Monster Integration - Chapter 1559 - Four Months

Chapter 1559 - Four Months

Chapter 1559 - Four Months

Nearly four months have pa.s.sed since the World Champions.h.i.+p ended and a month since Ive disappeared from the eyes of the world.

Like most would expect, I am still in Academy but hidden; what others did not know that I would leave soon as a completely different person while they would still be expecting me to stay at Academy for few more months.

When they know I am gone and try to find me; they will have a lot of problems; I will not leave as fake but as a real person, who is real as the real person.

I had woken up ten minutes ago but still had not gotten up from my place; I still staring at the empty s.p.a.ce beside mine; it had been more than a month since Mira had left, but I still miss her, some days more than most.

She had come to Academy a month after the World Champions.h.i.+p and stayed for nearly a month before she left; like me, she will also disappear soon; it will be quite a while before she and I could meet again.

While she was here, she had stayed with me, and I always had been a little tired when I was with her. Like Ellen and Jill, she had also decided to unless she gained the strength to defeat the Werewolf that I had fought in the final, she would not level up to Emperor Stage.

When I had fought with her the first day she had come to Academy, I was shocked to see her progress; in just one month, she was able to make immense progress.

When she was here, we used to fight once a day, and each spar ended her cras.h.i.+ng on the wall of the arena; I had no intention to beat my girlfriend badly, but it was she who insisted that I had beat her till she couldn't stand anymore.

Due to the daily fights, I was able to map her progress, and it is shocking. She had worked hard, and that aroused her Bloodline, which made her progress astounding.

It won't be long before she gained strength equal to the of Werewolf, which is quite shocking, as I had expected it might take her year since she was planning on gaining such strength without breaking through, but now, within the next month, she will have that strength.

If Mira is making such progress, I am sure Jill and Ellen are also making progress at such speed, and I have heard from Jim and both Rachel and Sarah also working hard.

Hearing Sarah is working is hard; I am not surprised; she is a maniac for combat; I would have been surprised if she hadn't been working such hard. What surprised me is Rachel, she too working hard as her sister.

Rachel has never been much into wanting to gain the highest strength; though she worked hard, her motivations are different from her sister. She just liked to be strong, not zealously strong as her sister but this World Champions.h.i.+p seemed to have widened her perspective a little.

While others are working such, there are two of my friends who did not seem to care about it. The twins Sophia and Raina are chilling; they are traveling with an old monster, their teacher.

Such visible traveling might easily get by the Grimm Monsters, even if they are traveling in the core of human territory, but with Patriarch Bradford, that old monster, they don't have to worry about their safety.

Even among the old monster, he is one of the most powerful ones, the same level as Matron Mavis and Grand Tower Mistress Angel, even Grimm Monster of a similar level came; they will have to try very hard to kill Patriarch Bradford before other monsters arrive.

My friends are not the only ones that are making progress; I am to making it, and it is quite good, except for Supreme Combat Exercise, everything is going very well.

Till now, with all my research and daily spars with Elina and Mira while time in hospital and few weekly lectures, I had not much time, but when I leave the Academy, I will focus on it.

I still remember my goal of having a second diamond seal before making the breakthrough into the Emperor stage, and I will make it; the benefits of it are too great.

I continued to lay on the bed for a couple of more minutes before I got up and freshen up, I had walked into the kitchen and about to prepare for late breakfast or lunch when formation on my living room lit up, and Elina walked in.

"You are preparing for lunch, its looks like I have come on the come on the right time," she said sat next to the kitchen counter.

I am in the Academy but at a secluded s.p.a.ce where only council members and headmistress could come and Elina.

There is formation in my living room, which connected to two others formation, on are in council chambers while other in headmistress personal quarters and since Elina could not enter the Council Chambers, she came from the teleportation formation in mothers personal quarters.

"Hmm, it seemed very good; this recipe is above four-hundredth, right?" Elina asked; I nodded as my two hands and two vines coming out of it are moving in perfect synch as we cut the meat and vegetable in perfect control.

In these three months, Ive also made quite a progress in cooking. I had mastered four hundred and sixteen recipes, which means each day, I would master at least two recipes.

This speed is phenomenal and also benefits the final battle of the champions.h.i.+p; that battle had widened my perspective and given me quite a lot of benefits, including huge advancement in control.

The ways I pushed myself to morph the vines into runes without making a mistake had advanced my control and thus helped me cook. Though control is the only factor in magical culinary art, it is an important one.

"G.o.d, I wish I had such control; if I had, I would not have been stuck into the 300th recipe," she said while giving clear jealous eyes.