Monster Integration - Chapter 1571 - Getting Robbed

Chapter 1571 - Getting Robbed

Chapter 1571 - Getting Robbed

My vines came back to me and revealed the Essense Rose of the Poison Master.

A beautiful Amethyst color rose, though not as luminescence as the Golden Rose from Werewolf but still very beautiful.

Teacher had told me to harvest at least a hundred roses which is a huge task; seeing it is Emperor stage Grimm Monsters I will be harvesting, not some princes I used to a year ago.

Still, I think I will be able to harvest them, the forest is vast, and everything is suppressed; it is a perfect environment for me to do my job without getting noticed.

I was about to put back the Essense Rose in the box before storing it when suddenly Nero called out from the egg, wanting to eat the essence rose.

I was not surprised hearing his request as he had consumed the essence Roses before when I was in the Prince Stage, but now he is asking for Emperor Grade essence rose.

The Essense Rose may look beautiful and gentle but is filled with enough energies that even one-fourth of them is enough to blast into pieces.

I thought about it for a while before I relented; as I did, I felt the egg expand till it filled my whole body before it begins sucking the energies from the essence rose.

His speed is ravenous; I could visibly see the huge amount of energies draining from the rose, and a minute later, the whole essence rose had been consumed, and the egg returned to its normal form.


It took me a while to come to myself, and when I did, I couldn't help but sigh. Both of the monsters I have are really weird; they couldn't be measured by common sense.

'Ashlyn, help me find another opponent,' I said and walked toward the direction Ashlyn had left while checking the Grimm Monster's storage, which is filled with resources and some human bodies.

Seeing the human bodies, the old memories came back; it had been more than a year since I had hunted the Grimm Monsters and found humans bodies in their storage.

When I first time begins hunting Grimm Monsters, I saw the human bodies in their storages. I had vomited and had nightmares for days, but after seeing them on a daily basis, I had gotten used to it.

Now, seeing them after a year of break, I feel like vomiting again, and rage burned through my mind. If there had been any Grimm Monsters around me, I would have cut it apart in a single move to vent out the rage I am feeling.

Sadly there is none, so I unconsciously said the prayer in mind, which I used to, and stored the bodies in the morgue which had not seen the humans bodies in more than a year.

After dealing with the human bodies, I looked at the other stuff of the Grimm Monster storage, and I have to say there is a lot of stuff, a lot more than I had expected.

It should not be surprising to me seeing the storage I am inspecting is of the Emperor and not of some King or Prince. Having this much stuff should not be surprising.

There were many resources, especially poisonous ones, which is to be expected seeing it is a poison master; though these resources are not particularly rare, they are still worth a lot, and some are even useful to me.

It took me few minutes to go through the whole storage, but when I finished with it, there was a small smile on my face; a huge amount of resources in the storage make me want to kill even more Emperors.


With a smile on my face, I continue to walk. A few minutes later, I stopped suddenly, as I saw the ruins of the huge building, it was used to be a huge palace.

It had appeared from the ground about three hundred years ago, and when it did, it had created quite a commotion.

Thousands of Emperors have entered inside it, not only Emperors but also Tyrants; the things inside the palace had forced them to enter inside.

Like always, people died, but people also found great things inside it that helped them greatly in their practice.

I watched the dest.i.tute palace for few moments before I continue to walk.

It had been more than fifteen minutes since Ashlyn had left to find the monster and Grimm Monster, but till now, she had not found one for me.

She had found a monster, but she had killed it herself. Like me, she also wants to hunt, and when she found a quite strong monster, she fought with it and killed it.

Another ten minutes have pa.s.sed by; she did not find anything, so I went deeper to follow her; I also increase my speed as with speed I am walking in this vast forest, I will get nowhere.

I wanted to hunt close to the city since it is my first day, but seeing there is barely anything for us to hunt, we are heading deeper but not actually deeper, seeing the sheer size of this forest.

This forest is so big that even if I use all my speed, it would still take me more than a day just pa.s.s the outer circle to the forest; at the end of the outer circle, there is suppression of about 70%, which inhumanly huge, but people go there and beyond that.

As I have said, there are people here who are a lot stronger than me; if they had any bad intentions against me, all I could do is just run away.


Suddenly a feminine voice rang out behind me, stopping me in my tracks. As I stopped, I saw a chubby woman in her late twenties coming toward me, wearing a sweet smile on her face.

"Sam Duffy, the famous murderer and rapist of Riverfield Academy, right?" she asked, hearing her question; a grinning me smirk couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Yes, that's me, and who is your delicious self," I said as I licked my lips toward her.

Instead of disgust, a seductive smile appeared on her face as she reached close to me that now between us, there is barely a distance of a meter.

She seemed very familiar, and I know I had read about her from the records that the teacher had provided me, but I am having a problem recalling any information about her.

I have read about thousands of criminals; it is impossible for me to remember all their information and names even with my memory.

"I am Reagan Hall, and Sam, if you are intelligent, then you would quickly hand over all your storages quietly without any resistance," She said while sporting the same seductive smile on her face.

While at the same time, drowning me with a powerful aura of Peak Emperor, which is more powerful than Sam Duffy's, whose face I am wearing.

Reagan Hall, now I remember Reagan Hall of Silverstone Academy. She had confessed to killing more than ten people; she is a very dangerous criminal who was sent here two years ago.

"What will you if I don't give you all my storages?" I asked while sporting a little cowering expression.

"What will I do, you ask? Of course, kill you; I rather like looting the dead bodies than the live ones," she replied casually while drowning me with very powerful killing intent, showing me how serious she is about her words.