Monster Integration - Chapter 152 Totem Artifact!

Chapter 152 Totem Artifact!

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"Thud!" I killed another azure monkey and drank the potion, it's been an hour since we entered the fight but there is not much change in it.

It's been more than an hour since we are fighting and we killed nearly three-quarter of monsters, there are only thousands of monster is remaining.

A quarter of the people are not even fighting as they don't have any monsters fight.

I had already switch to potions from treant heart after I killed the first azure monkey.

I have very few treants hearts and I have to save them for future fights, this is one reason but the main reason is that my skill nine raging strikes are useful.

I used it against initial and mid-level specialist grade azure monkeys but is useless against peak level azure monkeys.

That lesson I've learned in a hard way, a long scar on my face is proof of that.

Although I ate treant heart to heal that injury but extremely faint outline could be seen on my face.

That's not the only injury I received in past hours, a faint outline of scars could be seen on face and scars could be seen on the face and my neck.

These Azure monkeys are very crafty and one has to careful in dealing with them.

'Whoosh' dodging the claw from a sudden attack, I swung my swords towards it but went past my attack range but next moment it attacked me again.

One more thing special about this monkey's that they are relentless in their attack.

I kept fighting it while dodging its attacks, waiting for the good opportunity strike.

''Oooooh ah ah!" It shouted in high pitched voice attack again, I also swung my sword toward it.

''f.u.c.k!" I used loudly as it dodged my attack and left a line across my hairline, its good thing that I dodged on time or its wind claws would have made serious wound across my head.

''Oooooh ahh!" It teased me and attack, with mischief cruelty it comes toward me, I did not do anything different which made it even more confident as it comes toward.

"Fire Strike!" I launched the attack when it azure monkey is only two meters away.

It may look great distance and one would think that it can easily be dodged but it is difficult.

The speed of silver fire bolt extremely fast as it took he only microsecond to hit skull of the azure monkey.

"Thud!" It fell on the ground with a small hole in its head. This attack may look hurried but it was very planned, these monkeys are very smart and alert, normal method attacking them won't effect m as they could effectively dodge with their speed and agility.

The best way to kill these monster live some of their attacks, make them overconfident and then strike, you will surely get the kill at the single strike.

Seeing I am now free and my teammates don't need much help, I decided to sit on a tree stump.

I am still vigilant of a remaining monster but more of my attention on the reflection on the fight I just had.

As time pa.s.sed by more are more monster getting killed and I also helped my teammate killing one azure monkey when craftily, seriously injured my teammate.

Soon there are less than monster remain and they are also getting killed by second.

I am just reflecting my fighting strategy when faint high pitched noise as thousands of monsters making it.

"Ooooh aaaah Ooooh ahh….." Loud high pitch shout of descended upon us and then suddenly thousands of azure monkeys came out of the dense tree.

there must six to seven thousand of them at least, sword in my hand shook seeing this quant.i.ty but I quickly controlled my raging emotions and tightly gripped my sword.

There is no option of running and as these monster definitely follow and hunt, the option is to fight wholeheartedly and be victories in the end.

' I just have to fight a few more monsters than normal!' I consoled myself seeing a horde of green emerging from the forests.

It looked like a layer of green that is moving without stopping, seeing the numbers of the monster can definitely put fear in anyone heart.

I just wanted to bolt out of here but I controlled myself and watch green layer that coming toward us.

It will take near minute to monster horde to reach us.

"Cowards!" I said as I saw three people are running back to the forest.

'Are they idiots!' i cursed seeing them running, only big groups or powerhouse like super elite can survive in the camp alone, these f.u.c.ks.h.i.+ts who running won't able to survive a day after running.

"Gasp!" Before I could curse them again, three pure white arrows penetrated their heads and it blasted like a watermelon.

It looked like a small firework had blasted in their head. When I followed the trajectory of the pure white arrow, I got surprised.

I saw Rachel holding pure white bow which looked like the made bone of some monster. The Bow is beautiful, it had carved with some design which I can't see from the far.

'This is not the Artifact!' I said in my mind after got over the beauty of the bow, the artifact we used can be identified as they had a similar design but this bow is completely different.

Wait a minute! could it be that! My mind shook as guessed the possibility but more I think about more sure I've become.

I've seen such artifact many times when I see the past matches of League Of Heroes, especially Top 50 matches where about everyone have such artifact.

"Totem Artifact!" somebody shouted loudly, that's right this is totem artifact, these artifacts said to be in a completely different league to the artifact we used.

"Oooooh aaaah…." before I could admire that Totem Artifact, even more, the horde of Azure Moleague upon us.