Monster Integration - Chapter 1584 - Finally!

Chapter 1584 - Finally!

Chapter 1584 - Finally!

Seeing all the three attacks coming toward me at the same time, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I harnessed more power from the first boost.

If I want to, I could easily dodge the attack, but I have no intention to do that. I want to deal with this attack without taking a single step-around.

"Hehe!" I let out a chuckle as the attacks reached me before swung my sword to deal with them.

Rip Rip Rip

My sword first clashed against the blade arcs cutting through several of them in a single swing before moving my sword toward the Warhammer of Apeman and Claw of the Werewolf.



I dealt with two of their attacks where they were mere inches away from me and sent them taking steps back. This time my counter was powerful as they not only took the steps longer distance but they also use more strength to stop.

The footmarks on the ground are proof of the force they used to stop themselves.

I did not follow them; I stayed on my spot and watched them with a smile on my face.

"I had expected you guys to have some strength, but you guys are no better than the initial stage Emperors," I teased. Hearing me comparing them to the initial stage Emperor; rage couldn't help but blaze in their eyes.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

All three of them screamed at me in unison and came at me with even more powerful attacks that made my heartbeat in th excitement; only when the Grimm Monsters use such a move do the fight became excited.


A loud metallic sound begins to ring out as our weapons clashed; the Grimm Monsters have finally stopped holding back and begin to use everything they have.

Their attacks are powerful, but I am dealing with them without feeling stress. They could make their offense stronger than this, forcing me to draw even more strength, but these idiots are being stuck on their idiocy.

All three of them are pretty powerful peak Emperors; not only that, but their strength also suits one another. If they are willing to put a little more trust in one of them and they could create powerful teamwork.

But they seemed to distrust each other greatly, not willing even a little trust in each other. It is not surprising, rare a Grimm Monsters of different tribes would trust each other.

They only do it when their tribes are allied, or they have an agreement of some sort.


The battle continued with loud metallic sounds and huge shockwaves, but those standing in four hundred meters would not hear a thing about the fight.

There may be no suppression, but the trees are still the same as an outer range of the forest outside; they are even more powerful as they immediately sucked away the sound energies that came out of our battle.

I was pretty surprised when I saw their sound-absorbing properties; it amazingly good; such powerful absorber capabilities only trees in the middle part of the forest have.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just die!" The Apeman scremed as it attacked furiously with its Warhammer, which is covered in dangerous blue energy; not only it, others are also attacking me furiously.

The attacks are coming at me from the three sides, and it is fun fighting with three.

Since I had entered the devil's gate, I had only fought the lone Grimm monsters, fighting three together; the old memories couldn't help but surfaces in my mind.

There was a time when I used to fight ten to fifteen Grimm Monsters at once. The attacks used to come from all sides, and many times, the blades of the Grimm Monsters used to huge cuts that by the times' battles end, I was used to be all bloodied.

Those were good old times; the Emperor usually attacked with such numbers.


"Use something powerful, or I am going kill you all next moment," I said as I pushed them back with my attack. My words stopped them on their tracks, and they looked at each other before they suddenly bolted.


Seeing them running, I thought giving them an ultimatum will make them burn their blood, but these cowards did not even dare to do that; hearing my ultimatum, they directly bolted.

"Fire Cage!"

I said, and a cage of fire surrounded us; this is different from the net cage I used; it had completely surrounded Grimm Monsters and me; others watching sneakily would not be able to see what is happening inside.

As the cage covered me, three firey chains came out of my hands and surrounded Grimm Monsters who were ready to launch their final charge seeing themselves caged, but now I had lost the interest.

Puch Puch Puch


As the fire chains surrounded them, they pierced through them and began to grow inside their bodies; a few seconds later, the chains had covered their bodies inside and outside.

As the vines completely covered them, they begin the harvesting process; a process is completely silent, not the slightest sound could be heard from them.

The Grimm Monsters are still struggling and trying to scream as the pain they are feeling is very torturous, but they could do nothing as the fiery chain has binded them too fast.

More and more essense is getting harvested from the Grimm Monsters, and in three minutes, I will have three essence Roses. Three is my usual haul after a whole day, but here I am, getting them in a single fight.

If I continued to fight continued to come across Grimm Monsters in groups, it wouldn't be long before I finished the quota teacher had given me.


I was busy with my happy thoughts when I suddenly sensed something from the left vines spear, sensing that my expression couldn't help but froze for a moment.

The thing I had waiting for to happen for so long had finally happened.