Monster Integration - Chapter 154 Azure Monkey II

Chapter 154 Azure Monkey II

"Hahaha!" I didn't stop laughing even after the fifth seal started forming in my temple.

I don't know what gotten into me that I kept laughing, maybe is the frustration of being trapped in this realm or maybe something else but I can't seem to stop.

My people had cast their eye on me while fighting but I didn't care nor would I stopped laughing.

Seeing me laughing the azure monkeys had attacked me with even more frenzy and kept feeling stabbing pain inside my body.

I just kept my hands safe as they were the only open part of my body.

I must be laughing for a few minutes and only stopped when I felt seal started to suck mana inside my refinement engine.

I upped my sleeve while s.h.i.+elding my hands from the azure monkey's attacks.

I got control over my emotions as a refres.h.i.+ng feeling spread over my body while some of being sucked my newly formed seal.

I started to defend against the attacks of monsters as seal being created in my temple.

It will completely be formed in two to three minutes and when it completed it will give a very significant boost to my ability and power of Nine Raging Tides will increase as well.

Nine Raging Tides is body the typing skill which multiplies the strength of my body by one at every tide.

The fifth seal not only lessens the time interval of uses of the Nine Raging Tides but also its power.

I kept defending against the attack of monsters as the seal is forming and soon formation of the seal is completed I felt cool sensation traveling in my body, enriching every cell of my body with strength while also providing the little healing effect.

As the cool energy spends on my body, I can feel increased strength of my body, I am stronger and faster than before.

With this newfound power, I started to fight the monster in new abandon but this time these four azure monkeys quite caution of my attacks.

Two of their kin has been already killed by me and now they had sensed an obvious hike in my power, they had become even more cautious but I am not worried.

This fifth seal had given me my much enhancement in strength with it, I am confident in myself killing these monsters.

I did not use Nine Raging Tides as I fought, I want to take them by surprise with its increased power.

As the fight raged on, I got complete control over my body. Earlier when the fifth seal is formed my strength increased a little and I felt little loose control over my body with a sudden increase in strength.

But prolonged fight helped me get familiar with my new strength and my attacks and defense against monster also perfected.

As I fought I kept searching for the right moment and it came, I came after fifteen minutes after the seal is formed.

I have been noticing for more than five minutes that, one initial level monster like to spend extra time on my head as it hopped around it to hit.

I will go to the chance to attacked.

Seeing the chance, I suddenly crouched down and swing my sword in a circular arc, very near the surface.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!' I activated the power of the tides mid-swing and its power increased three times suddenly.

"Ooooh aa!" ''Pachac!" My sword cut the initial level azure monkey in two without feeling any obstruction.

That azure monkey that I killed had just landed on the surface and about to hop again, I used that chance of less than half a second to cut it in two.

Now only three monsters are remaining, I can now use my fire strike skill but first I have a drink a mana potion.

Defending against monsters attacks, I took out a bottle mana potion from my pocket as under my sleeves are only pieces of the treant heart.

With only three monster and my increased strength, I don't think, it will take me more than half an hour to kill all these monsters and that all I have as the sky started to turn dark.

As the fight goes on, the fighting becomes an instant as long as there is a change in an opponent's movement, my sword will also move according to its intimately.

Observing this monster, I started to wish I also had wind power like them. With the help of the wind, I would have also able to do near impossible moves as this monster.

'Chew!' Ashlyn chirp snort as she sensed my thoughts.

'I was just joking!' I said to Ashlyn which she again replied with a snort like a chirp.

''Fire Strike!" Suddenly chance presented and I activated my skill instinctively.

Biting my sleeve, I looked at the silver bolt of fire traveled through the air, seeing the attack coming toward it, it dodged and silver bolt only grazed my its cheek.

'First tide! Second tide! Third tide!' I activated the power of three tides as the power of mana heart is still dissolving in my body.

"Puchi!" my sword directly pierced the azure monkey that had startled by an attack that I had launched before and its concentration on its kin that just evaded my Firebolt.

After that azure monkey evaded my Firebolt, I felt a little sad and I would have to wait for a while to get next chance but next moment chance presented itself.

It was another azure monkey who was looking at its kin who just dodge my Firebolt.

Despite being low on mana, I achieved the power of three tides and attacked the monsters.

That idiot monster only sensed my sword after it touched its neck.

With only two monsters remaining one initial level and another mid-level, a lot of pressure on my mind released.

Now I can easily kill these two monsters as they will barely able distract me while attacking.

"Pachac!" I killed another monster after five minutes, now only one monster had remained.

Only one monster remains an initial level at that, seeing only one remaining of its kind, it did not run away but attacked with madness.

All the intelligence it had in its eyes had disappeared and replaced with madness and cruelty.

"Well, this makes things even easier!" I said loudly as I waited for a potion that I have a drink to be digested completely.

"Fire Strike!" I bought it for a few minutes and seeing the chance, I killed it one shot.

The monster was meter way when I fired a shot and it did not have a chance to dodge at such close distance.

I look around to see the fight is still going on at full force but the majority of monsters had been killed.

Jill is collecting monster cores and helping anyone when need.

Giving her a light smile, I also started collecting monster cores.

After I collected monster cores of the monster I had just killed, I moved toward the monsters that were killed by super elites.

''Chew!" Ashlyn suddenly came out of me and flew away without saying anything.

I did not even try to stop her she is not going to listen to no matter how time I told her that it's dangerous outside.