my hand moved at lighting speed; before he understood what is happening, he found his neck gripped by my hand.

When he noticed what happened, he got shocked. He is now looking at me in fear, understanding the hornet's net he had touched.

"Listen, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I had tried to help you as fellow human, but you thought my help as weakness and tried to extort me and even tried to threaten me with breaking my bones," I said.

He opened his mouth to say something but immediately found he was going down very fast.


I had blasted him on the ground hard, breaking some of his bones which is not enough. I will have to treat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson that he will never forget in his life.

Bang Bang Bang

I released his next and began to kick him hard; each of my kick would break several bones of it, he tried to resist and run away, but my fast kicks did not give him any chance.

I did not give in to my anger; after the sufficient bones broke, I stopped kicking him.

"Let this be a lesson to you; you should always help your fellow humans and not threaten them with violence when they did what you told them to," I said and walked away toward another wall.

He did not attack from behind despite looking very angry, just stared at me with hate as I walked away.

I know my beating him wouldn't change his views, but next time when he tried something like that, he will think about it ten times before doing it.

After the episode with him, I went back to collecting the runes; on the way, I come across few humans and three lone Grimm Monsters, which I had killed within a minute of fighting.

The Grimm Monsters were too weak; I would have fought them for a longer time before I had such a huge increase but now, with such increase, it too much for me to hold back too much, so I finished the fight after giving them a chance to use their strongest move against me.

Five hours had pa.s.sed, and I collected more runes, but most of these runes are the same I had collected before, but there is still some I had yet to collect.

This maze is huge; there is seemed to be no end to it, their thousands of huge walls, and as I check more and more walls, I had come across more walls.

I come across more and more repeated runes, but now then I would find original runes; while I do that, I also kill all the Grimm Monsters Ive come across; I killed all them in minutes before I harvested them, and not a single one of them I had killed was able to give me some challenge.

Another three hour pa.s.sed when I finally stopped as I had collected all the ninety-one runes, as for why I am sure there are ninety-one runes because all the nine one runes repeated at least five times, and I had no other runes than ninety-one of them.

As I collected the runes, I found a hidden spot and activated my abode. This time, I used the underground mode of the above; since there is no soul sense, it will be very hard to find me through the soul sense.

Once in the abode, I sat down on the table and looked at the ninety-one runes I had collected.

"As expected," I said slowly; when I arrange ninty four runes in order, they formed an equation, or it could be said formation, a d.a.m.n hard problem if you ask me.

Seeing how difficult the formation seemed, I wanted to get out of my abode and search for the blue boxes like those idiots.

There are blue boxes all around the maze; each box contained a piece of the puzzle; when one collected all the puzzles, one could connect them and get a map to get out of here.

Some of the Grimm Monsters Ive killed had these boxes in their storages; I had looked at them and found each of them contains thumbnail size pieces, and one would have to collect hundreds of pieces to make the map.

And like the runes, the pieces also get repeated, and unlike runes, there are little blue boxes. It won't be long before the real bloodbath begins for the boxes.

The formation is difficult, and it might take me nearly a week to solve, which is a lot of time, but I have a solution, my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, where time runs much slower.

It should not take me more than two days to solve the formation, one day if I am lucky.

I want to start on formation, but I am feeling quite hungry, so I decided to cook myself a nice dinner before working on this very hard and exciting formation.