Monster Integration - Chapter 1583 - Searching Runes

Chapter 1583 - Searching Runes

Chapter 1583 - Searching Runes

I soon reached the grey wall, which looked smooth, but when one is touched, they would feel the faint roughness of micros granules on the wall's surface.

Clang Clang Clang

Touching the wall for a few moments, I took out my sword and begin hitting it with all my strength, but I stopped after a few attacks when I found my attacks are not making even a scratch on them.

Shaking my head, I begin to observe the wall, seeing if there is something different on it.


I looked left and right for fifteen minutes and about to give up when I suddenly spotted something. It is a thumbnail size thing, s.h.i.+ning in golden light; it looked like a small dot in a giant wall that, simple glance, would not be able to find it.

It is about one hundred and twenty meters above the ground, and I quickly moved toward it, and soon, I appeared in front of it.

There are a rune and numeric number '43' on it; the rune is a common rune, there is nothing special about it, and it is a similar case for the number; only other numbers and runes were added mean.

Seeing the rune, I know I had found the way to get out of this maze; there might be other ways, but I am going to go by this way; runes are my thing, and if I did not use them, it would be waste of my knowledge.

So, after noting down the rune, I moved to search for another rune. I did not find the runes on that large, but half an hour later, I found another rune marked '76.' Numuriacally and found another rune fifteen minutes later on another wall.

Each wall had a single rune, and those runes could be on any place on the wall.

Seeing that, I had instantly created a formation that would help me find the runes.

My eyes are sharp, and my mind is fast, and most of the time, I caught the room but sometimes, I do not see it despite it being there as it is small as a fingernail in the gigantic wall.

So, I created formation; it took one hour to create, but its use is evident; I had a look at the whole wall, and I will find them instantly, with that way, I begin to find more and more runes.

I wish I could use the drones, but drones could not see those runes; they only appear to the eyes, which is shameful as the drones would help immensely and made this way quicker.

Still, the formation is working fine, and I am finding more, and some numbers and runes begin repeating themselves, seeing that smiles couldn't help but appear on my face.

The numbers and runes begin repeating themselves mean there are limited numbers, which means I had to find selected numbers, and when all of them repeated few times, I will stop.

As I collect and more runes, I understood what I am collecting. The runes are part of the runic equation, and the number is just order; when I collected all the runes, I will get an equation whose answer I will have to find.


Another hour had pa.s.sed when suddenly, I felt my senses tingling, and I felt like I am getting attacked by all the directions.

Feeling the threat, the green armor instant appeared on my body and sword in my hand; just as it appeared, I saw three Grimm Monsters coming toward me from all three directions.

They were Werewolf, A Scarlet Apeman, and Alabaster Snakeman, which I had not seen since I had left my native continent. All three of them seemed to hide, and when I appeared in their range, they leaped at me.

It had been hours since I had appeared in the maze, and I did not come across Human and Grimm Monsters. It had made me wonder whether I am the only person in the ruin to not.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword clashed against theirs and repelling their attack with ease, surprising them greatly.

They all may be the Peak Emperors, but I could handle them easily, especially after a month of training hard where my strength had the obvious increment.

The surprise on their faces had worn off a moment later as they looked at each other; their numbers and their level seemed to give them the confidence to fight against me.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is strong; attack him together!" The werewolf said and came at me with exploding aura; it had used the moves and now moving its claws to shred me into pieces.

The snakeman and Apeman also came; the Snakeman appeared behind and swung its sword with the intention of crus.h.i.+ng me while the Apeman appeared directly in front of me and brought down its Warhammer to turn me into the patty.

"Goblins Burst!"

I said, and fire covered my body; the 'First Boost' had activated, filling every inch of my body.

These three Grimm Monsters are quite powerful; without using the 'First Boost' I will have problems in dealing with such powerful attacks, and with it, its child play.

I let their attacks came closer to me, and when they were halfway, I had finally moved my sword, and it moved with blinding speed.


Step Step Step

My sword clashed gained three of their attacks, and as it did, it had sent three of them back uncontrollably before stopping their huge bodies at ten meters from us.

They looked at me in shock before rage covered their eyes, and I could feel a powerful aura bibbling inside them.

"Friends, let's crush this Human after we kill it; we will feast on it together," Said the Apeman, and the next moment blue flames began to cover it.

"Areth;s Forge!" "Moon Sevenring Blades!" "Morgzo;s Steel!"

All three of them attacked, the snakeman launched very powerful energy blade arcs while Apeman and Werewolf came at me, bearing a crus.h.i.+ng aura.

This will be fun!