Monster Integration - Chapter 1582 - First Challenge: The Maze

Chapter 1582 - First Challenge: The Maze

Chapter 1582 - First Challenge: The Maze

Both sides lined up their partic.i.p.ants and started to enter inside the gate. The Humans have the one line which the Grimm Monsters have two lines; they are only letting inside two Grimm Monsters for one human.

I could understand why they had been discussing so hard. The Grimm Monsters have three times more numbers than us, and they likely want three of their members for one human, which we will not accept under any condition.

It really sucked for the Grimm Monsters, though. They must be wis.h.i.+ng we would be here in higher numbers seeing that when all the humans entered the gate, the rest of the Grimm Monsters will have to stay outside.

They could only enter with humans; when all of us entered inside, they will also not able to enter. Our higher-ups will not let them do that.

The line worked extremely fast that every minute ten minutes thousand people will enter, and there are around eight thousand humans are present in the like.

Soon a nearly an hour pa.s.sed, and I reached closer to the gate, seeing that I activated my Inheritance.

A few seconds later, I was in front of the gate; I only had a moment to stare at the faint green screen before I stepped inside.


I had expected myself to find myself in a room or some forest, but I found myself in black s.p.a.ce.

"Welcome Partic.i.p.ant YU897 In Zander Challenge, Clear Five Challenges And Win The Prize!"

"At The Completion Of Each Challenge, You Will Receive The Reward, The Sooner You Complete Each Challenge, The Greater Your Reward Would Be."

"At Completion of All Five Challenges, You Will Receive The Grand Price Which Has Only Hundred Slots!"

The automated voice said, and before I could ask anything else, I found scenery in front of me changing, and I found in a forest; no, it is not a forest; the forest did not have such huge grey walls.

"FIRST CHALLENGE: THE MAZE. COMPLETION TIME: ONE WEEK!" An automated voice rang out in my ears.

Is it a maze? I asked myself, seeing those walls large as a mountain. These walls must be at least three hundred meters tall.

I looked at the towering walls around me and flew into the air; I was a little surprised I could fly; I thoughts there would be some restrictions, but I did not feel any.

h.e.l.l, forget restriction; I did not feel any suppression at all, but for some reason, that did not make me happy at all.

Taking my gut feeling at heart, I became a little cautious and spread my soul sense, and I received the biggest shock of all, my soul sense is not coming out of my body.

It feels like there is something that is blocking it; I could spread it around my body, but as I tried to bring it out, it hit the wall that I could not breach at all.

Seeing that, my expression couldn't help but change drastically. It had been years since I had been without a sense, and that couldn't help but create an uncomfortable feeling in my chest.

My soul sense has never been in such conditions; even when it got suppressed by the tides, I could bring it out and move it around for few meters.


"Ou!" I scremed out loud as I hit my head hard; for a moment, I thought I was attacked, and a moment later, I understood that I had hit the invisible wall.

I moved my hands up and found myself touching an invisible wall; it looked solid thing made of invisible energy.

Bang Bang Bang

Wanting to test its strength, I took out my sword and hit the invisible wall and found having a reaction to my attack. The attack of mine was powerful enough to hack an Emperor into two, but here against the wall, it did not, not even, created a vibration.

Seeing that I had put down my sword, I know even if I had attacked with all my strength, I will not be able to breach the wall, but that does not mean I am giving up; there is one more thing I will have to try before giving up.

I took out a couple of different types of drones and made them fly up toward the invisible wall.

Sometimes things like drones pa.s.sed through the invisible fields like there were humans and weapons could not; I wanted to use all my options before giving up.

Ting Ting Ting

The drones crashed into the invisible wall; they also could not be pa.s.sed through, which is quite regrettable. The invisible wall at two hundred meters and there are still a hundred meters more before reaching the top of the walls.


Seeing the way toward the up, I flew down on the ground. It is not wise to move up in the air, seeing there will both humans and Grimm Monster will be present, some of them I could not deal with my current strenth.

I am sure the others have entered the Maze too, all of them are Emperors, and there is no lack of smart people among the Emperors.

If I want to get a good reward, especially those strengthening potions, I will have to finish this Maze early, which would not be easy, seeing I am competing with thousands of highly intelligent Emperors.

The first thing I decided to do was get closer to the wall; only after seeing it will I decide which way to follow as there are two ways to solve the Maze, a smart way and a dumb way.

In a smart way, one has to look for proofs and devise the way out of Maze; the dumb way is to pick one direction and continue to follow it; eventually, one would find a way out of it.

Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, and I would choose the way I want to follow after I get a good look at the walls.