Monster Integration - Chapter 1569 - Poison Master II

Chapter 1569 - Poison Master II

Chapter 1569 - Poison Master II

The Spiral of Poison arrows are on me; a single arrow at the star bearing the force of all the arrows behind it.

If it had been an attack like the previous, even with thousands of arrows, I would have been able to deal with it without using the 'First Boost,' but this attack is powerful enough to use the 'First Boost.'

As the spiral came at me, the green fire covered my sword, and it moved toward the arrow.


Crack Crack Crack

My sword clashed against the arrow leading the spiral; as it did, a metallic sound rang out as both spiral and sword stopped on their tracks before cracks began to spread on the arrow.

First, the cracks were on the leading poison arrow, but a moment later, they begin to spread the arrow behind it. They spread with such speed that they too mere second to spread through over a thousand arrows.


A loud 'dhub' rang out, as all the arrows, over thousands of them, had turned into the dust. Seeing that, a shocked look couldn't helo but appear on its face, but it disappeared a moment later.

"Hehe, You are good," It said with a cruel grin, and the next moment, its body begins to s.h.i.+ne in the green as a very powerful aura released from it.

"Ilsere's Perfume!"

It said, and the next moment, a very light smell begin to release from it. The smell is very light, but it is wonderful; it made me take a deep breath to smell it better.

Normally, Special profession Grimm Monsters do not use such attacks or do not use such attacks when they are not protected by the group of powerful protectors, but the attack the Amethyst Snakeman had launched is not simple.

It is an extremely powerful poison with soul element; just a single whiff of it made one enthralled in it that one would forget what one was doing for a second was, and when one knows what is happening, it is already over.

The real effect of the poison would already begin to take effect; I could feel the poison I had inhaled had poisoned my energy, and once it poisoned, my energy will harm me, not to forget I will not be able to control this energy when I need it.

"Tree of Zarton!"

It said as right after I had inhaled the poison and got a lost look in my eyes. As he said, a very realistic twenty meters long tree appeared behind it.

The tree is violet-green in color and looked majestic; seeing it, one would not guess it is a tree of poison, every single part of poison, kings would die immediately if they get even a ten-meter distance from it.

Rustle Rustle Rustle

As the tree appeared, all of its branches moved toward me while rustling soothingly, a soul sound that would enhance the effect of the poison I had inhaled earlier.

It is a powerful attacking combination and also quite sinister, very suitable for the poison master like it.

The branches of the tree are very fast, much faster than the arrows earlier. They have appeared in front of me in a second and now coming at my fatal spots with a sharp end.

I could see the Amethysts Armor Snakeman grinning as if knowing it had already won and it would have if it had been original Sam Duffy.

Sam is stronger, but you can't use the normal battle standard on the poison master or any other special profession Grimm Monsters; they have the strength to fight the much stronger opponent than them.

One has to be hard and fast dealing with the poison master; if you delay even a little and they get their chance to launch a couple of attacks, you will be finished before you know it.

When the branches were just a hand distance away from me, my eyes became clear, and poison that had been trying to infect my energy burned to ashes.

The Snakman's eyes shot in alarm as it saw the change, but it could do nothing as the fire covered my blade, and it moved toward the branches with the speed that is invisible to the eyes of the snakeman.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword clashed against one branch after another, turning it into the dust before moving to another, and in a moment, every branch that came at me had been destroyed, but I am not finished; there is one more thing I had to do.

The green fire covered my right leg, and I brough it down hard; as I had said earlier, one should not give any poison master or any special profession Grimm Monsters any chance to attack; if you do, then you will lose your life before you know it.

From the moment it launched its first attack, it had been preparing for the huge attack. The attack before the poison domain and the attacks that came after it, all their power had been merged into the poison domain.

The domain may be looked like it is getting stronger slower, but it is getting stronger and stronger after each attack, so even when everything failed, it still has a Grand Attack that would be stronger than every one of its attacks since this one will have nearly all their powers.


My foot crashed on the ground, and a shockwave of green fire was released from it, which begins to burn everything that is poison.

The poison had tried to fight back, but just as it touched my fire, it had no choice but to burn.

After sucking the Bloodline of Golden Fire Tribe Werewolf, my runes have begun to give my fire a huge boost; when I had seen its power the first time, I had become quite shocked.

Within a second, all the poison had been burned; nothing had remained of the grand attack it had been preparing since the beginning of the battle.