Monster Integration - Chapter 1587 - Strength

Chapter 1587 - Strength

Chapter 1587 - Strength


My runes vibrated, the next moment huge amount of energy poured from them in my body and soul. The amount of energy is so much that I had never experienced before.

It begins to fill every corner of my body and soul, strengthening rapidly. Feeling its effect, I felt like I had eaten so much and now feeling very full.

The feeling did not feel uncomfortable at all; instead, it feels very relaxing.

Every pore of my body opened up to make a s.p.a.ce for this new energy; as it begins to drill into every part of my body, the feeling is very soothing; there is no shred of pain as energy merges into my body and soul.

More and more energy came out of the runes, strengthening my body and soul even further.

This time, the increase is going to be really great, above my imagination. I can now say that even if I come across those powerful Emperors, I will not have to retreat in from of their power.

Even if I were not able to defeat them, I would not have to run from them; there are now very, very few possessed threat to me kill me, they will have to try very hard, even go as far as burning their core.

Of course, I will not let the battle go that far.

The energy transmission lasted for three minutes, compared to minutes in the time of the werewolf, and I could feel my strength have taken a huge leap and not just due to an increase in body and soul.

The increment in the power of body and soul is minor; the most important increment is the power of my runes that have increased further, and now my moves have become even stronger, especially my vines, which had the biggest increase in strength of all my moves.

I took a deep breath and watch and feel the power coursing through my veins. The strength I got amazing; I feel like I could destroy the mountain in a single punch.

Which is an exaggeration a little, but still, the power coursing through my veins is frightening. I now want to fight someone powerful, a powerhouse that I did not dare to face off against before.

It took me a while to control my fighting urges, and when I did, I walked toward the three essence roses; of the three, two of them are s.h.i.+ning in power while the third one is a little pale compared to the two.

I looked at the two roses; they are slightly more powerful than the one got from harvesting the werewolf; they will sell for quite a price if I sell them in the market.

They will go to the academies coffers; I stored the two roses in my storage while fed the other one to Nero, who still hungry even after consuming two bloodlines.

After cleaning the husk of the Grimm Monsters and storing their artifacts and storage.

I did not call off the fire care cage; instead, I tapped on my forehead and closed my eyes, and the next moment wave of flesh ran through my body, and my bones begin to move.

The change is painful as always, and it lasted for few minutes; when it stopped, I look myself in the mirror and found a thin, scrawny tall body looking back at me as if a thin man gained some weight, he be extremely handsome, but now he just looks ugly and malnourished.

The long sword had also turned into the black falchion with a design of flowers around both sides of

Now that I am in the treasured palace, I do not have to maintain the persona of Sam Duffy, so I changed.

This persona is Nathan; he is not a real person like Sam Duffy; it is someone I had created and his Inheritance.

This persona will not have any constraints like that of Sam Duffy; I will not face any problem if I show too much power. As long as I do not reveal the original form of my moves, my original ident.i.ty would be protected.

After I took a second look at everything, I removed the fire cage and looked around for any sneak attack; I was hoping someone strong would attack me, and I get to fight with it, but no attack came.

Sighing, I moved toward the wall where I was going before the Grimm Monster had attacked me.

As I moved toward it, I noticed my movements had become a lot freer than before; the increase in physical strength had taken me needing a lot less strength than before.

Soon, I reached the wall and noted down the number and rune before moving toward the next wall speedily while looking for the Grimm Monster; while I did not find any Grimm Monsters; but I find some humans.

All of them seemed to be looking around for something as they checked the new nook and cranny on the ground and trees.

I did not disturb them; I just continued noting down more and more runes from the wall. I feel like I am getting closer; in few hours, I should have all the runes I needed.

"What are you doing?" A voice asked behind me; I looked back without surprise and looked at a blond-haired young man with an average face and body, but his strength is not average.

"Gathering runes," I answered truthfully; there is nothing wrong with fellow humans.

"There are runes on the wall?" He asked in surprise, "Yes, every wall has them," I replied and showed him the runes I had just noted down from the wall.

"Yes, there are rules," He said as she looked at the golden rune before his eyes turned to me, "You think the runes contain something?" he asked back, his eyes turned slightly sharp when he asked.

"Yes, I had collected half of them, and I feel like they contain an equation one will have to solve," I replied; a surprised expression couldn't help but flashed in eyes hearing that.

"After you collected runes will you be able to solve the equation?" he asked back, his eyes turned very sharp when he asked the question, but I ignored them.

"Yes, I am pretty good with runes," I said with a confident laugh. "Good, you collect the runes and solve the equation and tell me when you found a map out of it," He said, and I brought down his powerful aura at me.