Monster Integration - Chapter 153 Azure Monkey I

Chapter 153 Azure Monkey I

About two thousand people will be fighting against about eight thousand monsters.

Although we a thousand people fought a horde of above five thousand many times and they were B grade monsters at that but there was little difference.

The monsters we fought before mostly strength and defense-oriented not speed oriented monster that is coming toward us.

A speed-oriented monster most hard to deal with and these azure monkey has both speeds and agility and don't forget that wind claws of its, that can tear through any flesh like b.u.t.ter.

Earlier I saw an Azure monkey had pierced through the temple of girl and then mangled her face.

I shook my head to get that scene out of my mind and concentrate on a horde of Azure monkey that just about to clash with us.

I had to make a painful decision after seeing the horde of Azure Monkey coming.

I had to sacrifice my Grade 1 Boot so that I could wear a Grade 1 mask, my speed will be sacrificed but at least my head will be safe.

I can protect my head when I'm fighting against two or maybe three Azure monkey but against five or six, it will really hard.

The best option would be to sacrifice the speed for protection and that what I did.

All the super elites are casting their wide range attacks killing tens of monster each every second.

The glittering skills of different colors could be seen cras.h.i.+ng down the horde of monkeys.

This would be really a scene to enjoy if not for the mind buzzing high pitched screams of thousands of azure monkeys that are giving me a headache from afar.

I gripped my sword hard and readied my s.h.i.+eld as I circulated 24th move supreme combat exercise, I hope this battle would give me a chance to create the fifth seal.

''Ohhhh oooh aaaah ah…." The sea of the monster came.

As they reached fifteen meters from me, six azure monkeys separated from the large group and came toward me.

Two of them are initial level while the other four at mid-level, all six of them pounced toward me in unison.

''Fire Strike!" I activated my skill and released the silver bolt of fire and without looking, I bit my sleeve to eat the piece of treant heart.

I used my knight grade skill because this is the only chance I am going to get used this skill.

After all the six azure monkeys started to attack me at the same time, I don't think I will be able to use the skill.

As I use this skill, an extreme weakness come to me right after and I have to either eat the heart of treant and mana potion but I won't get chance to drink the potion as once these monsters sensed weakness their attack become more furious and relentless.

To kill these monkeys, mostly I would have to depend on the Nine Raging Strike and only after monster number thinned out to one or two, will I be able to able to use the Fire Strike.

"Huhn!" I got quite surprised seeing the body of azure monkey fell on the ground, I thought my attack mostly dodged or hit another part but luckily it directly hit it in its head, killing it in one shot but I have no time to enjoy the kill as rest of the five monsters directly front of me and there is extreme anger in their eyes.

Fist Tide! "Clank! clank!" "Bam!" "Tunk tunk!" all five monsters attacked me at the same time.

To increase my speed, I circulated the first Tide of Nine Raging tides as I cant activated my series but it is not enough.

The azure monkeys clashed again my sword, s.h.i.+eld but tow mid-level one are specially targetted my head in a frenzy.

It is good this all my body is protected by my armor and Mask but I still receive injuries due to piercing shock that traveled in my body.

The force of their sharp claws had traveled inside my body and it felt like tens of sharp knives piercing my body, especially the attack of two Mid-level azure monkeys who are targeting my head.

"Whoos.h.!.+" I swung my sword but the azure monkey easily dodged and attack me again.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!' i activated power three tides and swung my two monkeys who are coming toward me.

'Size!' they dodge despite me using the power of three tides together, except for little hair on the tail of a monkey, my attack want able do much.

At least cutting little pain on monkey's tail could be considered revenge seeing how they messed my hair.

I have to take four minutes rest before I could use the power of the whole three moves again.

If I created the fifth seal, then I would barely have to wait for two minutes before I can use three tides again.

'Tunk Tunk tunk!….' I don't know how but these azure monkeys come to know that more they hit my helmet more pain and annoyance I would feel.

They keep attacking my head every chance they got, not leaving my head alone even for a second.

I am feeling a headache, veins on head bulged to the limit and felt like they would pop any second.

As time pa.s.sed by the fight had become more intense, I've been receiving an attack in my body every second without pause.

I've many times tried to break the wall of supreme combat exercise to create the fifth seal but failed.

Every time I tried to breach the wall, I get failed due to low momentum, I tried increased my momentum but get unsuccessful because I can seem to bear the pain.

For the past twenty-five minutes, I've used my skill four times but all of them missed except for giving small injury and cutting some hair, all seemed fine.

"Ooooh, Aaaaah Oooh Ah!" My head is really buzzing with pain as I head their high pitched screams beside my ears.

'A G.o.dsend opportunity!' I said in my mind when I saw three monkeys are attacking at the same time from the front.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!' I activated power three tides simultaneously when the monster was only a half meter away from.

When my sword swung toward them the power of the skill, there was little surprise in their cruel eyes but no sense of fear as they could easily dodge any attack in midair.

Left consider Dodson left while the right monster in the right but when the middle monster about to dodge, it found itself in prediction.

It can dodge left or dodge right as it will collide with another monster, as its speed is greater due to mid-level while other two at initial and it cants backward as it bounced toward the front.

By the time the decision had shown in its eyes, it became too late as my sword already breath away from it.

''Kach!" My sword reigned down on it vertically and split its skull in two.

"Hahaha!" I started to laugh madly seeing I killed another Mid-level azure monkey.

I keep laughing madly and in my madness, I did not even care about the frenzied attack I am receiving from the azure monkeys.

'Uhn' My mind shook and I again started laughing madly, just now in my madness I broke the wall of the 25th move and creation of the fifth seal started in my temple.