Monster Integration - Chapter 1581 - Entering The Treasure Palace

Chapter 1581 - Entering The Treasure Palace

Chapter 1581 - Entering The Treasure Palace

It seemed like the Treasure Palace appeared three days ago, found by the Human roaming in this area.

She was barely able to save her life as by the time she had found it, there already been around Grimm Monsters gathered around it.

Fifteen of them had chased her; they had chased for nearly a day, till she reached close to the city; when she entered the city, she was quite bloodied, barely hanging to her life.

Still, because of her, we were able to secure this site before it was too late.

Sometimes when the treasure palaces appeared, and one side secures them so tightly that the other side did not even know they had appeared.

Sometimes even if they know, they don't go for it as the price of going after is greater than they are willing to bear, but most of the time, both sides share as the price of not sharing is too great.

We humans barely let have the Grimm Monsters any advantage. Even if it cost us arms and legs, we still go for it.

The Treasure Palace had appeared, but it had not opened yet; nearly all the treasure palaces that appeared before had appeared before opened within nine days of coming out.

So, this treasure palace will open within six days or even sooner if this treasure palace had appeared later than we have expected. From what I heard, even Grimm Monsters did not saw it appearing from the ground.

So, it may have appeared one to two days ago before the Grimm Monsters have discovered it. I hope that's true; I want to enter this treasure palace as soon as possible.

I walked around the humans, listening to the conversation they had before I picked up a lone tree at a distance and sat in its shadows.

It had been an hour since I had reached Treasure Palace, and in the hour, few hundreds more have joined. Some come crawling and running, while rare few come flying.

I looked at those who came flying, memorizing their faces, and seeing if they are in the criminal database I have. The more I know about them, the better they might pose a threat to me inside the Ruin.

Like us, the numbers of Grimm Monsters are also growing, and their numbers are greater than us, and they are looking at us like hungry sharks; a slight spark of conflict and huge battle with erupting here, the battle of the emperors.

Even if our strength is heavily suppressed here, they are still the Emperors, campable to bringing untamed destruction.

The higher-ups are acutely aware of that and which is why both of the camps have a healthy distance between them, and both of them are covered in an invisible energy s.h.i.+eld that would protect us from an initial volley of attacks.

I was sleeping under the tree like many people when I felt faint soul sense scanning me. I did not create any sudden movements, not even the tiniest ones, and continued sleeping.

This is one of their best attempts yet; the soul sense is very fine. Not as fine as what the teacher could make but still fine, and this soul sense had burrowed inside me, scanning the strength of my body and soul.

I could feel it being surprised when it saw the strength of my body. Like energy, I did not cloak my and soul.

They are extremely strong by King Standard and even strong by Emperor Standard, but nothing is shocking. Sam Duffy is known to have a strong body, and one time, they even saw me doing body strengthening exercises.

So, I don't have to worry about them suspecting too much than they already have, which is close to nothing, this surveillance will last few more weeks, and as long as I keep acting as I had planned, they will find nothing.

Time pa.s.sed by, and people kept coming every hour, but every hour, their numbers would lessen; by the day the whole day is over, there are barely ten people coming at every hour.

Sleeping on the hammock had been a little uncomfortable, but this only luxury the higher-ups are allowing. They have forbidden us from taking out our abodes.

It is the right decision; the abode makes reaction slower in time to attack, it is always greater to sleep in open and seeing how many centries are taking eyes on everything including Emperors, it is impossible to launch the sneak attack.


A few more seconds have hours have pa.s.sed, and now less than ten people are coming every hour when suddenly, the huge blue gate turned green, and it began to open with a loud sound.

Even I who was working on my Inheritance heard it inside my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and opened my eyes.

"It had finally opened," I said as I got up and walked toward the humans who are crowding near the gate of the treasured palace under the lead of three Tyrants.

The Grimm Monsters are also standing behind the five Tyrants who are talking to the three Humans Tyrants.

Others could not hear what are they talking about, but the exchange seemed very heated, and they looked like they could attack each other at the moment.

Seeing the heated discussion, nearly all of the people from both sides took out their weapons as they created distance from respective races tyrants; the moment Tyrnats attack, the Emperors will join the battle as well.

The discussion lasted for nearly a half-hour, and while it is happening, I really thoughts both parties might attack each other, but it is over without a launch of a single attack.

"Everyone line up," Sir George said ordered; Sir George, an old black man who looked to in his early sixties, but he is over a century old, is one of the powerful Tyrant posted in the Devil's Gate.

Hearing the order, everyone begins to line up; there was no choice; it is like we are a piece of a puzzle and falling into our respective place.

People here have gone to enough ruins to know what happened to those who create chaos, and it is Devil's Gate, where Tyrants could kill you if you annoy them.