Monster Integration - Chapter 1558 - Returning To Academy

Chapter 1558 - Returning To Academy

Chapter 1558 - Returning To Academy

"Finally Home," Professor said, and as we teleported back to the Academy, the week after the champions.h.i.+p was really hasty, I had to do too many things with little time.

Still, I wish I could have more time in the Pyramids Library; it is beyond amazing, I could have stayed more if I wanted to, but I have everything I need in the Academy till I reach the Emperor Stage.

Once I reached the Emperor Stage, I will spend at least a month in the library of the Pyramid that time my access would also go higher, and I will be able to read more important books.

Academy also had quite a huge collection; after Her Excellency left, all the Headmasters and Headmistress actively tried to collect as many as books they can. In three thousand years, they have ama.s.sed quite a collection that only Supremes and Pyramid could beat.

Professor said all those exclusive books would be available to me, and that is good, it is time; I should get those hands on them, to create amazing Emperor Stage Inheritance, I will have to do the great research.

70% research materials, I have in me in the form of those seven books that hidden being gave me while the 30%, I will have to collect myself, which Academy have, the only thing I have to do is pour all my mind into the research and create the best Inheritance.

"Let's go, the headmistress is waiting for you," Professor said, and the next moment, we disappeared again and appeared in front of the Administrating office of the Academy.

As we appeared, we immediately attracted the gazes of everyone, and soon, the crowd begins to gather; I could people taking pictures and videos from their holowatches, and if not for the powerful aura of Professor keeping them at bay, I would be surrounded by the mob within a second.


We walked into the Administrative building, and minutes later, we were in front of a teacher's office door, which opened immediately as we appeared in front of it.

"Micheal, Josie," the Teacher said as I entered the familiar office with the Professor.

"Thank You my student; you did a thing that no one in Academy able to do for thousands of years; you can't imagine how proud I am feeling right now because of you," she said as she hugged me.

"Teacher, I d" I protested by Teacher shut me off with a look, "Take my thanks, you very well deserved it," she said and went back to her seat.

"Now let's talk about your future," She said and looked at me askance, "I am planning on staying in Academy for three to four months till I reach the peak of King Stage before leaving," I said, and the teachers eyes flashed brightly.

"Absolutely not, you have to stay in the Academy till you reach Emperor Stage, even then you have to change with the artifacts and use fortified fake ident.i.ty before you can go out,"

"Your face and ability are known to all; once Grimm Monster knows about, they will directly send Tyrants with powerful jammers to kill you," the Teacher loudly said, clearly disagreeing with me.

"I know that, Teacher, but I think I should leave within four months; Grimm Monster would not have been expecting me to leave this early, not to mention by the time I had reached peak King, I will be easily able to masquerade as the powerful Peak Emperor," I said and suddenly aura changed.

My aura is of the peak stage, Emperor; even with the Teacher's senses, she could not pick anything wrong with my aura, and that had shocked both of them.

Currently, I could easily masquerade as an above-average Emperor, and if I did not have lots of research to do, I would have left within a week, but I planned to stay for three to four months, it will be enough time for to do my research.

When I am done with it, the only thing that will remain is fighting and collecting experience before breaking into Emperor Stage.

Teacher opened her mouth to object but stopped by Professor, "He is right, Marina, with such perfect aura and help of that artifact, he will not have any problem disguising himself,"

"As long as he changed the looks of his Inheritance Armor, did not show his signature moves and that monster of his, even Tyrants will able know his true ident.i.ty, even if they scan him deeply," Professor.

Teacher opened her mouth to object, but a closed and thoughtful expression appeared on her face.

"You both are right," she said with a sigh. "It looked it is time for us to take out that artifact," she said softly, and the Professor nodded while I looked at them in confusion, but both of them did not seem to care for it.

I do not know what artifact they are talking about, but seeing how mysterious they are acting about it seemed quite important.

"Now, the question is where he would go? A weaker place will offer no chance of advancement to him; it has to be a dangerous place with a lot of challenges," Professor said; the teachers' eyes had widened a little at suggestion before she nodded hesitantly.

She perfectly understood that people like me would need to go to a dangerous place to train; even though she did not want me to send to such places, she would have to; only dangerous places could help me advance if got to normal ones I would regress.

"The fake ident.i.ty is good, but I think real ident.i.ty will be even better. Micheal, what do you think about masquerading someone real?" Teacher asked, and this time there was little mischief in her eyes that I had only seen in the Professor's eyes.

Her suggestion had shocked Professor and me greatly, but Professor recovered quickly, and the same mischief appeared in my eyes.

"I am sure we could find someone who Micheal can copy from Aura to Inheritance," the Professor said.

Seeing the mischief in the sister's eyes, I know the coming months would not be as calm as I had initially expected.