Monster Integration - Chapter 1570 - Harvest

Chapter 1570 - Harvest

Chapter 1570 - Harvest

"Do you anything else?" I asked grinningly on its horror-stricken face, which had all the color drained from it.


For a second, it did nothing, but then suddenly it had exploded powerfully, enough to destroy everything in hundred meters area, even those few Emperor Level trees have got destroyed.

I had not moved away from my spot; I had just covered myself with a thick energy s.h.i.+eld, not even using my defensive method; the blast was not powerful enough to compel me to use my defensive method.

"You are not going away!" I said, and two thick green fire chains came out of my hands and moved toward the Amethyst Armor Snakeman.

It did not self destruct its core; it had used some device to create a blast and ran away; it is quite a great strategy; the blast was powerful even enough to injure a powerful Emperor heavily, and by the time one recovered from it, it would be gone far away in the wast forest.

Not to forget, the suppressed soul sense can not track the person for long-distance, and that makes running way a little easier here than in other places.

"You dirty human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, fight me directly if you dare!" The Amethyst Snakeman roared as my chains brought it in front of me.

I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of its words; hearing a Poison Master saying those words is truly laughable.

"Hahaha!" I laughed for a while before I stopped, and my eyes became serious.

Thorough out the fight, I had kept a careful eye on it; even when it created blast and running away, I had always had eyes on it, and capturing it was no big deal for my vines which are disguised as green fire chains.

"You are too loud!" I said, hearing its scream, and before it could protest, I wrapped the fire chain around its mouth, so it would not scream with what I am planning on doing to it.

Puch Puch Puch!

I brought its huge eight-meter-long body directly in front of me, feeling myself quite tiny compared to it. I observed for a second before piercing my sword into its chest, neck, and head in very quick succession.

My attacks were powerful and near-fatal; they had brought it near death but not killed. I do not want to kill it; if I do, I will not be able to harvest the perfect Essence Rose out of it.

"No amulet," I said with a smile.

The people that came here, be it criminals or crazies, have a lot of treasures with them.

Some of them are given by their organization or tribe, and some of them obtained by themselves from killing or exploring a lot of ruines or other means.

I do not know whether this Amethyst Snakeman is criminal or crazy; what I know it might have a protection amulet that is merged with it, as I did not see it wearing any.

It would be bad if I started harvesting it directly and its protection artifact activated, and it somehow runs away, and that would be a very bad thing for me as it will know it me, and within hours Grimm Monsters will begin hunting me in a wild abandon.

I do not want that to happen, so I attacked it, bringing it to a near-death condition in which the protection amulet activates, and seeing no protection amulet had been activated, I could now safely harvest it.

My fiery chains burrowed inside it, growing longer and longer, covering more and more of its and soon, most of it got covered in the fiery green chains.

As my vines begin to do their magic, recognization flashed inside its eyes, and I felt it began self-destruction, which is a good thing instead of my vines sucking energy from it; its core is giving me energy on its own.

After the episode with the werewolf in the champions.h.i.+p, I had made some small changes to my vines, especially in dealing with self-destructing Grimm Monsters.

Now, my vines could deal with self-destruction core without giving me a huge headache due to the management of huge amounts of energy; it is quite a great change from the splitting headache I used to have in such cases.

My vines continued to suck more and more of its essence without letting it die while I observe it carefully, hoping that thing to happen, but nothing happened as my vines suck it more and more of its essence.

Its bloodline did not awaken, no matter how much I wish for it to happen.

Unlike humans, all the Grimm Monsters have a Bloodline of their Totem Spirit, but like humans, a very tiny fraction of them able to awaken it.

My essence sucking is quite a great way to activate the Bloodline in Grimm Monsters, as I am sucking its lifeblood. This action activates most primal responses into one.

Drawing out all potential the Grimm Monter have, and in such, a bloodline might awaken just like the Werewolves Bloodline had awakened during the harvesting process.

Soon, all the essence of the Amethyst Snakeman had been harvested, and essence rose to begin to form.

Though I am quite disappointed, I know the chances of it happening are quite high. I would have kill harvest tens, even hundreds of Grimm Monsters before I turn lucky, and some Grimm Monster begins to awaken its bloodline.

When I was at prince stage, I had harvested hundreds of Grimm Monsters, but not a single one of them had activated their bloodline, which is not strange at all, just me slightly unlucky.

There are over billion princes in Grimm Monsters; there are numbers that are too huge, but Emperors are the best of the best; not everyone could reach this stage, and that makes chances of them awakening their bloodline higher.

I hope I will come across a Grimm Monster that had already awakened their bloodline; alas, those Grimm Monsters quite rare, but in this place, there is hope.

Powerful Emperors gathered here, and quite a few of them have the bloodline; the only thing I have to do is find them.

I want to at least harvest three bloodlines before I make a breakthrough into the Emperor Stage. The benefits I will get after the breakthrough will be amazing.